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MR should not vacillate says TNA

The TNA says that President Mahinda Rajapaksa should stop vacillating in finding a political solution to the ethnic issue and honor the undertaking given to the TNA.

TNA parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran told The Sunday Leader that the President should not be changing his stance with regard to finding a solution to the ethnic issue.

“He keeps changing stance every now and then,” he said.

He explained that the President has given undertaking to the TNA that a solution to the ethnic issue would be discussed with the party.

“However, he then proposed a parliamentary select committee (PSC) and asked the TNA to submit names to it. The TNA then agreed to provide names after reaching a substantive agreement with regard to the solution in the talks with the government. Now the President is trying to convene an all party conference,” he observed.

“It is not good for the President to be changing his stance. He must honor the agreement with the TNA,” Sumanthiran noted.

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  1. A piece of advice to Mr. Sumanthiran. Please do not give into MR’s demand. The Tamils are happy to live in a united Sri Lanka and MR should understand. Sri Lanka doesn’t belong to Rajapakse family. MR cannot cheat people for his own sake.

  2. Mervyn

    First of all TNA should publish what kind of undertaking that MR has given to them. Then they should realize that there is no ethnic problem in the country, if the Tamils and Muslims can live and earn a decent living in other parts of the country without any kind of problems, how come the Tamils living in Jaffna has problems. Does the minority of Singhalese/Muslims harass the Tamil majority? It seems that the only problem is with TNA, which is creating artificial problems. MR said that he will deploy more Tamil speaking Police Officers to Jaffna to ease the language problem. So what else you need? You should just follow the normal procedures laid down to administer the Provincial Councils which are same for the entire country. If you are a citizen of Sri Lanka you should live by the rules, if not it is better to leave the country and find another country to implement your own administrative powers.

  3. Tomsamusa

    What this Tin pot president doing is the same gme played by banda down .
    Now the Tamils are much more mature and determined .
    The world (civilised) community know well about the BS of this bunch of thugs.
    Unless there is Federalism to the extent enjoyed by the states of US of A or the confederation to North East as enjoyed by Province of Qubec of my northerly neighbor, TNA and Tamils of Eelam should not accept a settlement.

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