Killing Balachandran And Saving Uvindu

  • Wijeweera family vs. Prabakaran’s family

By Uvindu Kurukulasuriya

Rohana Wijeweera and Velupillai Prabhakaran - Is structural violence the reason why Wijeweera’s and Prabhakaran’s families were treated differently?

“There are theories and there are facts. Theories vary… The facts however cannot be denied. Thousands of Tamils, old and young, and even little children, were assaulted, robbed, killed, bereaved, and made refugees. They saw their homes, possessions, vehicles, shops and factories plundered, burnt or destroyed. These people were humiliated, made to live in fear and rendered helpless…” A Cry From the Heart… What happened at the end of July 1983? (From Bishop Lakshman Wickremasinghe’s Final Pastoral Letter).
Channel 4’s “Killing Fields” director Callum Macrae wrote last week; A 12-year-old boy lies on the ground. He is stripped to the waist and has five neat bullet holes in his chest. His name is Balachandran Prabakaran and he is the son of the LTTE leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran.
He has been shot dead. Beside him lie the bodies of five men, believed to be his bodyguards. There are strips of cloth on the ground perhaps indicating that they were tied and blindfolded before they were shot – further evidence suggesting that the Sri Lankan government forces had a systematic policy of executing many surrendering or captured LTTE fighters and leading figures, even if they were children. The problem for the Sri Lankan government is that this murder is not isolated. If it was, they could perhaps dismiss it as the act of rogue soldiers.
One cannot help but think that had Balachandran not been Prabhakaran’s son, there is a possibility of him being still alive. One anonymous commentator wrote last Wednesday in the Daily Mirror, “True enough; a death of a child in an armed combat is synonymous with tragedy. However, the unnecessary emphasis the video lays on Balachandran would give one the wrong impression that he was the only child casualty in the thirty-year-old war, when in reality, there was an endless line of children who ceased to be identified with their names and instead became numbers in war reports and casualty lists”.
Killing Prabhakaran’s son is that a simple issue? Of course there were lots of children who were victimised as the result of the bloody war, but I must say killing Balachandran is not that simple. Apart from a war crime allegation, it is an extraordinary example of the structural violence in Sri Lankan society. As conflict resolution experts say, for more than 50 years diplomats, negotiators and social scientists have studied conflict and developed a sophisticated understanding of it. Let me begin by explaining the theoretical background of a conflict.
Not all conflict is violent. Conflict is normal when there is change. Some people want change, but others disagree. If their disagreement or their conflict is managed peacefully, it can be a positive process. But when conflict is not managed properly, it becomes violent. In violent conflict, people fear for their safety and survival. When we say conflict, we are usually referring to violent conflict (Ross Howard).
Violent physical conflict is easily identified and can be commented on by most. Individuals or groups in conflict try to hurt or kill each other and there will be victims. But there can be other kinds of violence which do greater harm to a society and these are more difficult for people to analyse and explain. There can be hidden violence. This includes; cultural violence and structural violence.
Cultural violence can be the way a group considers another group over a period of years. It can include talk, images or beliefs which glorify physical violence. These include; hate speech, xenophobia, myths and legends of war heroes, religious justification for war and gender discrimination.
Structural violence is harm which is built into the laws and traditional behaviour of a group or society. Harm is permitted or ignored. It can include; institutionalized racism or sexism – laws and practices which allow unequal treatment based on race or sex, colonialism, extreme exploitation, poverty, corruption and nepotism and structural segregation. These kinds of violence are extremely important and need to be identified. Often they are the real cause of direct physical violence. Ending physical violence will not be enough. It will occur again if  cultural and structural violence are ignored. After winning the war Rajapaksas preach  that there is peace. Is there?
