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US says resolution still under discussion

The United States says the resolution on Sri Lanka which was to be presented at the UN Human Rights Council is still under discussion.

U.S Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Robert Blake said this in a twitter interview conducted by the State Department today.

“the res. is under discussion; great opportunity for SriLanka to describe what it intends to do to implement the LLRC’s recs,” he said.

Blake also said that the appointment of Major General Shavendra Silva, who was chosen by Asian countries to sit on a UN committee about peacekeeping but was eventually barred, was “inappropriate” given the lack of an independent investigation into the circumstances under which the war in Sri Lanka ended.

Meanwhile, separately in Washington, testifying before the powerful Senate Armed Services Committee, Admiral Robert Willard, Commander of the US Pacific Command (USPACOM) said that Sri Lanka is focused on developing its maritime security capabilities while preventing a resurgence of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam.

But he said USPACOM’s engagement with Sri Lanka will continue to be limited, until the Government of Sri Lanka demonstrates progress in addressing human rights allegations.

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    aiyo, resolution is still under discussion, mehe pelapali yanawa, pissu

    • Hemantha

      US should consider the current situation in Sri lanka , we are happily live together in the center of colombo all communities live , jsut 5-6 km away from colombo , again all three communities are living where earlier majority of sinhalles lived without any discrimination . US should not disturb once agin this set up , since this is after 30 years of blody war , LTTE is a ruthless Terorrist and they did not consider any human value . but the current situ is totaly different from previously , any normal human what ever his raise , religion can come and live any part of the country except North ( they still do not allow sinhallese to be tehre ) ,so can any one tell us , what is the mening of this ? ,
      They are the people who killed innocent sinhalese / tamils/ Priest/ High rank govt officers , forget the killing of army/ navy/ air force personnel who had fought with them.
      but none of sinhala peopel kill any innocent tamil or any other community tll today , they do not want to do so. only they are having fear of trust ,
      International community now have a big role to play that is only to make this situ permanat i/o destroying once again briging a resolutions and make this people upset .
      Sri Lanka as a nation respect to any animal , what about , human being
      we respect to human being not to any raise or religion . if the human with value , we do not care about his religion/ raise / cast , we are more advance than inetrnational community

      this is a reson , two of leftinan of LTTE Karuna/ Chandrakantha ( Piliyan )
      now live with us . we are the only raise you can find in the world once the people give up their ruthless action and understand and come back to respect us , we respect forgeting the past
      none of you have that quality , so no need resolution to maintain Human right in Sri lanka , we will look after it at maximum level

      give up your effort , and support to Sri lanka , to develop and provide equlaity to all community which can be done only concessions and patint ,. we liek to donate , our rase is like , but can not force to do so. as such you should tell all the inetrnational community to work towards progress of Sri lanka

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