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Government can acquire land says Karuna

Government Deputy Minister Vinayagamurthi Muralitharan (Karuna Amman) says the government has a right to acquire land for national security reasons.

He said that land in the north and east will be acquired on this basis to build permanent army camps and civilians who had their homes in those areas will be relocated and with be provided all the basic facilities.

“We will give them livelihood assistance and build a health center and everything else they need. So their lifestyle will not be affected,” Minister Muralitharan told reporters today.

He said Pudumathalan in the north will have a permanent army camp and people will not be resettled in that area.

He recalled that when these areas were under LTTE control the LTTE forcefully acquired land without giving the people alternate places to re-settle.

However he said the government will not only give alternate land but also give the people a choice on where they wish to be relocated.

The Minister also said that land in Sampur is going to be acquired for a coal power project and the families on that land will be relocated.

He said that the project will be beneficial for the people living in the Eastern province.

18 Comments for “Government can acquire land says Karuna”

  1. willows

    what boot liking joker???

  2. balaraman

    it is disgraceful to have such an uneducated man as a minister..for political expediancy merit seems to be sacrificed.he is always going to be a thorn in settling the ethenic conflict.

  3. Cyril Alwis

    Listen, A great LTTE leader is speaking to the Nation.


  4. Who is this Karuna chap to talk about these issue? This man killed 600 unarmed Policemen. This same person has done so many ruthless murders and he thinks people willl listen to him. I also remeber this ruthless man entered UK on a false passport. Who can trust this chap and his unwanted comments.

  5. pOPPER

    Hmmm, so I guess this goon must also be getting a cut on all transactions. Only in Sri Lanka can a war criminal and thug (not to mention a national disgrace for being deported from the UK for falsifying travel papers) become a PM.

    • Is this “Minister” an elected MP. or even a learned person to be appointed
      to the Cabinet?
      Only in this miserable country, we have a record number of Cabinet Ministers
      and out of them only a handful are educated.
      Others are either thugs, criminals or sycophants of the regime.

      Even the educated ones are not of good character.

  6. Tomsamusa

    This traiter will be known in the history of Eelam as a turn coat and pariah of Tamil community.

  7. saman

    why are you fight for , almost 20 year , you don,t know ?

  8. Karuna has to say this and that for his own survival under this Government till he exits from where he is now. “Life without the courage for death is slavery”.

  9. human

    we are tamil , we want tamil writing police in the northeast we don,t know
    sinhala . and law and order can,t control sri lankan police . that is why

  10. saman

    we need power for developement northeast . we bring money from dispora and tourism so we need police , why you are scared . we won’t arrest you.

  11. dagobert

    HEY YOU HUMAN…………… Go take your statement to Toronto, London, Paris, Norway, Sydney, Melbourne as there are bigger Tamil population in those areas than in the North.
    We are tamil … then take that ferry to cross the Palk Straight.

    Saman….. You are demand what your Sun Goat failed to deliever. Bring those diasspora money to uplift the lives of the survivors whose sons & daughters lives were snuffed as you outsourced to VELU to get rid of the Low Caste & Poor in the North.
    Do not speak for the East. You Northerners wanted to keep the Easterners under your jackboot. Well……….. Karuna realised it some stage. Better late than never or else the Easterners would be your slaves today. Karuna averted it or East & North would have ended up in conflict which would have been far worst.


    The GOSL can accquire land the same manner Tamils accquire land elswhere outside N & E. Furthermore, entire land mass in the Island belong to the Government of the day.

    • human

      we don,t like live under war criminal security forces in our home land
      northeast. same think happen again . who resaponsable

  12. Anil

    Who is this treacherous Butcher of 600 policemen to talk ?

  13. raj

    anyone who joins with nazis accepts their policy.

  14. human

    mullaithivu district had 2 army camp 1982 , now 10 very big army camp ,
    10 small army camp , 3 nevy camp. and 4 police station. you want more
    army camp puthumaththalan ?

  15. chen133

    You and MR are disgraced professional losers…..

  16. only in sri lanka can a mass murderer and rapist be in a position to make such comments. this guy is a opportunist first class.

    what a country sri lanka is. a laughing stock for the whole world to see. these people have no shame. where is kp? out building hospitals? lol lol lol. karuna sold out his own people. what does that tell you about the type of people gosl seeks out?

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