Now can you understand  Balachandran’s killing in the context of structural violence?  I hope you do?  As a civilised nation, for the sake of future generations, the need for national reconciliation and the prevention of communal violence again, it is important not to view Tamil politics in isolation, but rather understand how it developed due to its engagement with the obduracy and blindness of the Southern polity.
Using terrorism, be it state sponsored or by non-state actors is a grave violation committed against the people. There should be no quarrel about it. As Head of State and Commander in Chief, all past leaders in Sri Lanka have issued orders to kill. As non-state actors Rohana Wijeweera and Vellupillai Prabhakaran have issued similar orders .
Terrorism by non-state Tamil actors was born as a result of terrorism by the State. This is the repercussion. In 1958 a peaceful Tamil demonstration staged at Galle Face was attacked and a blood bath resulted following orders issued by former Prime Minister S.W.R.D Banadarnaike.  It is well known that in June 1958 IGP S. W. O de Silva had told his DIGs at a secret meeting at the Police headquarters how the orders were issued to him by the then Prime Minister.
Terrorism by non-state Tamil actors came into fruition twenty year later. That was with the formation of the LTTE led by Vellupillai Prabhakaran.
However terrorism by non-state Sinhala actors came to the fore not as a counter to terrorism, but to capture political power. This was so when the JVP was formed by Rohana Wijeweera. In 1971 State sponsored terrorism was launched as a response to terrorism by non-state actors.
In other words, terrorism by non-state Tamils actors began after State sponsored terrorism was launched while terrorism by non-state Sinhala groups came into being before State terrorism was launched. Today the leaders of both such “terrorist” groups are not alive. They were victims of State terrorism. They could not achieve their ultimate goals and ultimately fell victim to a counter form of violence. When Rohana Wijeweera was arrested, he was carrying out his fight against the government whilst  terrorizing the whole country. When he was arrested with his family by the army he was living in Nawalapitiya as an estate owner using the alias Attanayake whilst his supporters were still involved in a bitter feud with the government.Unlike Wijeweera, Prabhakaran fought against the government till the last from the battle ground. How Wijeweera was murdered and how Prabakaran too was murdered is still a State secret. It is a mystery yet for the public.
Therein lies the question; What were the futures of these two families? How did the State treat Wijeweera’s wife Chithrangani, son Uvindu and daughters Supun Chaga, Dasun Esha and the other three children? And how did they treat Prabhakaran’s wife Mathiwathini, sons Charles Anthony, Blachandran and daughter Duvaraka? (Charles Anthony was a combatant, so we should leave him out in this argument).
Wijeyweera’s family was not killed. They were well looked after by the government. They are still alive. Chithrangani Wijeweera said that the UNP too has done much for her family.
Talking to The Sunday Leader on June 20, 2004, Wijeweera’s wife said; “The late President Ranasinghe Premadasa did a lot for us. He took us into his care at a time when we needed to be looked after. He promised to come and see us in the Trincomalee navy camp on his way to the opening of a university in Batticaloa in June but he died in May that year,”
However we still do not know what exactly happened to Prabhakaran’s  wife and children except Charles Anthony. British forensic expert Professor Pounder believes he has identified the first of the shots to be fired at the boy: “There is a speckling from propellant tattooing, indicating that the distance of the muzzle of the weapon to this boy’s chest was two to three feet or less. He could have reached out with his hand and touched the gun that killed him.”
It is clear that Wijeyweera’s family and Prabakaran’s family have been treated differently. Why? It is because of structural violence. Prabhakaran was a Tamil.

