Boys arrested for entering girl’s school


The police arrested 43 boys this morning for attempting to enter a leading girl’s school in Colombo, the police said.

According to the police the boys were supporting Royal College for the ‘Big match’ season which is currently underway.

The Colpetty police arrested 32 boys while the Kurunduwatte police arrested 11 others.

Just last week the police had warned that stern action will be taken against any boy who attempts to forcefully enter a girl’s school during the school cricket season.

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    Corrupted … Corrupted… Is this our future

    • Roshan

      Oye are u from one gode school… There s nothing corrupt about ths it’s just some innocent fun!

      • innocent fun !!!! or insane fun ?? should be examined by a psycatric whether these guys are insane or if not must be severely punished.

        • Roshan

          They have just entered a school mind you that is also in broad daylight! We are not some ” Religious Republic” to follow segregation of sexes ths way! Dd someone ask if the girls of this school wanted to welcome these chaps? Those of us who are families with the fun that to be had during the 2/3 years at end of our school years know jolly well that this is all about ” innocent fun” nothing to fuss over too much!

  2. Brian

    Boys will be boys, This is Innocent fun.

  3. Joseph Perera

    What if girls enter a boy’s school?

  4. Hishan de alwisHishan

    Unbelivable. The cops arrest boys entering a girls school yet duminda silva can murder baratha lakshman in cold blood and no charges are laid. What is Sri Lanka coming to.

  5. Simple Sydney

    This happened when I was a school boy as well but all it took was a glare and a gesture from the The Principal and we would all run for dear life.

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