Chilaw Funeral Held Under Tight Security

Text and Picture By our Puttalam correspondent

 The funeral of the fisherman in Chilaw who was killed by police fire last week, was held yesterday under tight security.

Anthony Warnkulasuriya (35) a father of two, was killed while he took part in a protest against the fuel price hike announced by the government.

Over 10,000 people turned up to witness the funeral which was held at the Catholic burial grounds in Chilaw.

The police, STF and riot squad was on standby in the Chilaw town to ensure that peace was maintained. The funeral however went ahead free of any violence.

Government and opposition politicians, including UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe, paid their last respects to the slain fisherman before his funeral yesterday.

The wife of the fisherman, Niluka Sudharshini who was employed in the Middle East as a domestic, arrived in the country on Friday and was taken home to attend the funeral with the assistance of the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau.

Meanwhile, the entire Chilaw town was at a virtual standstill over the last few days with fish stalls also shut as a mark of protest over the death of the fisherman.

Amidst fears of violence breaking out during the funeral, the police obtained a court order from the Chilaw Magistrate for the family to ensure the funeral is conducted peacefully.

Earlier there was an attempt by the police to hold the funeral on Friday with the consent of the family but family members had refused to accede to the request.


6 Comments for “Chilaw Funeral Held Under Tight Security”

  1. love2beTRAITOR

    this gov kills the civilians who protest. the whole middle east spring started when a fruit seller died. in sri lanka, it will never happen. This gov kill civilians n arrange for the funeral with tight security by security forces. This oppression is worse than eqypt, they dont even let funerals be carried out peacefully

    • shetty

      When fishermen attacked people with knives behaved in threatening manner do u expect the govt to ignore? Protest shud be peaceful not violent! There is ample freedom here if you know how to use without harming others. No one comments how LTTE ran the north under brutal dictatorship..

  2. Desh

    This Anthony was a maalu marannek, so the fish are happy, that he is no more to kill them!

  3. Aru

    People are killed by these so-called security providers and they try to dictate terms to family members on how, when and where to have the funeral. This is what happened in Roshen’s case, but these people were smarter and had asked the police to go fly a kite. It is high time the police and security forces stopped interfering into the fundamental rights of people. They should concentrate on their duties instead of trying to impose their will on others hiding behind the phrase “FOR SECURITY REASONS”.

  4. Parana Guruwaraya

    The solution to this is to mandate that politicians, specially the JVP politicians, who organize these “fundamental rights” and “free speech” protests go in the front row of these protest marches instead of staying in Colombo and fooling workers, students and poor citizens to lead these protests. If they do, they will be the ones who get shot. Will they really go in the front?

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