JVP dismisses proposed all party meeting

The JVP today dismissed the proposal made by President Mahinda Rajapksa to convene an all party conference to discuss a solution to the ethnic issue.

JVP Propaganda Secretary and parliamentarian Vijitha Herath told The Sunday Leader that the all party conference is a failure.

He noted that the President had previously summoned an all party conference and it was a failure.

“The all party conference did not have an agenda and there was no proper outcome from it. It was a failure and there is no guarantee that the same exercise would not be repeated once again,” he said.

“The JVP handed its proposals and an agenda for the talks when the all party meeting was convened by the President last time, but it they were not considered,” he added.

According to Herath, the all party conference was nothing but a time buying exercise and a move to engage the international community.

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  1. If all party conference is a failure in which you are also a member party that means you are also a failure. Idiots go and present your proposals so that general public get to know what your openion regarding this problem is; It is clear that you don’t have any sound proposal for this ….bloody failures !!!

  2. I totally agree with Vijitha. What is the idea to have an all party conference. All the opposition parties said that are happy to support the government in finding a solution to the ethnic problem. MR should not fool others. Only MR’s ruling party is against finding a solution to the ethnic problem. MR is only worried about his third term and nothing else. Sinhala people are very nice people and the politicians use them to their own advantage.

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