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Namal and Abbas discuss conflict

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Sunday received the representative of Sri Lanka, Member of Parliament Namal Rajapaksa, in Ramallah, and informed him of the recent developments in the peace process.

Abbas also noted the current crisis in the peace process due to the Israeli refusal to recognize the 1967 borders of the Palestinian state and to stop settlement activities.

Rajapaksa conveyed a letter to Abbas from the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, in which he stressed the depth of the bilateral relations between Sri Lanka and Palestine, as well as emphasized his country’s support to the Palestinians’ position aiming to achieve their rights guaranteed by the international law.

Moreover, Prime Minister Salam Fayyad met the Sri Lankan representative and informed him of the Palestinian government’s efforts to overcome the acute financial crisis, stressing that the donor countries should uphold their financial obligation towards the Palestinian Authority.

Fayyad also informed Rajapaksa of Israel’s persistence to carry on with its settlements de facto policy in the Palestinian Territory, particularly in and around East Jerusalem; as well as informed him of the Israeli violations against Palestinians, which include house demolitions and undermining PA’s efforts to provide basic services to Palestinians in area C. (WAFA)

34 Comments for “Namal and Abbas discuss conflict”

  1. Newton

    This representation is above the capabilities of Namal. No wonder why citizens get irritated by seen this sort of actions of GOSL.

  2. kaputakukula

    What do this “born with the silver spoon” guy knows about Peace? Woonder if he can ever point Palestine in the map?

  3. joke of the century

    How can an immature politician (errrr… only qulification being presidients son) have any clue about such a complex problem.

    • Andre

      This adds to their list of immature politicians/ diplomts- No matter people of country would furthet become dissatisfied- most disgusting- Kingpin takes decisions of this sort.
      Peoples angers can be remedied by any kind of good medicine only.

  4. amal

    what does this young pup know about world politics? he is doing a post mans job

    • Against Idiots

      You are being very kind in describing him as a “pup.” Others, particularly the law student who complained about special treatment accorded this character and is paying with hellish harassment would be less kind! Ah well, the heir apparent to crown of the Miracle of Asia will now be able to claim that he knows Abbas. Let’s hope Mahmoud Abbas doesn’t meet with a similar fate to the Libyan that this young man visited not so long ago!

  5. Ben Hurling

    Namal in Palestine. A joke indeed.

    No offence to long suffering Palestinians or their highly justified struggle.

  6. Shiva

    It is a joke that Sri Lanka under Rajapakse has failed to respect the International Law but preaching Palestine.

  7. raj

    I thought Palestine would stand up against crimes against humanity in Sri Lanka. Instead, it encourages those actions.

  8. Is this another way of combing another idiotic future president. Playing this kind of politics with the world is dangerous to the Sri Lankan people and the world at large. It is better to mind their local economic and political business first and to give a relief to Sri Lankan people. These kind of political games will isolate and humiliate Sri Lankan government.

  9. Naleen

    It’s all about learning politics. He has to start it somewerer some point in his life. I think it’s the high time to meet foreign leaders.

  10. It is a disgrace and an insult to President Abbas and PM Fayyad for Sri Lanka to send such an immature & inexperienced joker (who probably knows nothing about the Palestine-Israeli issues) to discuss these burning issues that even savvy Leaders of many countries (Carter, Clinton, Blair come to my mind) were not able to reolve. Israelis do not want to give back one inch of the land they occupied in the 1967 as long as they have the full political and economic backing of America. Does any lankan politician has any credible suggestions to resolve this decades old issue?
    Prez Raj can groom Namal to be the next President of Sri Lanka without insulting veteran politicians. It is sad that our idiots wasted the valuable time of Palestinian leaders — just for their personal glory. It’s a shame!

    • Nalin

      See, our head of the FM is a higly educated academic (GL) who is proved to be well qualified to filter all these. But this helps us all to believe that he is just a caricature under Rajapakshe rulers.. . Current situation of the country can only be comparable with that of LYBIA, now I realize why Rajapakshe had close ties with such leaders.

      Here the FM of the SRILANKA should have gone through a process of selecting the most appropriate represenative for this matter. IC can only laugh at us LOUDLY as they can…. why the senior politicians in the coaliation stay silent in such decisions is the quesiton I am compelled to ask.

  11. alas

    What a joke……just another trip and a burden on the masses!!!

  12. randika

    Namal Congrats !!!! future foreign minister! good start delivering letters for Dad, (did u open the letter before delivering for a sneak preview)

  13. Ammme and Thaththe

    The biggest “Joker” in the world.

  14. Trying to please Palestinians, SL is going to anger Israel.
    Like pleasing China they offend India and the West.
    Now GLP is afraid to visit USA.

    Bankrupt diplomacy!!!

    • Nalin

      See the manner they handle Diplomatic missions…. as if we are no good to any poor african state. Once upon a time we had good diplomats and country s representatives even if for some reasons, the previous regimes were unable to meet their manifestos during their terms.

