Moves To Remove Sajith

By Indika Sri Aravinda

There are moves to remove UNP Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa from his post following an incident which occurred in Panadura last Thursday, UNP sources said.
According to them, the UNP Parliamentary Group will meet on Tuesday to discuss the incident and the action that needs to be taken against some UNP members. A tense situation broke out in Panadura on Thursday just as UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe was winding up a speech during a demonstration against the government.
After his speech Wickremesinghe prevented people from handing over the microphone to Premadasa and this resulted in a tense situation between supporters of Wickremesinghe and Premadasa. However after Wickremesinghe left the area Premadasa and other UNP rebels gave speeches to the public.  When The Sunday Leader contacted UNP MP John Amaratunga, he said that a split in the UNP will harm any chance the party has to topple the ruling UPFA government.
He also claimed that it seemed that Premadasa was taking forward a government contract to split the UNP and such moves cannot be allowed.
“The UNP will not be able to come to power under these circumstances,” Amaratunga said.
When The Sunday Leader contacted UNP Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa he rejected claims that he was attempting to split the party. Premadasa said that he and other UNP members who are supporting him are not going in a different direction.
Wickremesinghe had meanwhile said that he would not hesitate to expel those who condemn the party’s actions carried out against the government.
Speaking at a meeting in Badulla on Friday the Opposition Leader said that such individuals only fulfill the aspirations of the government.

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  1. Thora


  2. ismail usa

    its all lies RANIL dont create a story with that wickramabahu who is the most unluckiest guy in the political histroy of srilanka and with ur old gang please give the youngsters a chance to come fowardnd a help the masses who are going under great hardship( its the truth that u created this story with wickramabahu0

    • Thora

      Are you ok with the idea of another PREMADASA era? If you are, then let this regime carry-on regardless.

  3. ranjit de mel the leader of the unp has to take the blame,for the situation the unp is at the moment. his politics was dictated from the so called conservative christian club of europe and ofcourse the usa.apeasing them was more important for ranil than the wellfare of s.l..fortunately he did not become the president in 2005.if he became the president s.l. would have been divided by this time,and even colombo would have been under the dictat of the ltte.coming from a unp family i supported m.r. in 2005 and also in 2010 due to these reasons.unp will take a long time to be loved by the s.l. sinhalese outside colomb and a few big cities.ranil should go but premadasa is not the alternative.actually there is no individual in the unp at the moment to become the leader of the unp.m.r. is very lucky, ane he need not worry,even if preasure is brought by the western i.c..he can continue with his good as well as his bad politics,and the main reason is ranil .ranjit demel berlin colombo

  4. Malith.

    Its not Sajith who is working with the Government but Ranil who is closely working with the Government to keep UNP divided and working against the party policies. If you inquire from the majority of the UNP supporters of the country, its Ranil who is the black sheep and not Sajith. Even at Panadura we can clearly see that it was Ranil who showed the supporters that there’s a division in the party by not giving the microphone to Sajith. Until Ranil remains in the UNP, they will never be able to establish a strong Team to topple the ruling UPFA government.

  5. Heerby Padmaperuma.

    Ranil and Sajth dramatising Jekyll and Hyde in public, is a tendous relaxation,to Sri Lankan Patriots, who keep serious vigil over the UNHRC thunders at Gineva.
    Ranil holding an highly prestregious and coveted position in the International forum for Democracy, to deny Sajith to use the Mic is as absurd as the stupid statement of
    John Ameratunge,who accuse Sjioth is acting on the dictats of MR, whie Sajth says anil also has a contract with the President.

    Its indeed a natonal tragedy that Sri Lanka has no formidable, respectable, credible Opposition. How come one MP who has a serious sexul abuse complaint against Ranil has been completely exonerated and discharged, while other UNP membes remaining charged for indescipline also would have been lucky to swap theiri pdrdonal chages too, had they any such similar mutual issues like,the one exonerated. .

    What tragidies have befallen the UNP. Headquarters destroyed, their elections held recently challenged as fraud, Working Committe, and Members have fallen asunder, a majority membership demands the replacment of Ranil.When the nation is facing an international crisis, the Party while engaging in street fights, acts and continues to issues most unparipatriotic and degrading statements about Sri Lanka, reminiscing those desparagng remarks made by Ranil, Ravi and Luxman, belittlig the efforts of the Army every time we made an advnceing forward march towards final Vctory.
    The UNP never is concerned about how People thik and feel about it.While Ranil acts regardless the Captainless UNP Aircrat, with a load of Members ready for the only alternative being “Harakiri , is keeping on flyig, wavering and down nosed. What a pity.One the UNP was the mencipation , while today it is the Tragedy of Sri Lanka. All because of Hon. Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe.

  6. raj

    it is time for Sajith either to stay with UNP and to respect the leadership or start a new party to carry out his own agenda.

  7. mims

    A permanent Opposition Leader. A government bidder.

  8. priyanka

    Must wait for the turn. Any one try to overtake before his turn will have more chances to slip and fall. So Premadasa have more time and he should wait for it.
    What happen to his father was that. If he wants to rule the country this is not his time.Therefore he should be patient till his time comes.He should be slow and steady. This is not the time to fight with the present party leader. if he do that even he become the leader of his party same repercussion will come for him.

  9. Calistus Jayatilleke

    Judging by all these antics staged by Sajith Premadasa and his gang, it is obvious that he is under a contract by the Rajapakses to destroy the UNP. However much popular he may be or not, there is no point in keeping such people in the UNP and strict disciplinary action, including removal, should be taken against such trouble-makers. That’s why there is an old Sinhala saying “if the son does not do what his father did, then he should be “Nottige Putha” ( the real wording should be “Not Ugay Putha”)

  10. Hadeniya

    As long as the UNP continues to squabble among themselves, the UPFA will not have much work to do to stay in power. It is incomprehensible how Ranil continues to be party leader after so many defeats at the polls. The UNP must get its house in order if it is to seriously challenge the ruling party; the first step is for Ranil to resign.

  11. Sajith is a born leader with a convincing powerful mouth, where as Ranil talks like a woman. Sajith can drive his points in to heads easily. Let the uncle retire.

  12. Sunil de Zoysa

    Most of the writers seem not true UNP supporters. True UNP supporters would first blame the MP’s who got appointed through voters who casted their votes against the government party and crossed over to Government by cashing in the UNP voters for these individual’s personal gains. Mr.Wickramasinghe is always maintained his intergrity and loyalty to the party and is a leader acceptable to all ehtnic and relegious groups in Sri Lanka as well as to the international community. He is a leader who would balance power and needs of the people on a long term basis than trying to acheive short term petty political goals. Everyone these days try to gain support of the massess by talking nationalism. Creating unwanted leadership issues at a time the poor voters badly in need of oppositions support to get rid of a government which is creating unbearable cost of living due to mismanagement and misuse of public assets.

  13. MotleyFOOL

    I strongly urge Sajith, Karu and those love the country, politics and the one time UNP party (which is no more due to Ranil) to leave the UNP and form a new national party and unify this with other alliances that will pave the way to make a credible opposition in future.

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