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Rajapaksas Wrestle For Olympic Rights Muscling Out Rupavahini

By Indika Sri Aravinda

The Carlton Sports Network (CSN), owned by the Mahinda Rajapaksa family, has sought the exclusive broadcasting rights of the 2012 London Olympics.
Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC) has already paid for and obtained the exclusive rights for the broadcast and stands to lose financially if it gives the rights to another network. The SLRC had obtained the rights as a member of the Asian Broadcasting Union (ABU) which is under the International Broadcasting Union (IBU), the broadcast rights holder for the Olympics. The state television broadcaster had obtained the television broadcast rights for the 2012 Olympics through a deal signed with the ABU in 2008.
When The Sunday Leader contacted the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CSN Nishantha Ranathunga he confirmed that they have sought the broadcast rights for the 2012 Olympics. He said that since Rupavahini had already obtained the broadcast license for the Games which begin in July, CSN will hold discussions with the state broadcaster on the telecast rights. “We hope to reach an agreement on this with Rupavahini soon,” Ranathunga said.
The Sri Lanka Olympic Committee President Hemasiri Fernando told The Sunday Leader that the telecast rights have been given to Rupavahini and so it cannot be given to another television channel.However he noted that Rupavahini can approve another television channel to re-broadcast the event under certain conditions.
He also confirmed that Ranathunga had contacted him regarding the television rights and he informed Ranathunga that only one television channel can have the exclusive rights as the sole member of the ABU.
The Sunday Leader also contacted  SLRC Chairman Mohan Samaranayake and he said that no decision has been taken on giving the broadcast rights to CSN.

He said that SLRC has put written to ABU regarding the request from CSN but has not yet received a response, yet.
He said that SLRC has already paid for the telecast rights but will have discussions with CSN on its request.
Meanwhile a Rupavahini trade union said that by giving the rights to another channel the state television channel stands to lose heavily in the form of advertising revenue.
A spokesman for the trade union, who wished to remain anonymous, said that loss of revenue from the Olympics broadcast could also hurt the staff salaries and bonus.

9 Comments for “Rajapaksas Wrestle For Olympic Rights Muscling Out Rupavahini”

  1. Against Idiots

    Here we go again! Why don’t we simply declare Sri Lanka a monarchy and get away from all this nonsense of rules, regulations and democratic practice? It will certainly save a lot of newsprint in reporting daylight robbery which will then cease to be illegal!

  2. Dhammika


  3. rufus

    In order for Rupavahini to hand over their rights of broadcasting to CNS should inform the Olympic broadcast in writing and explain the difficulties due to economical downfall and find out if the other channels would be able to bid on the transfer and get the approval.

  4. The Rajapaksa Gang owns not only CSN but also SLRC; infact the Rajapaksa
    Criminal Gang owns the entire island of Sri Lanka. It is time to rename
    Sri Lanka to Rajapaksa Lanka.

  5. Newton

    This is known as excessive and corrupt behaviour.

  6. n.c.wijeratne

    The ABU terms and conditions and the IBU terms and conditions are quite clear-Any attempt to digress tfrom this is sure to result in SLRC loosing that invaluable right to telecast the Olympic Events. It is also relevant to take into account that several other private sector TV stations would have aspired or applied for this event;but due consideration would have been given to SLRC on the basis that SLRC is a National TV of SL-hence public owned.
    Is it that the CSN is trying to snatch it to earn a profit for a intersted group of persons as oposed to that of national interest?

  7. gemba

    How did this notorious Rajapksa family get such money to own such enterprises? Did it funded from the ransome colled by abducting civilians in all over Sri Lanka?

    This is the true colour of this family which try to portraits itself as patriot.

  8. love2beTRAITOR

    can anyone tell, once apon a time, poor rajapaksha family(about 10 years ago) suddenly become richest family in asia? the moda so called patriotic modayas should think. this gov use the word patriotism as powerful too. in a democratic country, ur allowed to talk against gov.

  9. While great words such Patriotism, development, ashchariya in asia,divi neguma, religion,democracy,honesty,justice,peace,etc, etc, are been used and taught outside, corruption, money laundering and printing, drugs, prostitution, rape, gambling, commission, land grab, daylight robbery, abduction,suppression, murder etc, etc,are taking place on daily basis. Sri Lanka never faced this situation before, even at the time of war. What happened in the north has come down to south to roost. Rata, Aagam, Gama, Jatiya keva. Ballata giya.

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