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  1. Robin

    Wijeweeras son did not take arms. PTA has son led against army. That was Charles Anthony. Also his balachandran would have been in the baby brigade.
    For u and this paper ltte are the heroes. How many less than 12 year olds including monks they had hacked to death. Are u born from a terrorists sperm?

  2. Ruka

    Good analysis but Uvindu missed that Prabhakaran’s father & mother were not shot dead. Probably they were not Tamil if Uvindu’s analysis is correct. And is Wijeweera’s son’s name Uvindu as well? because the title of the article says “Saving Uvindu”

    • nimba

      I remembered of what had happend to the cremation ashes of Praba’s mother. History will not forget barbarians.

    • but prabhakarans mother’s cremation site was desecrated. so what u got say to the jude? and it is know the cremation site was desecrated by gosl soldiers

      • NAK

        Who looked after Prabakarans mother and father until they passed away? Prabas sisters and brothers? Siwajilingam?Do’nt give us bull shit my dear.After looking after them until death, why should the soldiers desecrate the grave?does it makes sense? There are hundreds if not thousands Tamils whom Praba treated like scum and killed their kith and kin, would’nt they desectrate the grave? does that make sense?

    • This is a biased analysis and biased towards discrediting the current Government. I have no political interests. In a war filed what can you expect especially during final push to clean up the 30 year curse we had to go through as Tamils and Sinhalese, Muslims. You must have thought that a majority of Tamils enjoyed their life under LTTE.

    • Final phase of the war was the time this people were killed. At the time JVP was called freedom fighters, and LTTE was called the same. But they were terrorists according GOSL and west., I call them the same. Basically both groups exploited unemployed disadvantaged young people.

      Stop this non sense the attaching the current government. For 30 years no one was able to control this curse form which all Tamils and Sinhalese, Muslims and Burgers suffered. Now time has come to reconcile and I think if the Govt was able to eradicated this LTTE and they also can bring the lasting Peace by Creating Jobs. But do not ask always Govt jobs than Governments cannot give all Govt jobs. As in war field during the last push anything can happen and it is life and death situation.Final phase of the war was the time this people were killed. At the time JVP was called freedom fighters, and LTTE was called the same. But they were terrorists according GOSL and west . Basically both groups exploited unemployed disadvantaged young people.
      Stop this non sense the attaching the current government. For 30 years no one was able to control this curse form which all Tamils and Sinhalese, Muslims and Burgers suffered. Now time has come to reconcile and I think if the Govt was able to eradicated this LTTE and they also can bring the lasting Peace by Creating Jobs. But do not ask always Govt jobs than Governments cannot give all Govt jobs. As in war field during the last push anything can happen and it is life and death situation.

      Remember how many innocent kids got killed in Sinhalese villages in the past. They were even not got shot, they were hacked to death by brutal LTTE.
      What did Wjeweera do in 1988-1989 how many innocent people were killed ruthlessly same way.

      The Government did not kill LTTE leaders parents actually they were looked after well . Remember India even did not allow her to enter to get treatment . But there was a valid reason for that too.

      Remember how many innocent kids got killed in Sinhalese villages in the past. They were even not got shot, they were hacked to death by brutal LTTE.
      What did Wjeweera do in 1988-1989 how many innocent people were killed ruthlessly same way.
      The Government did not kill LTTE leaders parents actually they were looked after well . Remember India even did not allow her to enter to get treatment . But there was a valid reason for that too.

  3. jude perera

    What about Prabhakaran’s parents? What about the infants killed by Tamil tigers?Balachandran was kept as a human shield by his brutal father Prabhakaran.Professor Pounder might have pounded tamil diaspora’s money .Shame professor! why can’t you tell it could be his own father’s bullet as it was hand distance .

    • hela Mahinda

      Why harp about saving 80 year old parents of Prabharan in a military camp as a great gesture on the part of the army after massacaring thousands?

      I guess thats all you can think of to try and justify racism and genocide leave alone the long history of systematic state pograms against the Tamils.

    • Against Idiots

      Jude Perera:
      i would suggest that you begin compiling a list of all those “on the take,”from the Tigers by your calculation and that of your buddies.

      Noam Chomsky, Bishop Tutu, Barack Obama, Arundhati Roy, Ban Ki Moon, ALL the diplomats and members of government from every DEMOCRACY in the world. Would those names help to get your list started? Or would you like me to suggest the sterling democracies such as Russia, China, Cuba, Pakistan etc.?

      Incidentally, I haven’t heard even the “leaders” to whom you hold pandam claim that Prabhakaran used his son as a human shield. You deserve some credit as a fiction writer for that one!

