India to back Sri Lanka at UNHRC (Audio updated)

India will back Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) session in Geneva, Minister in charge of Human Rights Mahinda Samarasinghe said today.

Samarasinghe said that apart from India even Thailand and Malaysia will also back Sri Lanka at the ongoing session.

The US is expected to put forward a resolution on Sri Lanka at the UNHRC calling for the implementation of the recommendations of the Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC).

Several European Union (EU) countries will back the resolution on Sri Lanka when the vote is taken later next month if the resolution is submitted.




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  1. Minister, yes India has to support you. The reason is very simple. They are also part of the war crimes. If India goes against you, then you will expose to the international community what India has done. I am sorry to say that India is no more a super power in Asis. Their foreign policy is worse than yours mininter. What ever said China, Russia, India and some other countries cannot help you all the time. Going against West is a bad move. You know that and I know that. Think twice.

    • Sri minal,

      Going agaiinst EU bad move? No wonder dark johnnies like you and me were under white curse for many centuries. Man grow some balls, irrespective of your gender

    • Gamunu

      Minnal , yes it is clear where this comments coming from. You would never agree to LTTE committing atrocious war crimes against the general civilians and the armed forces, would you? You will always deny that and continue to accuse GOSL to get the sympathy votes from the corrupt west including the USA. The west wanted to save VP from execution so they could continue to control the island nation with drivel. They were doing it for the past 6 decades but some of us realised these motives only recently.

      Why don’t they condemn human rights violations in Bahrain against the Shia minority for a start. There is a lot more instances. They walked into Pakistan and killed Bin Laden and that was OK. Where was his rights? But they wanted to know your VP was killed. Am I correct? So it is our terrorists and their terrorists?

      For Tamil diaspora the west and the USA are still the masters so that is how you look at world politics. You need them to back your claims. Now there is no need for your lot to fund your collections on arms etc, you can use money collected through LTTE coffers to buy politician (senators and Congressmen) to back you. That is why you are still a subservient race still. You will always be under some one else. You have no principles and neither do they.

      India and China are the power houses in the world. If you are not sure look around and see how the economies are working. It is not a case of going against the west, but fighting against western unfairness. UN is no more an international organisation with true international representation. It is just a club that is controlled by the US and the west for their advantage. Any developing nation that disagree with the west is threatened with economic sanctions and these threats will extend to others who support them too. This is bullying at the worst level. Diaspora Tamils will revel in the knowledge that they have the biggest and the worst corrupted nation behind them. Good luck but there are 22 million of us living in SL

  2. Benett Lahunu

    Is that what you call whistling in the dark woods?

    USA also said even while preparing the resolution it will “back” Lanka. The EU has already declared it will also “back Sri Lanka” – but vote in favour of the resolution. India and the US have some kind of a deal, otherwise US would not hand in the resolution in the first place.
    Thailands embassador to UNHRC said his government backs Sri Lanka, but wants the LLRC recommendations implemented – which does not in any way say, how Thailand will vote, and even an abstention (most likely from India, too) will be a shard slap on the knuckles and egg in the face of GoSL.
    So what is Samarasinghe daydreamin’ about these days?

  3. “SL gathers associates to join in their rebellion at UNHRC” is the most appropriate heading for this news item.

  4. Caesar

    All these because there is no balance of power, why USA is doing all Yankee and Doggy things. We will never allow to separate our motherland. USA is rotting, bankrupt, hegemonic, morally corrupt, dirty society. Every body curses USA for what they are doing!

  5. John

    India should have declared its position at the start.

    Whether it vites for or against Indian should completely keep out of internal affairs of neighbours.

    India also should get out of Jashmir.

    • India, Chian, Russia, Pakistan and those cpuntries who supported SL in the so called “HUMANITARIAN OPERATION” have a duty to support SL.
      That is why USA is bringing in the resolution that SL should implemenat the
      LLRC report, and not the UN appointed Expert Advisoy Comittee report.

  6. Some government leaders, including US and Sri Lanka, and reflected in much of the media generall are making a big to do out of nothing. EVERY government supports Sri Lanka’s anti-Tamil discrimination-chauvinism and sovereignty. That means from the biggest terrorist state and its European allies to the most progressive anti-imperialist states such as Cuba and ALBA, and from India to China to Russia.
    The HRC word game is just that, a Human Rights Game. No government will take up a real investigation into war crimes and beyond since practically all of them have support the war crimes. So all the exchange of hot words is just part of the game.
    Let us ignore the governments and work for justice from the streets.

  7. Nimal

    I am gland India is backing us.But I can’t say about the traitors in the opposition who is opnly intrested in regime change but bugger the country.

  8. David

    Let India to back Sri Lanka as China does.

    This time whoever back Sri Lanka going to loose. Sri Lanka has boold in their hand which can only be cleaned by bringing all perpetrators to justice.

    As a human we need justice the victims. Call Independent Itennational Investigation.

  9. SHAN

    Who is Asking to divide the Country?.Mr.Sampanthan is Ready to accept a resonable Solution to Ethinic Problem whithin the un divided Srilanka.But the Majority Community is dinying the Just request repeatly and forcing to cry for a Division.Whiout Baking on the Moon advacate for an acceptable Solution to Tamils.

  10. Sathees

    People, people understand the underlying fact! India and US have a bigger trading than India and Sri Lanka. Thus the mutual understanding is greater between those two big economies.

    Now, think this way. . .

    the resolution (What ever it is) brought by US and it could win without India’s vote, why the heck India want to go against Sri Lanka. If that will fail without Indian vote, then I am sure India will vote with them.

    So now India is pulling the carpet under Sri Lanka’s feet!

  11. tomsamusa

    Hey Samre; you are dreaming and taking the natives of sinking lanka on a garden path to never never land.
    Did you think about asylum like your busum buddy in nyc.

  12. john martin

    Sri lanka , now effectively a Sinhalese nationalist state , is fighting tooth and nail to desperately avoid an international investigation into war crimes and human rights abuses. Since they tell us they are innocent of all the things these nasty westerners say , you have to ask yourself why the huge effort to avoid an enquiry.
    I imagine at some point along the line regarding the so called LLRC report , to appease world opinion they will find some poor private soldier guilty of some crime or other. This may fool Sri Lankan public opinion but it certainly won’t wash with most intelligent people
    We wait in full expectation for the said private soldiers name to emerge.

  13. tomsamusa

    This is nothing but sinking lanka’s bogus moves as usual, like ZERO civilian casualties to confuse the world.
    IT;s too late now ;civilized community knows very well about your lies and deception.

  14. tomsamusa

    Dont try this scare tactics to incite Tamil Nadu citizens.
    Delhi knows better than your bS.
    Why not replay the clipping of Rajiv being butted by a sinking lanka’s naval rating.

    Time is long past to fool the world with your bogus rhertoric including sovereignity-like the one gaddafi practiced.

  15. kudu

    puffing and huffing

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