Tamara receives threatening letter

The Sri Lankan ambassador in Geneva Tamara Kunanayakam has received an anonymous threatening letter which is being followed up by the police and UN security, the office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights said today.

Tamara Kunanayakam took over as Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Geneva in August 2011.

Kunanayakam earlier served as Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the Republic of Cuba and also served as Minister Counsellor at the Sri Lankan Embassy in Brasília.

Prior to her assignment at Sri Lankan Missions abroad, the Ambassador served as the Secretary to the Working Group on the Right to Development, the Working Group on structural adjustment programmes and economic, social and cultural rights, and also that on enforced and involuntary disappearances, at the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). H.E. Ms. Kunanayakam was also attached to the ILO and UNDP.


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  1. Shiva

    This is what the Sinhalese have been doing for over 60 years, intimidation, threat and violence at Tamils.

  2. peace lover

    she is nothing,nobody is going to threat her. it is a utter lie.

  3. raj

    if anyone sent a threat to her for doing her job is a terrorist and should be punished. We can agree or not agree, but we do not have a right to impose our will on anyone.

  4. Rajah

    She received the threat from whom? Did she received the threat because Sri-Lanka lost? Or is this just another ploy to get sympathy and paint a bad picture of those against the Sri-Lankan government.

  5. kiruba

    don’t count the Rajapaksa out. He’s a master mind in these kind of cunning tricks.

  6. american

    I heard her name is Tamara Kunanayaka and not as mention in the media as a Tamil name. Plyaing politics in the Tamil name.

  7. Shan P

    Hmm No mention about this by the NAvi or condemnation.. Typical.. We Lankans condem all from of threats.. Even from the miniority of External Tamil Racist in europe..

  8. Berjaya

    It’s not the sinhalese doing any of this, it’s most likely the US or some twisted lot who have an ill politicized motive. Sinhalese want to live peacefully with all tamils, muslims and burghers. We want to live in one country together, peacefully. Those who are trying to create disturbances and create disinformation campaigns under the pretext of human rights should be ashamed of themselves.

  9. Gotta the hero

    any decent person who supports this fellow MR and his band of thugs should be classified as a 3rd rate low life. If education has not taught her anything, what will?

  10. Against Idiots

    She obviously didn’t learn a damned thing from her stint with the UN dealing with disappearances. If she did, she must be a monumental hypocrite to serve this lot in the capacity she is!

    But then, those are the kinds of qualification that the Sri Lankan government looks for – hypocrisy and a total absence of anything like principle!

  11. Mohan

    They preach non-violence; but even killing the Indigenous skin people are allowed and urged by THEM.

  12. RRAAJ

    By looking at the 2 comments above I can very well conclude that Tamils especially LTTE supporting Tamils never accept their own mistakes and always look for reasons to put the blame on others. Until and unless Tamils stop bullshitting by false propoganda they are bound to live a 3rd grade life anywhere on the earth. Pro-LTTE tamils are the worst liars and ungrateful souls of all human races. The nummber of Tamil leaders and intellects killed by LTTE alone is a proof of their war against their own people. Lying, being ungrateful, looting, back stabbing and extreme violence are synonims of LTTE supporters. Worst creaters on earth.

  13. Leslie

    Big Deal. Just ignore.

  14. Human

    OK, according to her Portfolio she has been working to safeguard “RIGHTS” but now she has been converted into the quite opposite of what she’s been doing before. Don’t be shocked guys that’s the Sri Lankan true style – Any person can be converted into anything (overnight) with the right Perks/Position & Pay. A human rights campaigner can be a human rights abuser the next day…it’s quite normal over here.

  15. naman

    It is an inside job(Govt. Stooges) just to counter their threatening behaviour against the Human rights workers and journalists of right mind!

  16. racing

    Ozzy, we’re on new terrain here. And for that matter, no mushy moderate ever beat an incumbent Democrat.

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