    • This is a biased analysis and biased towards discrediting the current Government. I have no political interests. In a war filed what can you expect especially during final push to clean up the 30 year curse we had to go through as Tamils and Sinhalese, Muslims. You must have thought that a majority of Tamils enjoyed their life under LTTE.

      • Mohan

        The Curse started since the arrival of the Buddhist Monks. SWRD Banda listen to them and tried to bring ‘Singhela Only’ and then made the FIRST Killings in Eelam/Hela/Lanka of the Dark Skin Indigenous People, by the Buddhist converted Native people and Indo Aryan Masters. The rest is history. No one can kill the Indigenous People on their Indigenous Lands

    • Sinnathamby

      Very well argued. Velupillai and his wife were old and were identified in the Detention Camp in Vavuniya and were known to other inmates. Killing or diapearing them after arresting would have too many witnesses. Also they were required for DNA confirmation of their son’s identity. The more the Peraras and the Rukas keep their heads in the sands the longer it will take for peace to return to SL.

      • NAK

        Then why was soosai’s family saved in mid sea.No one would have known or even if exposed LTTE boats were legel targets.

      • NAK

        Uvindu,you provide the answer in your own question. Wijeweera attempted to save himself with his family but some one in authority did not want to give him a second chance so he was killed and the family saved. Prabakaran chose to die together as a family and got his wish. Can you prove it is otherwise?
        In 1971 when Wijeweera made his first attempt at armed revolution,I was in the grade ten(O/L)class and 34 out of 38 in my class were caught. I was spared not because I was lucky but I never believed in the stupid revolutiion even then and I never got involved. Wonder if you were even born then? I do not know from where this state terror came then but we never saw such thing. Atleast not before. By 1971 April it was just over a year for the new UP government and there was no real justification for that struggle.Though there were kiilngs and settling personnal scores it was brought under control in quick time the perpetrators were subjected justice but no one was hanged or shot. Those who perpetrated the katharagama beuty queen murder were brought to justice though it was not the only one. Unlike in 88/89 where there were chicken pens full of well known innocents just to take out and cull for the show and tyre pyres. Did anyone stand trial for those. No justice? SI Priyadarshana of Sapugaskanda police station was done by you know who….. and why do’nt you open that can of worms as well! yeah…. I know I know no one pays for those!

  4. MH

    Do you think any parent whos children were cut in to pieces,murdered,bombed,disabled due to Tamil Tiger chief’s instructions will ever be sorry for killing Balachandra by anyone any form not at all. How many tamils in the north and the east had to give their children to the dictator who used child soldiers who got killed however Prabhakrans son according to this article had body guards then why a person who fights for Eelam had to treat his children differently.Come on Uvindu get a life to your self Prabhakaran was a tamil terrorist and a Killer of 70,000 innocent civilians finally died like dog.Ask the quetion ur self mate?

  5. Well done, Uvindu. Cheque is ready.

  6. anjosh

    Good analysis. The cultural violence is still going on in North & East sponsored by the state.

  7. jehan

    prabakaran’s famaily deserves what they got for killing thousands of children. wijeweera family was lucky, they also should have been shot. killing fields in the south by jvp. putting heads of children on fences in weligama and akurassa,
    these were the norm by jvp in 1988-1992 period.

  8. hasthi

    When LTTE had child soldiers, Uvindu was blind. Suddenly he gains sight and sees Bala. (Strange Bala was never a child soldier!).

    Come on Uvindu, use your two cents worth to do something good for the remaining people Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim instead of following the international style of creating further divisions… (which may be a profitable business for you.)

  9. Vas

    Good article. Killing of Pirabakaran’s family was a racist act. This stems from the fact Tamils are ill treated by the Sinhala establishment.

  10. Mohan

    Dark Native Skin people belong to Eelam/Hela. Since the arrrival of Indo-Aryan white skin Monks, the killings of Eela People started. Today, our Native Skin but converted to Buddhism people strongly believe that they have white Aryan Skin.
    Our Struggle in our own Native Dark Lands will continue until the Evil Religions wipe out from our Land.

