Kataragama suicide jacket an old one

The suicide jacket recovered in Kataragama this morning has been found to have been placed at that location some five years ago, the police said this evening.

According to the police, the suicide jacket which was found at a rest house in Kataragama was handed over to the government analyst to determine if it was old or new.

The police said it was believed that the jacket was kept at the location during the war period to attack a VIP.

The government analyst has found that it was an old suicide jacket and was kept at the location some five years ago.



According to the police the findings clearly indicate the suicide jacket was not placed at that location recently to carry out an attack.

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  2. So, nobdy carried it home in the last five years? You leave something in a place unattended for a few minutes, and the thing is gone. But not this “Package”. what a wonderful Sri Lanka!

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