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Resolution presented after talks: US


The United States (US) says the draft resolution on Sri Lanka which was presented to the UN Human Rights Council this week, was done so after consulting other countries including those who will co-sponsor the resolution.

The US Ambassador to Geneva, Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe, told the Council that the US firmly believes that action now in the Council reflects the international community’s ongoing interest in and support for action on the ground in Sri Lanka.


Full statement:

After consultation with partners including those who will join us as co-sponsors, we tabled a draft resolution on Sri Lanka for consideration by the Human Rights Council (HRC) at its 19th Session. We have taken this step upon careful reflection and after extensive dialogue and bilateral engagement at the highest levels of the U.S. government. Three years since the end of the conflict, it is our belief that the government of Sri Lanka must take concerted actions on the ground to foster national reconciliation and accountability. The U.S. Government has provided humanitarian and development assistance to facilitate post-war reconciliation, and we believe that HRC action can further assist in this aim.

After consulting broadly with delegations from all regions and incorporating many helpful suggestions to the initial draft, we have introduced a moderate, reasonable, and balanced resolution text as a basis for further discussion and collaboration with our many partners in the Human Rights Council. In this regard, we reiterate our long-expressed willingness to work in partnership with the government of Sri Lanka on this resolution, and on the broader issues of reconciliation and accountability.

This resolution is not intended to condemn; indeed, it acknowledges the contributions of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC), which has made many constructive recommendations to the Sri Lankan government. However, many international and domestic observers share our conclusion that the government has not yet promulgated a credible action plan for implementation of those recommendations, nor has it taken the additional needed steps since the war to foster national reconciliation.

Our intention is clear: we want the countries of the world to join in encouraging the government of Sri Lanka to take the steps needed to ensure meaningful and lasting national reconciliation after a long conflict, to reach out sincerely to the Tamil population and bring them back in to the national life of Sri Lanka, and to ensure accountability for actions taken during the war.

Time is slipping by for the people of Sri Lanka. Together with the international community we want to work with Sri Lanka in order to bring lasting peace to the island. We firmly believe that action now in this Council reflects the international community’s ongoing interest in and support for action on the ground in Sri Lanka. Numerous international and domestic observers have echoed our concern that the government of Sri Lanka must now establish domestic processes that will sow the seeds of lasting peace on the ground. With this resolution, the countries of the world can extend their hand of cooperation to help all the people of Sri Lanka achieve that goal.

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  1. A bar magnet has two poles. These two poles cannot be at the same place as each of them repel the other. Likewise Tamils and Sinhalese cannot live in the same place. History has proven this facts and the INTERNATIONAL Community has seen this too. WHY WASTE ANYMORE TIME TO REINVENT THIS CIRCLE.

  2. kaputakukula

    There is something for us to learn here. Just look, at the US move!! They (US) did not stir, did not shout or challenge. They were quiet even when we shouted against them they did lose temper and send their citizen in front of the SL embassy there. They quietly dealt with other countries and convinced them of their move and won their support. Then boldly submitted their resolution even before one week ahead of time. Gentlemen! this is diplomatic move, this is diplomacy. Oh boy!!!! we have a lot to learn??

  3. jaliya

    Its knows fact that USA is the biggest terrorist on earth.From Libya to Afghanistan, From Syria to Iran they are using terrorists to get the gob done.Even LTTE was supported by CIA .That’s why they are mad at Sri Lanka because it eliminated LTTE leadership against their wish.

  4. nimp

    Your “international community” represents only US , EU & UK. It is wrong to assume that this group represents the true Inernational Community which consists of more sovereign states outside this group . It is high time that they stop identifying and showing themselves as the “International community” and forcing their might to smaller nations and bullying. There is an ulterior motive behind this seemingly innocent resolution.
    This resolution is a sugar coated pill.
    The major portion of the “real International community” understands the situation in Sri Lanka and they really support SL.

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