  11. roger dissanayake

    Not because Prabakharan was tamil. When Wijeweera died it was Premadasa who was the President. But when Prabakaran died it was Rajapaksha. That is the difference.

  12. Prakash

    Good analysis. The counter argument could be that Prabakaran’s family were in the battlefield. So their safety may be difficult to ensure while the other case is different. But the evidence of Balachandren’s execution does not support this counter argument and shows in fact he was treated in a different way as he was a Tamil. Beyond Balachandran several other Tamil children have also become victims of this structural violence which should not be ignored.

  13. RRAAJ

    Stupid analysis. Prabhakaran’s son and daughter both were combatants as per the statements issued by KP and various other LTTE senior members. And I am sure it would have not been that easy to have got hold of Balachandran. Chances were very high that Prabhakaran himseslf murdered his own son. Wife was supposed to be with Prabhakaran till the last moment so chances are again very high for her to have died during the final attacks. Even if Balachandran was killed by the forces, it is good and acceptable. With the diaspora and the support for LTTE in Tamil Nadu, Balachandran could have emerged as another LTTE leader in 20 years time. There was no chance for Rohana Wijeweera’s children to take up arms. The comparison is absolutely menaingless. Please do not criticise for the sake of criticising and also dont lick the boots of Channel 4. Channel 4 is a well known LTTE sympathiser and dont be a traitor by supporting such rogues.

  14. Nagesh

    This is why the LTTE will resurface. What shame killing innocent children by this government.

  15. Uma

    I salute for your analysis based on humanity

  16. Perera

    I’m really thanks,every body understand the problem we can live like Canada. we have 240 country people living in Canada. we dont have any problem , we can go any cities, This is politician make rule for thier co ordination. First one Mr. Bandaranayake. He was studied in London. but, he doest think abot what he did.same as all politician. I dost like conflit we can live together. mostly i love singala peolpe , because I was worked with them. I love the people. Some of them mad mistake we cant punished all of them.

  17. Mahes

    Only pretence song the Rajapakshas and “we never go wrong” Singala apologists dwell on continuouly is “human shield ” for their hate of tamil race as a whole and their act of mass murders and genocide at Mulivaikal. They the singalese jump on the band wagen of word “terrorism ” which came into existence after 9/11 International Terrorist act on America for the tamils defence
    as a armed strugle after the suffering of 1958 and 1983 and continuous discrimination and murders. If you are”whiter than white” why is it that you are against an international Inquiry for your conduct on the last days of the war.

  18. Hiphop

    Good article, but wasted on the ehtnic majority.

  19. Chandana

    When I look at some Uvindu’s previous articles, I thought this guy talk sense, but today he lost everything today.
    How come Uvindu does not know that Susai’s wife, children and relatives were saved by Navy? Navy could have easily shot them and dump in the sea and nobody could have known even today. What about Thamilchelvam’s wife and kids…
    Prabakaran became a curse not only to other Tamils, but also to his own family.

    What suggest that it was a cross fire or point blank shooting. Final phase of was happened only in 100 square meters. Any shooting could have been very close.
    Don’t buy whatever C4 says. Think before you talk Uvindu, Think…

  20. Lankikaya

    It is a shame that people like Uvindu write against Sri Lanka. I know you hate the present government. It is ok; but don’t betray your motherland.

  21. Harry Potter

    Uvindu, thank you for the analysis. You have failed to mention the peaceful ‘sathyagraha’ that the Tamils. – the peaceful demonstration that the Tamils undertook in the late 50′s under SJV. The atrocities committed by senior politicians when the Tamil Conference was held in Jaffa and later the burning down of the Jaffna Library thereby destroying all traces of the history of the Tamils in the North and East of Ceylon (Srilanka).

