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The External Affairs Ministry Are Liars – Dayan Jayatilleka

By Dinouk Colombage

Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to France, Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka, has described the charges laid against him by the Ministry of External Affairs as “lies agreed upon”. In an interview with The Sunday Leader Jayatilleka refuted all allegations laid against him. He further expressed his opposition to the US Resolution stating that the recommendations should not be complied with.


Q: Are the charges laid against you by the Ministry of External Affairs accurate? And do they deserve disciplinary action?
A: To quote Stephane Hessel, ‘Indignez-vous!’ I am indignant and outraged! The charges that are threatened to be laid against me, far from being accurate, are best describable in that inimitable phrase, ‘lies agreed upon’! Regarding the matters raised, there has been no fraud or corruption whatsoever at the level of the embassy because as far as I can see there has been no financial gain made by anybody, and certainly no gain of any sort made by me.
Anyway, these matters of administration and financial management are not the task of the ambassador; they are the responsibility of the Head of Chancery and other career officers who handle administration. While there may have been errors and lapses of procedure, and it is perfectly in order for the Ministry to raise queries on such matters – though they have been raised earlier and we have responded to them – it is lunacy to use terms like ‘fraud’, ‘corruption’, ‘undermining GoSL’ and the like, with reference to them. Those who wrote this must have picked up the habit of gross magnification and distortion, from the Darusman report and Channel 4 videos.
More fundamentally, the underlying principle is dangerous, because if the Ambassador is to be accused of such grave offences and threatened with action under the Penal Code, on the grounds that as Head of Mission I am ultimately responsible even for possible lapses in procedure in the whitewashing of the Mission premises, then it is the same logic as invoking ‘command responsibility’!

Q: Allegations have emerged that this is a move to remove you from your ambassadorial post in France, do you agree?
A: I do not wish to speculate on the speculation that there is an attempt to effect ‘regime change’ at the Sri Lanka Embassy in Paris and UNESCO, by the ‘Oxford Union’ faction – by which term I am not referring to anyone who is an Oxford alumni, as is my good friend Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha.

Q: Is the Ministry a scene of a power struggle with Galle district MP Sajin de Vass Gunawardena vying for the top spot?
A: I would not know as I do not monitor him.

Q: You recently wrote an article critical of the government’s approach to the recent UNHRC summit. Are the charges laid against you by the Ministry a reaction to this article?
A: No. I have not written an article critical of the government’s approach to the recent UNHRC summit. I have made no reference whatsoever to the government in my articles which constituted an honest effort to contribute analytically to Sri Lanka’s post-Geneva search for answers, understanding and a way forward.

Q: Your stint in France ends in January next year; following this threat of charges being laid against you, do you see yourself receiving another posting?
A: I don’t see myself being offered or accepting one.

Q: You have said that Sri Lanka cannot win at the UN solely on India’s support, is the government taking the right steps in moving European missions to Africa?
A:  A country which is economically far less prosperous than ours, Cuba, has a global presence with diplomatic missions in 130 countries. I am very glad we are opening missions in Africa. We should proliferate and strengthen our ties with Latin America. I am sad that financial constraints seem to necessitate a cut back in our existing missions in Europe.

Q: You have called on the government to take the UNHRC Resolution seriously. In your opinion has the government discarded the recommendations?
A: While I have urged that the Resolution and the game-plan behind it must be taken with the utmost seriousness, I do not mean complying with it.
I am opposed to complying with the Resolution precisely because it is unfairly critical of the LLRC and urges us to go beyond it, which I do not think we should do or even consider. It is still too early to conclude that the government has discarded the recommendations, though it is perfectly in order to discard the UNHRC Resolution’s recommendations if we implement our own LLRC’s recommendations, as most recently urged by the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Sri Lanka.

Q: You have warned that unless Sri Lanka takes the recommendations seriously the countries who supported it would take further action. What course of action do you see them taking?
A: If we do not implement the LLRC recommendations in time – as distinct from implementing the UNHRC Resolution – I see an interim course of action, leading to a far more serious endgame, driven by a combination of Tamil Diaspora pressure, Tamil Nadu dynamics and uni-polar strivings in a new cold war in Asia and the Indian Ocean. Initially, the trap that will be sprung is to allege that we have proven as a state, beyond reasonable doubt, that we are unwilling or incapable, or both, to implement our own domestic reform recommendations, dialogue successfully on ethnic reconciliation and take steps on accountability. That will be the springboard for an international investigative and accountability mechanism, the recommendations of which will be sent to New York and even legislatures elsewhere. If we do not implement the LLRC report in time I am more worried about the worst-case: an R2P scenario, namely, a political vacuum in the North, which opens the way for protest and agitation which may be met by force, which will in turn, trigger external intervention, or ethnic polarisation resulting in violent unrest and the use of lethal force, which will also trigger intervention. If anyone thinks this is fanciful scaremongering on my part, I would only remind them that we once experienced something similar, in 1987. If there is ever another July ’83 or anything remotely like it, we shall experience a 1987 which will be of permanent partition under UN or international auspices.

Q: In your opinion what are the key steps Sri Lanka needs to take towards becoming a more liberal country?
A: Three simple and basic points. Adhere to the letter and spirit of the totality of our Republican Constitution and implement it in full in all parts of our small island; fully restore the pre-war situation and practice of law and order; expeditiously implement the recommendations of the LLRC. In short, seek out and travel on the Middle Path in all matters.

