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UNHRC: Manmohan To Decide On Sri Lanka

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Friday reportedly assured the DMK in Tamil Nadu that he would talk to External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna and take appropriate action on a request of the party to support a resolution to be moved by the U.S., France and Norway against Sri Lanka in the U.N. Human Rights Council (UNHRC) for “human rights violations.”
According to The Hindu newspaper DMK Parliamentary Party leader T.R. Baalu met Dr. Singh and presented a memorandum containing the DMK’s resolution passed recently in this regard. He told The Hindu that Dr. Singh promised to get back to the DMK after discussing the issue with Mr. Krishna.
“The party told the Prime Minister, reiterating DMK president M. Karunanidhi’s statement, that the DMK will not compromise anything less than a full support of the resolution [against Sri Lanka],” The hindu quoted Baalu as saying.
Mr. Karunanidhi, in a statement issued in Chennai, had urged India not to back Sri Lanka at any cost at the UNHRC meeting though Colombo had claimed New Delhi’s support.
Earlier on Friday, Sri Lanka came down hard on the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay saying neither had the authority to demand a debate on the report of the Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) or the report of the UN panel of experts.
Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Ambassador Tamara Kunanayakam, also said that the Human Rights Council was created in response to the politicization, selectivity and double standards of the former Commission.
“The Universal Periodic Review is the appropriate mechanism to discuss progress made in the promotion and protection of human rights of all countries. Sri Lanka will be presenting its report during the second cycle of the UPR in October this year. In the Council, there is no provision that permits debates and resolutions on processes that did not generate from the four corners of the institution- building of the Council,” she said in a hard hitting statement.
Her statement came after Pillay referred to Sri Lanka in her statement on Friday and called upon the UNHRC to address the LLRC report and the UN expert panel report on Sri Lanka.
“We have taken note of the comments made by the High Commissioner (Navi Pillay) on the report of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission and while unreservedly dissenting with the observations of the High Commissioner on its domestic process vis a vis the UN Secretary General’s Panel,  we would like to highlight,  at the expense of repetition, that the LLRC report reflects the emblematic parameters of rule of law strategies, which have been earnestly taken note of by my Government  for speedy implementation,” Ambassador Kunanayakam said.
She said that a dangerous precedent is again sought to be established by way of a debate on the recommendations of a domestic process which Sri Lanka condemns as a retrogressive step that undermines the constitutional parameters of this Council.

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  1. ranjit de mel

    i beleive india will take the right decission,if there is a resolution brouht up against s.l. if the central g. of india gives in to t.n. probably it will lead to tamil eelam in india, and this will lead to the breakdown of india as a whole.china usa pakistanand some countries in west europe would be very happy.

    • indian

      India is not srilanka look home minister chidambaram is Tamil and not like srilanka killing Tamils and Indian Tamils are most patriotic and indian army next to punjabis tamils are in more number.only thing may happen is srilanka may split in to eelam if srilanka continue atrocities against Tamil

    • love2beTRAITOR

      tamil eelam in TN?
      indians in south india would kill u for saying it.
      i know sri lankans want to belive like this but indians in tamilnadu r patriotic n proud to be indians, unlike tamils in north sri lanka. so too bad, india will be one, watever decision it takes but ofcourse india will fav SL coz sonia gandhi wants to see complete vengeance

  2. Bobby

    India will suppoert Srilanka or abstain from voting. There are the one who insisted the war on Tamils and who gave weapons to tamils as well earler, only for own intrest.They could not tolerate when Tigers took guns over them. They treated the movements like “boys” not a liberated movements..It is sad that UNO report did not mention anword of Indian Army and innocent killings.I lost my two university batchmates .Indial has lot to for theri own people.India expoerts all those bad things.
    We as a Srilankan can live wihout Indian interference.End of the day , Tamil people can get more from Singala government and it is petty to expect anything from India or
    other countires.
    Tamils should forget India

    • Eddy

      I agree with Ranjith & Bobby, it’s the Indian intelligence arm RAW who trained & armed the Tamil terrorist of northern Lanka,to destabilize little SL!! Manmohan Sing will have to vote against the USA initiated resolution.Otherwise, he would be encouraging separatism in India!!

      Actually India should pay massive compensations to SL for the horrendous damage they caused to life & property of this country. After Rajive Gandhi’s killing only they opened their beady eyes, realized that the tiger they peted &fed had bitten them!! Sri Lanka’s Gods own Country, jackals like USA,France & Norway can not harm or touch us!!