    • Dimiuthu

      Here it is; ” IATR And TNA Attacks In Sri Lanka: Aggression Against Tamils Continues With No Lessons Learnt” By Uvindu Kurukulasuriya,
      It is vital to note that Tamils have been experiencing state violence even when their meetings were authorized and even before a section of Tamil nationalistic politicians started to use terrorism as a counter terrorism method. Even if one were to put aside for a moment the military attack on the successful mass Satyagraha campaign launched by the Tamil Federal Party in 1961 in response to Sirimavo Bandaranaike’s decision to implement the Sinhala Only Act in the Northern and Eastern Provinces or the communal violence of 1956, 1958 and 1961, one of the best examples of state deployment of military force against Tamils was the International Association of Tamil Research Conference (IATR) incident of 10 January 1974.

  22. Nimal

    These countries lament the death of these siblings must know of their own double standards where they too killed Saddam’s sons and sons of Gaddafi.

  23. Johann Gunasekara

    LTTE lead by a Murderer (VP) and funded by the Tamil Diaspora who had the sympathy and support of western Govt., Tamil Nadu and India is a whole different ball game to the JVP insurrection, but the lesson learnt from the JVP’s staging a second coup in 1987 was one the Govt. was not willing to gamble on.
    What happened at the last battle with regards to VP’s next of kin is minuscule compared to the misery he brought on his own people and the rest of the country for 30 years.
    Your theory that LTTE terrorism was born in 1958 and launched after 1983 has many proponents and opponents alike, but the reality is the LTTE had to be annihilated to give this country a chance and so it’s leaders perished some with their families

    • Mohan

      That Buddhist Monk hiding the gun inside his holy robe, killed SWRD Bandaranayake in his RESIDENCE. White skin people are still trying to kill the Indigenous People.

  24. sudath

    Uvindu has completely forgotton the fact that how Thamil chelvam and Susai’s families, Praba’s mother and father and others like Daya master, george master were treated by the Army when they were captured or surrended. it was the final stage of the great battle but yet they were well looked after by the Army. suggest Uvindu to interview these people and publish another article.

  25. Sunethra

    Well paid article !!!

  26. naman

    The basic fact is the life of a Tamil in Sri Lanka is not worth anything.
    What happen to the Sinhalese Doctor in the north who murdered a Tamilmidwife/nurse;
    There are so many instances of Tamils being raped/murdered/Tortured even after may 2009.
    It is happening with the GoSL’s knowledge and support.
    Please Remove the military forces and the military governor from north and east.
    Remove EPDP and TMVP from power in Tamil areas.
    Keep civilian rule not only in Tamil areas but also in the entire country.
    If Lanka has to come out of the dark hole,we need independent judiciary,Military,Police,election commissioner,Bribery commissioner. Tamils should be given government jobs, business openings et

  27. Athula

    Uvindu…., How much are you been paid for this article by Tamil Diaspora????????????

  28. u and me expeirianced something in our life time i think it is easy for u to foget the past

  29. laksiri

    our history make dirty and political leaders are thinking ,they control every thinks,this including judiciary duties as well.they will decide who has to kill not by court.we have legal system to control people not the rule the is very clear that very senior minister accepted facts that he beaten journalist and send him out of country.where is the police chief,is him sleeping ? matter was closed without evidence but now you have the man responsible if your have respect to your uniform do it if not go home without taking salary from people money.this is the result of lawless nation.when jungle law applied to rule the matter who died ,they all our people.let stop this nature of article and think how we all can help to them.further more you have not written any good thinks Sinhalese did in 1983.I TOOK LIFE RISK TO TAKE CARE MY TAMIL FRIENDS IN must know that some senior minister were responsible for 1983 all the killing and dirty works in Colombo capital.including burn down the Jaffa- what else can happen ?.stop this nature of dirty works for ever.

  30. suranjan tissera

    What goes around, comes around… The killing of Balachandran is just fate. Prabha was reponsible for the loss of many children, and him losing both his sons was a result of all the curses brought on him by thousands of parents.

