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Draft reconciliation policy to be released

A draft policy on National Reconciliation has been prepared by Office of the Presidential Advisor on Reconciliation.
The 12 page document authored by Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha and Salma Yusuf, covers Political Participation and Administrative Accountability, Recovery and Equitable Development, Truth, Justice and Understanding and Implementation, the Office of the Presidential Advisor on Reconciliation said yesterday.
The draft policy notes that as a result of the long-standing strife and struggle, two key challenges remain to be addressed so as to propel the country towards enduring and sustainable peace and prosperity. It says the root causes of the conflict need solutions which are satisfactory to all the communities and peoples of Sri Lanka and secondly there is a need to dispel suspicions and weld all communities into and within the fabric of one nation.
The draft policy calls for the establishment of a multi-stakeholder institutional mechanism to promote and monitor the reconciliation process. The work of this mechanism shall be reviewed by a Parliamentary Select Committee and the mechanism will cease to exist at the end of three years unless Parliament decides otherwise.
The policy also states that while acknowledging the need for the nation to collectively empathize with all victims of the conflict, whether civilian or soldiers, or whether they belong to Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim or other communities, the State should set apart a separate event on Independence Day to express solidarity and empathy with all victims of the tragic conflict and to pledge a collective commitment to ensure that there is no return or relapse to such atrocities ever again.
It also says the government shall work comprehensively and cohesively to implement the National Action Plan on Human Rights that has been adopted by Cabinet, with particular attention to improving the capacities of and faith in the police, to ensuring better protection mechanisms for women and children, and to streamlining the judicial system to promote confidence in its operations and a reduction of rote remanding.

9 Comments for “Draft reconciliation policy to be released”

  1. Nimalka Thennakoon

    Rajiv Wijesinghe – youngest son of Sam Wiesignhe – who links Banadaranikes and Rajapakses together as relations is on one of the most erudiate pundits ever produced by mother lanka. An Oxford Blue, and a Oxford University Rugby prop forward, young Prof Rajiv speaks English better than a native English, including the Queen. An eligible batchelor, this miost remarkable man has a vision so fine it is believed all of the country’s ills will soon finish once he is offered the Foreign Minister post

  2. Tomsamusa

    This half baked cocky bum is part of the problem and the present situation in the sinking lanka.
    He should be one of the thugs responsible for the mass murders and WILL NOT be acepted by the Tamil people to draw up agenda he is peretending to draw up.
    Instead he should be named as one of those responsible for the war crimes.

  3. Bobby

    Say sorry to Tamil People and wihtdraw army and EPDP kARUNA CADRES INTO JAIL

  4. Ugesh Wickaramasuriya

    Another lying cheating piece of rubbish to fool the ignorant people of SL, but it will not fool the world.

  5. fazan

    These jokers talk about resolution only when the intrnational community got together and exert pressure. Once this UNHRC session is over all the resolution and promises will be put into the garbage bin. I think we need quality politicians and government officials. WHat we have is a criminal gang with the sole purpose of fooling us and take us a for a ride.

  6. raj

    the reality is that no one would like to live with accussed criminals. If that so, it is the duty of the Sri Lankan government to disprove all accussations levelled against by facing an independent inquiry. If not, it will create a division of minds based on ethnicity which will leade to have separation.

  7. What are the reasons for the issues in Sri Lanka(SL)? Obviously, three major obstacles continue exist since 1972.

    Firstly, the constitution of SL is not a “living document”; drafted by, and for, all the people.

    The constitution declaring the “Dominion of Ceylon” as “Republic of Sri Lanka” in 1972 was unilaterally declared by the Sinhalese, to grab Tamil Eelam(TE), the homeland of Tamils, for colonialism and “Sinhala empire building”.

    Therefore, for the Sinhalese the constitution is a colonist licence and for Tamils it is merely a piece of paper.

    Secondly, proper judicial process for Tamils and on Tamil matters is absent in SL. The wheels of justice simply do not turn.

    A group of eminent judges appointed by the Commonwealth of Nations, which pointed out this shortcoming more than 5 years ago were sent back home and 40,000 Tamil civilians were butchered 2 years later.

    Thirdly, appropriate Sinhala political leadership, free from racism; with willingness, ability and determination to grant the legitimate political, social, economic and land rights of the people of TE was never found and can never be found in SL.

    Politicos play with media and “religious leaders” and use them as rooks and pawns on the chessboard of politcs.

    Keeping these three major obstacles alive for 40 years and increasing the woes of Tamils systematically is a proof that SL is a failed state.

    The UN should no longer be indifferent but exercise its Responsibility to Protect(RtoP).

  8. shan

    We have enough garbage. You can keep the policy among war criminals. We are not interested in expecting anything from criminals.We consider the leadership as pathological liars who misguided us and took us for a ride in your war crime.

  9. Gotta the hero

    This prick is at it again. He is a dog which wants to live in the master’s house so he could be fed.

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