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US, EU accused of protecting criminals (AUDIO)

The United States (US) and the European Union (EU) have been accused of protecting war criminals who support the LTTE.

Government Minister and Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) member Patali Champika Ranawake told reporters at a press briefing today that even Britain is giving room for the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) to make statements against Sri Lanka from within the parliament premises.

“The US and the EU and Britain are giving war criminals political asylum. Why are they giving protection to people like Rudrakumar. Why is Norway giving protection to Nediyawan,” Ranawake said.

He also said that a recent report released by the Census Department clearly indicates that Sinhalese people have been evicted from the north by the LTTE.

He accused the west as well as the opposition UNP and Tamil National Alliance of ignoring this fact and instead focusing only on the death of Tamils during the conflict.



13 Comments for “US, EU accused of protecting criminals (AUDIO)”

  1. Dayan

    True sir, But what about Karuna and KP?

  2. Benett Lahunu

    Dear Champika,

    I always wonder looking at you: how can a good looking chum like you have so little to carry around between his ears… Hm, but that’s a different story. Here goes the one you’re asking for:

    US and EU do not protect terrorist. Just the opposite, they prosecute them. even the ones from the LTTE. Lots of cases, just google them if you government let’s you use the internet… As far as I know there has not been a single court case on a LTTE criminal in Lanka. Oh, sorry, you what? You shot them all… Well that solves th eproblem, doesn’t it. But what about those 11.000 “hardcore LTTEers” in your prisons, er, Rehab-Wellness-Ressorts?

    There are NO charges against Rudrakumar nor Nediyawan; this, although Sri Lanka had repeatedly promised to bring such charges forward. No charges, no crimes, no going to court. So, waiting for it.

    This is how the world outside of Lanka works, Champika. Come visit, it’s awesome.

    As soon as the two mentioned or any other guys or organisations commit or do anything criminal over here, they will have the police at their heals – as may have been observed, when there where charges against Nediyavan by dutch authorities, remember? There stil might be something coming towards Mr Nediyavan, you know. Anyway – he is worried: but not about you, believe you me.

    So Champika, get your act together, collect the evidence on the namen terrorists and hand them over to Europol and FBI.

    And pls. before you have done that, why don’t you shut your trap until you know what you’re talking about.

    By the way, harboring and protecting criminals and terrorists… There is an international search warrant against a certain K.P…. You wouldn’t know his whereabouts, would you? Ah I see…

    Hm. And also, we have something on a certain Karuna and a certain Pillayan for child recruitment and extortion and abduction and – wow – even cold blooded murder…

    And there is also an Indian arrest warrant on a certain Douglas D. – wow – also for murder amongst other crimes, and, well, you don’t know about all these guys anyways, now do you, Champika?

    Bless you, Champika, you are a really truely good non lieing and deceiving not ever people cheating Buddhist, you are.

  3. Observator

    Why the Srilankan government given mercy to Karuna , Vico and Pillian, honarable minister. That is calld what goes up goes down too.



  5. Piranha

    What a joker. His government is protecting war criminals Karuna, Pillayan and KP. This moron thinks the outside world can be fooled like the gullible sinhala masses.

  6. love2beTRAITOR

    champika, rudrakumar is US citizen. send the SL army, attack US n arrest rudrakumar like how US arrested sadam n killed bin laden. after all we r the most powerful rich country with the world’s best army

  7. Let me tell to Champika that USA, UK and EU countries are democratic countries. They respect freedom of speech and human rights. They are not like Sri Lanka where there is no freedom of speech, no law and order. Sri lanka is well known for human rights abuse. If you think Rudrakumar is a terrorist, by now USA would have arrested him. Because you say that Rudrakumar is a terrorist, USA will not arrest him. Because your words are not taken seriously by anybody. There are hundreds and hundreds of Tamils all over the world. Why did they leave the country of yours. Because you harrassed them for being Tamil. In your country there is one rule for Sinhala people and there is one rule for Tamil people. You always want to supress the Tamils at any cost. You thought nobody will come to support the Tamils. You were wrong. There are lot of countries in the world who listen to the Tamils problem. They will support them. You wait and see what happened when the resolution is taken up against Sri Lanka at Geneva. I really don’t know what you are going to after that. Wait for few more weeks.

  8. amarasekara

    Can the minister explain us why have youall given protection to karuna Amman, Pillaian, and K.P.?

  9. siva

    Champika is the worst racist in srilanka! Because of him and wimal weerawanse the country is in turmoil now!

  10. raj

    who is protecting criminals who killed Lasantha Wickramasinghe? Who is protecting criminals involved in white van abductions? Who is protecting criminals involved in extrajudicial killings? Who is protecting criminals who did human rights violations in Sri Lanka?

  11. raj

    by just labeling all Tamil diaspora who raise legitimate concern of Tamils living in Sri Lanka, as LTTE agent, some people try to suppress the voice of Tamils lving in Sri Lanka. ,

  12. Raja

    Good on you Mr minister for exposing the dangerous West giving protection to war criminals, they could use at a future date to destabilise countries not taking instructions from the West. Also, any individual, whether residing overseas or not, who assist a ruthless terrorist movement like the LTTE, with funds or material or propoganda, is indeed a war criminal.

    • Raja,
      So according to you there is no war criminal among the Singhalese!!!
      Then, how come there is a lot of noise by International Human Rights groups
      that war crimes were committed by both LTTE as well as the current regime?

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