      • SAMAN

        we also trained by indian and usa , for what ? to do human rights violations.

      • Against Idiots

        Looking at your own piece of the world through rose-coloured glasses aren’t you, Eddy? Or is it the basic stupidity of those who keep shouting about the “purity” of 2500 years of Sinhala Buddhist Culture, conveniently ignoring the fact that we are a mongrel nation in many ways?

  3. Shiva

    This is nonsense. How can one person decide on a policy of Human rights abuses?

  4. India will without doubt will support Sri Lanka. The reason is they are the one who supported Sri Lankan government to defeat LTTE. India knew very well during the final stages of the war lot of innocent Tamils were killed. But their only goal was to kill Pirabakaran and they achieved that goal. How could the now dump Sri Lanka. They have to support Sri Lanka failing Sri Lankan leaders will open thier mouth and India too will be accused for war crimes. So Sri Lanka can sleep well.

  5. union

    Eventhough India had played a role in the war crime and genocide committed in Sri Lanka, it is the high time to realise and rectify itself. India played a role in creating LTTE terrorist as well as Sinhala war criminals. Atleast now India should stop its sponsorship of criminals and come out clear.Better late than never India.

  6. naman

    There are Tamils who do NOT look after the Tamils and Tamil speaking people of Sri Lanka.
    Ambassador Kunanayakam is one of them. GoSL had enough time to implement the LLRC recommendations and to stop the suppression of people in the north and east.
    SL needs external supervision to see justice is done not only to Tamils but also others too!

  7. love2beTRAITOR

    everyone thinking prabhakaran started the ellam war, not really.
    it is the india who started it. prabhakaran had 20 men n 2 police rifle n was living in jungle. if left like that, 20 men would have just disintegrated but india fed them, armed them, trained them n grew them. then signed MOU with SL gov. rajie gandi played double game . he got a blow to his head from navy guy n got blew by LTTE. he deserved it. coz of his actions, hundreds of thousands of sri lankans still paying the price with their blood

  8. Seran Senguttuvan

    It is difficult for the Indian PM to ignore the strong written representations from
    both CM Jayalalitha and former CM Karunanidhi. Besides, Sri Lanka’s suspect
    manner of trying to challenge Shri S.M.. Krishna’s integrity during the latter’s last visit here could not have pleased Delhi. The inspired leak by an Indian journo based in Colombo notwithstanding GoSL faces a difficult task in Geneva.
    Our two main Ministers who should be leading our counter-attack Dr GLP
    and Mahinda Samarasinghe openly declaring war on each other also does not
    help. GLP should have jumped at the invitation extended to him by Hilary Clinton to visit DC in March where he could have, with his enormous diplomacy and experience, created a dent in matters against us. Instead, he flawed in rejecting Clinton’s invite and instead suggesting April for a meeting.

  9. nizam

    Sadhu sadhu sa….. Manmohan manmohan sa…..

  10. The UN was established to restore the dignity of people and contribute to justice. Conflict resolution and preventive diplomacy had been the justification for the existence of the UN since its inception.

    Reacting to the traumatic experience of genocide and other forms of mass violence in Rwanda, Kosovo, Bosnia and Somalia, the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty(ICISS), enunciated the policy of Responsibility to Protect(RtoP), in the year 2001.

    The report by ICISS stressed human security, including Human Rights and Human dignity as fundamental essentials in all international institutions.

    Subsequently, in 2009, the UN General Assembly, by an overwhelming majority, accepted the principle of RtoP as defined by ICISS.

    It was also accepted by the UN that if the UN does not act somewhere it does not mean that it must not act everywhere.

    In matters of global concern, the principles of state sovereignty became altered. A permanent shift from non-interference to non-indifference became firmly accepted.

    Rto P accepts that sovereignty is not a licence to kill. Empathy with suffering people justifies interference and obligates protection. It took forms such as sanctions and selective boycots.

    Obviously, the world did not do enough in response to the butchering of Tamil population by the GOSL and its repression to the people of Tamil Eelam(TE). There was indifference.

    Dag Hemmerskjold, the Secretary General of the UN in 1960′s said ” the UN was not created to bring heaven on earth but to save us from hell”.

    The people of TE need to be saved from hell created by SL.

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