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Maldives President resigns following protests

Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed resigned on Tuesday following overnight protests and demonstrations, the Maldives High Commission in Colombo said.

A spokesman at the High Commission said that the Vice President of the country, Dr. Mohommad Wahid, was now the acting President.

A spokesman for the Maldives opposition Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) told The Sunday Leader earlier that a majority of the police and army were also backing the removal of Nasheed from power.

DQP spokesman Mohamed Maleeh Jamal said that there were now celebrations in Male following the announcement that Nasheed had resigned.

He said that the Male international airport and the State broadcaster were also under the control of the police and army.

Violence broke out on Monday night as the army and police were deployed to break up protestors gathered at Republic Square.

Jamal claimed that a majority of the policemen later supported the protest seeking the removal of Nasheed and this led to a confrontation between the army and police.

“About 800 Police officers gathered at the Republic Square. Several of them are calling for the resignation of President Nasheed. Two Police Officers are issuing commands to these officers separately,” Jamal said.

The country’s Supreme Court was to rule on Tuesday on the legitimacy of Nasheed’s Presidency as pressure mounted for him to step down

The protests began after the President ordered the arrest of a top criminal court judge over allegations of corruption.

Maldives is a top tourist destination in the world made up of several islands.


(Report by Easwaran Rutnam)

7 Comments for “Maldives President resigns following protests”

  1. Observator

    It is very rare to see this type of Great Politicians, although today he resigned , wait and see , he will take back by citizens of Maldivs with double of the majority votes wich last time he has taken. How about our country Srilanka?????????. We had only one gentleman , he was Honarable Dudly Senanayaka, because they are real gentlemen and not only simply ” Tsunami Politicians ” but well “Educated Politicians”

    • In the past, DS,Dudley, Kotalawela, Dahanayake, Srima, Premadasa, Chandrika & Ranil were duly elected by the peaople.
      But only the last one (you know who) had to bribe VP and come to power, and even then he got only a marginal votes.
      For the second term, he used the victory over the donor VP and got elected.
      Tsunami fund was misdrirected to his accout.

    • Nasheed can be ranked as first class political idiot where he risks his political carrier within his core rings where they had nothing more than just how to grab national coffin!!!! ZAKI- AFEEF-MARIA, REEKO this is most blunk fiasco someone ever can imagine!!! a sade day

    • Ma-Rout-Ti

      the Great Politician did not resign.. he says he was made to do so at gunpoint. So much for Observators claims

  2. HUMAN


  3. hansan

    Buy Buy Presidend you have been too much lately and you deserve to leave as you have too many comments about Sri Lanka than your damn Country. Tried to be popular the wrong way.

  4. When they came for HOSNI MUBARAK I didn’t utter a word, as I was busy. When they came for Moammar Ghaddafi, I was silent for the reason my voice won’t make any difference, When they got Mohamed Nasheed I said let the transition be resolved in a peaceful manner. Now they are making arrangements to get Bashar al-Assad and I will have no words for him as I have to think of my own survival.

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