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Clergy Await Government Response On LLRC Report

A member of the clergy who requested anonymity said that the priests who signed a recent petition were waiting to see if the Government implemented the recommendations made in the LLRC report.
The clergy member recently signed a petition calling for an independent, impartial inquiry into accountability issues in the last stages of the war. 31 priests, many from the North and East, signed the petition, which caused an uproar in the Catholic community, as it seemed to be directly contradicting Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith’s statement on the issue.
Following that, members of the JHU called for the prosecution of the Bishop of Mannar, Rayappu Joseph, who had also signed the petition. The Bishop declined to comment on the matter.
The clergy member said that there would be no further action taken for the time being, as there needed to be some time given so the Government could set about implementing the recommendations put forward in the LLRC report.

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  1. Mervyn

    It is not a wonder that Bishop of Mannar Rayappu Joseph, who is a Tamil like his stooges who signed a pettition against the Govt. of Sri Lanka once, to voice again. However the irony is that these clergy never signed a pettion against the World’s Ruthless Tamil Terrorist group when thes monsters cut opened the stomachs of pregnant women and dashed the unborn against trees, killed Buddhist monks at Aranthalawa, fcarnage at Gomarankadawels, killing of Muslims when they were praying in the Mosque, killing of thousands of unarmed Singhalese women and children, etc. So if they can practice mumbness even after witnessing most of these atrocities they should not even open their mouths to findout the progress of the implementation of LLRC recommendations. Additionally these people who supported Terrorists should also remember that 85% of the people will never let the division of the country in any form. These should only practise what Jesus, who was crucified by romans, preached and not how Sri Lanka should be governed.

  2. DJ

    Rev.Rayappu Joseph is the one who tried to stop military offensive on LTTE saying that Madu church is under attack and moved its sacred statue to terrorist held areas rather that to safe Govt controlled areas. He beleived in LTTE rather than the legitimate SL Govt. He continously tried to manupulate his status as a Catholic Bishop and tried to use the sacred statue to stop the offensive. He will surely be judged in front of the God since he didnot serve the God but a terrorist outfit. Still wish God’s Bless for him in the name of 20million suffered people in such cunning moves.

  3. This is the way, we have to be close to our kin and to our beliefs/religion, above all we have to to be close to humanity in a sympathetic manner.

    Sinhala Catholics naturally close to Buddists and share pro Sinhala/Buddist views, while the Northern Catholics will have pro Tamill views shared with the Hindus.

    First lady is Catholic too, and she will hold some views different to her husband

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