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Lanka Wants Six Months to Complete Resettlement


The Sri Lankan government said Monday it needs another six months to complete the resettlement of the war displaced families in the northern part of the country.

Resettlement Minister Gunaratne Weerakoon told Xinhua that the construction of permanent houses for some 1,700 families living in a camp for the displaced in Vavuniya in the north has already begun.

“We will need at least six months to fully complete the resettlement process. Last month we completed 206 houses and we have begun constructing another 200 houses and that should be completed in three months,” the minister said.

A cyclone which slammed into the “Menik Farm” camp for the war displaced over the weekend razed to the ground several temporary shelters mostly made of wood and tin sheets.

Families living in the camp vented their anger at a minister when he visited the camp site on Sunday.

The displaced people demanded that they be immediately resettled in permanent homes as the lives of their children were at risk if there is another storm.

“We cannot control nature. The camp was badly affected by the cyclone but we have begun reconstructing the damaged shelters and have also given dry rations to the families. We understand their plight but we need more time to move them to permanent homes,” Weerakoon said.

He said that the Sri Lankan army is assisting the government in building permanent homes for the displaced people in areas where de-mining has been completed in the north of the country.

Over 350,000 people were housed at the “Menik Farm” camp for the war displaced soon after the war between Tamil Tiger rebels and the Sri Lankan military came to an end three years ago.

2 Comments for “Lanka Wants Six Months to Complete Resettlement”

  1. Gotta the Hero

    Idiots in the GOSL had three years to re-settle the poor Tamil people of the north and the east. All they did was take the money they got to help the poor and built cricket stadiums and Opera houses, so MR can put some money in his pocket. DO NOT GIVE ANY MORE TIME, USE ALL THE POWER AT HAND TO TEACH A LESSON. IRAN, SYRIA AND NEXT I HOPE IS SRI LANKA.

  2. Harry Potter

    If in the first instance, if the houses that were constructed in the last few months were given to the displaced people in the North instead of the security personnel by now all those in the camps would be in their own houses.

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