  31. Ben Hurling

    I absolutely condemn liquidation of VP’s family, if that is indeed the case. I also condemn the extra-judicial killing of Wijeweera, despite his horrendous record of violence.

    Done by VP, Wijeweera, Police or Military violence is “violence”. There is no such thing called “good violence” or “good torture”. Most brokers of power in SL are addicted to brutality. That is the real enemy of Sri Lanka’s future.

    Uvindu, I do not think the very violent treatment of VP’s family was bacause, he was Tamil.

    Police and military treats everyone, Tamil, Sinhalese or Muslim equally. That is equally violent and equally brutal.

    This culture of brutality with in our law enforcement and poliitics is Sri Lanka’s next challenge. Sri Lanka must fight it relenlessly. We must prevail.

  32. Roshans

    World got no problem when LTTE killed Muslims while they were praying in the Mosque. It is the most barbaric act in the world. It is not a human right violation when Narendra modi the chief minster of Hujarath burned 2000 Muslims alive and when Bal thakey of Bombay butchered Muslims.

    GOSL is not Killing only Tamils also Sinhalese in south. lot of people are kidnapped by the wite and killed.

    • Mohan

      True! In 1977 Riots, the Newly Elected President JR Jeyawardane said “They are killing the Tamils; They will kill the Muslims and they will kill the Christians”.
      The question is “Who are They?”. BTW Christianity is NOT represented in the Sri Lankan Flag.

  33. Bala

    Those LTTEers were bad. They had to be eradicated. That is done now. The rest of the Tamils are also bad. They will lie low and then one day they will attack. So let us kill them too. But then those remaining JVPers are also bad. Why wait for another insurrection. Kill them now. O We forgot about the UNPers. These are the folks who snitch and sneak to the Westerners. Finish them too. You know those Christians are evil. They have no place in Sri Lanka. They are converting our people with money from the west. They have no place here. Let them leave or we will finish them too. Please note that we should not spare young, old, babies or girls. Because even if they have not committed any sins, their fathers have done evil things. That is good enough reason to do them away. But then we are Buddhist and Lord Buddha preached “Don’t Kill”. But he did not know about LTTE and JVP. But then even Rev Walpola Rahula in his book wrote that it is not right to kill another under any circumstances. OK we will change that with the new edition.

  34. SAM

    Uvidu, mate what kind of journalisum is this, purposely not mentioning that whole Para-baharan’s family is involved in LTTE activities. Who killed Para-bahara’s son??? May be Para-baharan him self did it , may be to kill his own family to prevent captiring them… why didnt you explain that possibility. Would you think that Para-baharan will allow his family to surrender (knowing his stand), no way, he will never allow even his son to do that.. So who killed balachandran, and who give orders to kill humdrans of children and infants in Kent and Manik farms????

    Finaly the so called “Journalist ” like you can be trained and recruited even from three weeler stand in India.

  35. anura

    Did you raise the same question when thousands of sinhala, tamil, muslims kids kill by LTTE terrorism?. if not why you concern now?. shame on you !!!!!!

  36. Prof. Ruwan Ferdinandez

    This is scum journalism. This kind of baseless, low-quality and hate-sought after letters should not be published in national newspapers. Today there are many educated, investigative and intelligent journalists around but they are being succumbed by the scum journalists like the writer of this article.
    As I read only the first few lines and the last line, I have an advice for the poor guy. Wijeweera launched a tickly fight with the government and the government had all the world’s support to crush the lot. It lasted only two years. Furthermore,the menace did not cause 80,000 deaths and 400,000 amputations, nor did it last 30 years. That’s the difference between the two maniacs Wijeweera and Prabha. The wrath against wijeweer’a family and the Prabhakaran’s family among the soldiers was different because of the difference in the carnage, the degree of chaos each caused.Not the languages they spoke. Your last line is cheap and serious scum.

  37. Gautam

    We think we got high culture, but are actually a set of siko’s

  38. Mohan

    Well done!

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