      But until recently, diplomatic relationships were maintained to the top, but this regime seems to be taking silly actions even in complex matters.

  15. Mervyn

    This person could not get through the Law exam like others sitting in the open exam hall, but had to get an air conditioned room with internet facilities and answer papers. This person who just got elected to the parliament because of his father’s influence and not for doing anything worthwhile to his constituency. Now he is in Palestine to discuss world politics specially Israeli violations against Palestinians . What a joke, it is just like MR sending his driver to meet Mr. Abbas, because both of them are completely green behind their ears when it come to world politics. May be the driver is well informed than this parliamentarian. Additionally, MR has sent a letter to Mr. Abbas with him, is he not aware of the postal service or E-mails or the Sri Lankan Embassy in Palestine?. MR should have thought about the precarious situation inside the country due to lack of funds, but send this person on a pleasure trip. He should have use these type expenses to offset at least a certain percentage of the current financial situation in the country, instead of doing that he had increased the fuel prices to offset to cover funds lost due to mismanagement. MR is loading the poor citizens with all kinds of hardships but send this person on pleasure trips using the tax payers money. This is not correct Mr. President.. .

    • Arun

      that is the nature of MR.His decisions are far from low classes. NO matter the masses seem to be losing the cent on their hand, but sending his NAMAL Baby on a merry go round – how can common man bear all these ? This man is only comparable with former president of former Sahir – today´s Congo in african continent /former indonesian president -Suhartho. Entire world will count lankens as stupid folk – to have voted for such a leader.

  16. union

    A 100Rs stamp could do the delivery..Our tax money is enjoyed by these crooks.

  17. Benett

    Ah, would have loved to play ‘mouse’ when an artificial lawyer and kleptocrats son talks to an ex-terrorist and now leader of a failed state. Let me guess: the lad from Lanka did not understand a thing putting on his typical dumbo face, deeply puzzled. Oh tempora, o mores!

  18. Heide Kreis

    Brilliant. Lol. Let’s recap:
    Sri Lankas Deep Thought No. 1, also know as the First Artificial Lawyer of the Land discusses what exactly with seasoned terrorist cum statesman Abbas.
    This is one of the weirdest joke coming from Lanka lately.

  19. Sinha

    Namal the diplomutt!

  20. Ruwan Basnayake

    Now here we go Namal , is sent to Palestine for What?To fix the Palestinian problem,as a peace broker? As an aspiring high powered diplomat? Dont the people at foreign affairs have any say in these nonsesical trips taken by these unqualfied blabbering jokers that bring no respect nor kudos to Sri Lanka.. This is the fellow who went on a state visit to Gaddafis Libya and was wjined and dined and what was the result, we were seen as suporters of dictatorships in the eyes of the world. This guy Namal must be thinking he is already ,the heir apparent., wish the people open their eyes and see what a familial dictatorship we live under.. Wha at waste of public money.

  21. Ramzan Khan

    Bugger helps bagger! Good combination it is a window dress drama finally no one helped each others. Open “Palestinian Tarunayatath Hatath in Palestine”

  22. Harin de Silva

    With all the chaos re fuel price hikes,Rupee devaluation, Bus fares, and demostrtions that end up in killing innocents, what relevance has Namals trip to Palestine be of any importance. This guy is not a qualified diplomat, his intelligence is kind of suspect. and if this kind of person represents us at international forums God help us.. How many catchers did he take on this trip, and what did it cost the Taxpayer,?Was it like that Tamasha to the West Indies trying to get the Commowealth Games and wasting Millions.on a lost cause. With a plane load of half inebriated suckers and Floozies incliuding the Governer of the Central Bank whose credentials are questionable..

  23. Radhakrishnan

    Complete joke.

  24. Andre

    As it is clear to many – 24 year olds can t even the grasph the reality of a complex situation – this example is selfeveident and strenghthens peoples view further also when looking at the killer- sympathisers of the ruling party – close ones Namal clique in Hambantota their impatient and uncivlised behaviour took the life of RED cross worker of Israel lately – making all headlines, creating all fears in any tourists who would plan to holiday there.

    These rulers are making it worse day by day.

  25. raj

    Remember, this guy went to Libya and met Gadhafi dictator. Now Gadhafi is no more.

  26. Iqbal

    It’s ironic that the aggressor in Sri Lanka identifies himself with the victims in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The minorities in Sri Lanka are treated just as bad and cruel as Palestinians in the occupied areas by Israel. Minority ‘rights guaranteed by the international law’ are suppressed by the occupying mono-ethnic armed forces in the north and east of Sri Lanka just as in Palestine and illegally occupied areas.

  27. I would like to ask From Mr. Namal do you know what the history between the Palestine and the Israel.

  28. Oh! what knowledge this kitten has on palastenian conflict. Abbas is a fool to discuss it with this synthetic lawyer.

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