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Parliament to debate UNHRC

Parliament will convene next week to debate the resolution adopted on Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), External Affairs Minister G.L Peiris said today.

The Minister told Parliament this morning that the debate will be next Tuesday and Wednesday.

He also said that Sri Lanka will not allow Geneva to decide on the policy to be adopted by the government.

The Minister also said that the government will continue with its current policies and not leave room for external intervention.

He said the UNHRC has become politicized and so Sri Lanka has lost faith in the system. Peiris also claimed that some diplomats from European Countries had told him that they do not agree with the resolution on Sri Lanka adopted by the UNHRC.

3 Comments for “Parliament to debate UNHRC”

  1. Larson

    What are these half wits going to debate? They will go to Parliament, sleep during session, watch a little bit of porn on their laptops, have a thumping citizen subsidized lunch in the cafeteria (may be a few shot of black label under the table), sleep some more in the afternoon and go home.

    Can these village idiots read and comprehend a legislation or document let a lone debate on it? When will the citizenry rise up and kick these buffoons out of the Government? Enough is enough, they have raped and plundered mother Lanka for too long. These are the true terrorists of our nation.

  2. DeSilva

    What to debate? You carried out a crime against humanity and UN decided to condemn it. There is nothing to discuss other than taking action against those who committed this crime. Arrest all politicians and military personnel who played a key role in this crime and punish them. If your government failed to do that, it will be done by US. Don’t try to cover up the genocide and war crime. NOW YOUR PANTS ARE BROUGHT DOWN BY UN SINCE YOU FAILED TO TAKE ANY ACTION. WE AS A CIVILISED BUDDHIST, WILL NOT SUPPORT YOUR CRIME AND WE STRONGLE CODEMN FOR KIILING CIVILIANS AND RAPING WOMEN.

  3. raj

    the easy solutions is to conduct referrundum on:
    - Whether Tamils are happy to be with united Sri Lanka
    - Whether Sinhalse are ready to share power
    - Whether Tamils/Sinhalse are feeling safe in Sri Lanka
    - Whether Tamils Support/against UN resolutions
    - Whether Sinhalse support/against UN resolution

    Analyze that result to find out whether Tamils and Sinhalse share the same opinion. If not, there might be something wrong.

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