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Wimal calls for boycott of US products


Sri Lankans should boycott American products in protest against the US sponsored resolution against Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council, a government minister said on Tuesday.

“I will stop using my gmail account. Let us boycott Pepsi, Coca Cola, Google and McDonalds”, Wimal Weerawansa, the Minister of Housing and Construction said, addressing an anti-US demonstration here.

Weerawansa’s National Freedom Front is a constituent party of the ruling coalition of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

“This is an US-LTTE resolution”, Weerawansa charged adding that the ulterior motive was to haul Rajapaksa and the Sri Lankan military leaders before the International Criminal Court (ICC).

“There will be representatives from five countries coming to Sri Lanka if the resolution gets passed at the UNHRC”, Weerawansa said. That would be the first step to charge Sri Lankan President with war crimes, he added.

The US resolution aimed at committing Colombo to implement its own Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) recommendations is being branded as interference in Sri Lanka’s sovereignty.

The LLRC was cited as Colombo’s answer to international calls for accountability over alleged rights abuses that took place during the final phase of the military campaign against the LTTE, who fought to set up a separate homeland for the Tamil minority. (PTI)

22 Comments for “Wimal calls for boycott of US products”

  1. Observator

    Hey man can you name a single product we find in the Srilankan markets those were made in America. America is exporting nothing to Srilanka, but this Joker has no single ounce of ” Brain” to understand if America stops importing our , “garment company production,” whole coutry is “Kim Ill Sun- and Api Okkoma Sun”.We have nothing to be surprised, because this Joker already wanted to “Challenge ” to UNO too.Frog in the well.

  2. Hariharan

    This goes to show how educated our politicians are ? So stupid and idiotic of them to think that if Sri Lanka stops consuming American Products the US and UN will feel the pinch.

    ” Its like the ant (Sri Lanka ) biting an Elephant (US & UN) . First of all tell these jokers to stop buying expensive items and telling the masses just the opposite.

  3. Nagesha Wickramasuriya

    SL is a poor third world country. Only an ignorant fool like this Wimal idiot can make these stupid comments. Boycott US products and the people in SL will starve.

  4. kaputakukula

    We the citizens of Sri Lanka did not forget the promise of our President.
    He said that he will go to stand in the international court in place of the soldiers. If so why we worry about the soldiers?

    Besides, if America boycot SL goods, Wimal you will not get the ‘gel’ to your groomed hair.

    • anjosh

      I do agree with you. We should welcome the international commission and prove to the world that our hands are clean. Only LTTE was involved in human rights violation.

  5. daya weerasinghe

    This guy has to be an IDIOT……….how did he became a minister ?

  6. Meena M.

    Start by refusing US aid, WImal.
    Obviously he is not a deep thinker, and cannot see beyond his nose.

  7. rufus

    This guy is an idiot and a morron !
    This guy talks without a brain.
    He has accounts in Dollars ? Visits USA ? uses all cosmetics and perfumes of USA ? What more evidence do you need of this morron ????

  8. Ananda

    Do these politicians think we are all stupid? I think its high time for a coup – get all these vermin out of sri lanka!

  9. Gotta the hero

    Didn’t this pig visit the U.S. with his wife and have a ball of a time? Also moron, all U.S. products are made in China these days. Oh, one more thing, if you do not like the U.S. stop begging for money fromm there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Mahes

    Why blame only that fool Wimal, the regime itself consist of bafoons and idiots. Even these professors Rajitha and Peris and other spokesmen of this regime vomits rubbish in the international arena of Geneva as if the representatives of other countries in that arena are fools to absorb their rubbish speech ignoring evidences that have proved regime’s war crime. Having Duglas Devanenda with the government delegation encamped in Geneva itself is bafoonery.

  11. Wimalmuttaal

    Dont you think wimal wamsa is the mouth piece for the president Rajapakse

  12. mohamed wadood

    Politicians should refrain from making threats. America has nothing to lose nor gain.
    We won the war with the ruthless low life terrorists but not the worlds diplomacy.
    We need educated career diplomats with silver tongue and a strong pro gosl international diaspora to fight the tamil tiger diaspora and not ” cheap tabloid ” threat from rebellious JVP thugs.

  13. david strange

    Mr.Weerawansa always waits for an opportunity to :bark”. he should look at the moon on full moon day.

  14. Who made him a minister is the bigger idiot.

  15. Carlo

    too bad most people don’t think like us!!! For all the gode Sumane’s these sort of talk is well appreciated.

  16. The Country has gone to the Dogs, and now Hambantotta street Dogs are Running the Country.
    Ratta Ballatta Giyaa, thang Hambantotta Para Ballan Ratta Duwanawa .

  17. sinnan

    Mr.Weerawansa than Why is your wife holding US Green Card?
    Only People like you with double standard can make this type of speech.

  18. ajith

    Yes amarican products must not use in sri lanka. But still amarican companies are dominating in Sri Lanka. Example. Dole. They are illigally operating in sri lanka. they dont have approval from the central environment authority to operate their banana plantations. They are vilolating sri lanka labour law. Plenty of qualified supervisors are been thrown out from the company by HR department by giving variouse reasons. Who will take action against these. amaricans are talking about human rights. But they are vilolating their own rules in sri lanka. Wimal…please raise your voice

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