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MR To Lead Campaign To Get People’s Support

By Mandana Ismail Abeywickrame

President Mahinda Rajapaksa is to lead a campaign organized by the government to muster the support of the people against the Resolution passed at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva.
Following the adoption of the UNHRC Resolution, the government has decided to hold a series of rallies at district level to create awareness among the people about the UNHRC Resolution and the government’s take on it.
Acting Cabinet Spokesperson, Minister Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena said the rallies would be held under the patronage of the President and attended by members of all coalition partners of the UPFA government.
“All ministers and government MPs will be invited to attend the rallies,” he said.
He explained that the rallies would be held to inform the people of the UNHRC Resolution, the government’s stance and to call for people to unite and stand by the government against outside interferences.
The first in the series of rallies was scheduled for Saturday (March 31) in Kandy.
According to Abeywardena, the rallies would be held throughout this month. Meanwhile, parliament that was to go on vacation this month until May 8 for the New Year, is to hold a special two day debate in the House on the UNHRC Resolution on the Tuesday (3) and Wednesday (4).

18 Comments for “MR To Lead Campaign To Get People’s Support”

  1. Nilame

    Mr President you have got your wires crossed. You need to do that with the international community, not with us.

  2. love2beTRAITOR

    now people will forget price of bread

  3. AMT

    Sri Lanka is a member of UN which has a Charter and and all members are bound by its articles. Furthermore, the Charter states that obligations to the United Nations prevail over all other treaty obligations. So the Government has to implement the resolution that was passed ant the UNHRC.
    Any amount of protests will be waste of money, unless Sri Lanka gets out of the UNO where all the 193 independent states of the world are members. IF Sri Lanka doesn’t adopt the resolution, then all Peace that this government boast about by winning the war will vanish and the whole country will be doomed.

  4. mohan samaranayaka

    Utter wastage of Govt funds. Whats use of educating the citizens against their own report. All these tactics are cheap popularity of Maharaja. There is nothing to hold series of meeting all over, if you all think that this report is a ‘videsa balawege’ (international racquet) throw it away.

  5. Kornelius John

    Yes, please do educate the people of the LLRC recommendations, that were compiled by a govt. appointed panel, as many Sri Lankans do not seem to know what these recommendations are.
    About going against the UNHRC resolution, however, it is like looking up and spitting, isn’t it?

  6. Bruz

    Nice going indeed !

  7. Neomal Perera

    Trying to get the support of the masses not to implement the LLRC proposals?

  8. M.V.R.Perera

    It is a very good move as all Sri Lankans do not want out side interference in our internal affairs as we have seen how adversely effected is our country by the white elephant the Provincial Councils imposed on us from out side

  9. Whether the president Mahinda Rajapakse gets support or not, he has to see that the Resolution passed on Sri Lanka to Implement the LLRC’s report. There is no excuse whatsoever for not implementing it. LLRC report is a Deep Bite of the Lion and the remedy for the bite is to implement it without further ado. The Failure to implement will take the President much deeper into his own problems. LLRC was president’s painting for wasting time and to escape the international Community, which has transformed into a trap for the Mahinda Rajapakse. “I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating”. – Sophocles.

  10. marcus fernando

    get ready for elections

  11. Shiva

    The title should be – “MR to Lead Campaign to get the criminals’ support”

  12. B.Fernando

    How to explain the broken promises including the promised Rs.2.500/=, continued abductions by the white van and spiralling high cost of living? However this is nothing for some one who can talk from both ends.

  13. Observator

    It is useless conducting masive rallies and campaigns to protect aginst already passed “Resolution” by keeping poor Srilankan Government Servants, and helpless citizens as a “Shield ” just to kill the time and show to the world “Foolishness” as terrorist leader Prabakaran and Gadaphi did at the “Sinking Time of their Power in “Srilanka” and “Libiya”. It is wise and adviceable to cutdown the useless investments and send home some “White Elephants” in the cabinet, parliament, cooprations ,Family Members in the Government Services, and tight the budget and face the “Challange” knowing we are rocking the boat with a “Masive Rock”.That was the way “Vietnam” won their war fighting with “Giants”

  14. Harry Potter

    All what the UNHCR has asked the GOSL is to implement the what they-the GOSL-has proposed in their report called the Lessons Learned. A time frame to implement the reccommodations. The UNHCR has not asked for anything more than that. It is quite obvious that GOSL is not interested in implementing any of those reccommodations. The report was just an eya wash to the world to say that they were interested in the minority communities.

  15. Ian D.S

    This is another attempt to fool the “modayas’ of this ‘paradise lost’ country and to distract them from the rapidly rising and unbearable cost of living which is fast making the life of the people of this country a living hell. Didn’t this fool say recently that the “government” will take care of the UN resolution and for the people not to be concerned about it. Now what are they trying to do by holding rallies. Tell them to have “Horunge dayata kirula” by wasting a few more billions of borrowed IMF money and have their rallies there. The people of this country are now sick of this Rogues Gallery running this country, this pathetic family of thieves that is robbing this country blind and their sick method of using PATRIOTISM to cover up their sheer nakedness, may this family and their decedents rot in hell.

  16. daya weerasinghe

    Lots of crap and/or white vans………..fool the masses or scare the masses is the Law of the Gaddafis of Sri Lnka…!

  17. Edrisinghe

    MR and sibling tried many attempts to milead the world about the final stage of war in May 2009. Following the UNCHR resolution passed last month, MR has no intention to find the lasting political solution for the ethnic crisis but trying to escalate the issue further into UN involvement. Many people have now realised, the government is trying to face naother crisis in srilanka unless government acts now. MR began to thinking what happened in the Arab world, it may be repeated in Srilanka oneday.

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