36 Comments for “The External Affairs Ministry Are Liars – Dayan Jayatilleka”

  1. Dorothy

    I agree with Dr Jayatilleke on the 3 steps to establish a more liberal SriLanka . Glory be !. But the practical reality of many a pact with unwanted elements in our society based not on any ethnic or religious divide but pure selfish reasons of acquisitive greed for power , fnancial gains makes it an impossible gigantic task . How many times have we read on the simplisistic style of weilding power by Dr Mervin and his friends but the ha! ho! against him is so momentary and everyone laughs and wait patiently for the media hype to die down till the next time . Why so ?your guess is as good as mine .Threats and withdrawel of internal support makes willy nilly of law enforcement . I tis like the good old days when the hamu rapes the domestic and calms down all the turmoil in the house by being qiet about it . the dogs bark but the Caravan rolls on and on till?

  2. raj

    may be his recommendations are valid, but he failed the understand the reason for not being implemented by the government, and go beyond LLRC mandate. Once he know the reason, he will never expect the government to comply with UNHRC resolution.

  3. raj

    the countries that have supported the resolutions have plan A, B, and C. Their plan is like if plan A fails, then plan B, and so on. we need to wait and see.

  4. cura

    I wonder whether our people will ever learn from the past. We are so adamant to accept our mistakes.

  5. Rohan

    Dr DJ should face the court, if the Government wants him to. Also, he should take the government to Court.

  6. sathees

    that was good

  7. Never give up

    SL will be divided and the North and East will go back to Tamil homeland

  8. valentine

    the world except SL politicians knows this sir.

  9. alexpereira

    Can you sir, bell the cat.

  10. Sri

    Remove the PTA and restore rule of law and restore sovereignty to the people who so empowered will try and seek the answers through the Courts.

  11. Ben Hurling

    What an irony!

    Sri Lanka is blessed with thousands of people of DJ’s intellect, analytical power and not least intergrity.

    We should harness their skills to guide our nation to a better future.

    Instead, we have two major political parties mired in family based politcs, trying to ensure dynasties everytime since Independence.

    They are runining Sri Lanka in the process slowly, but surely.

  12. Ben Hurling

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    What an irony!
    Sri Lanka is blessed with thousands of people of DJ’s intellect, analytical power and not least intergrity.
    We should harness their skills to guide our nation to a better future.
    Instead, we have two major political parties mired in family based politcs, trying to ensure dynasties everytime since Independence.
    They are ruining Sri Lanka in the process slowly, but surely.

  13. External Affairs ministry is in total disarray , very difficult repair without genius in International Relations

  14. Ian D.S

    Pray Mr. Jayatilake could you please clarify if it is ONLY the External affairs ministry or this ENTIRE government that thrives on Lies. This is a government of Liars, by liars for liars.

  15. Newton

    All thieves and political hoodlums are vying for a top diplomatic job. This guy is not an exception.

  16. Lanka liar

    It looks like you are asking for a white van ride Dayan

  17. Gotta the hero

    Dayan is a fool. This clown goes around yapping his mouth and trying to save a bunch of criminals in the GOSL. Hey Dayan, look deep into the Lankan parliament mainly the MR regime; all you have are the following;
    • Underworld criminals
    • Ex-convicts
    • Ex-paramilitary operatives
    • Ex-LTTE
    • Rapists
    • Murderers
    Also ex-coolis or servants (Mervyn).

    I believe you are an educated man having a Doctor title infront of your name. Therefore, use a bit of your intelligence and analyse before who you are defending.

    • andrew

      Litterally the truth.

      Not many of the country today see the truth as it is- war winning millitarily is one thing and the govering a country which the people enjoyed their democratic rights during previous regimes- is a different thing.

  18. love2beTRAITOR

    earlier SF n now DJ is accused of financial mismanagement. so all the ministers n raja family managing the finance properly? or do the raja family tink they own the country n finances r theirs n so whoever that mismanage finance without their knowledge as accused?

  19. Bruz

    Not only the External Affairs Ministry , but most of the people of this regime are liars
    beyond any doubt. They just don’t know the value of educated intellectuals and one cannot blame them as most of them are either uneducated, uncivilized, unfit morons
    or friends of thugs,rapists,abductors,murderers,drug pushers. Their language and cultures are different from other normal civilized & educated decent citizen. The unfortunate thing today is that they only have power & hell bent on ruining the nation.
    They just don’t know the value of intellectuals or educated people but thugs, rowdies
    and war criminals.Whatever happened to Dr.Dayan J is no surprise to many, as one can only expect this from a corrupt bunch of criminals calling themselves a Government & ‘Patriots’.Dr.Dayan J. loves his country & always worked for it’s benefit
    even at the expense of some rather serious human rights issues. He tried his best always in support of his mother country, but sadly getting only a shabby treatment.
    He should seriously think of returning to Singapore where his work is respected & recognized. Let these clowns send another ‘alleged’ war criminal to France as Sri Lanka still has plenty of them, fighting to go to foreign missions.

  20. Gabriella

    I have no doubt that what Dayan says is absolutley accurate.

    But he does not deserve any of our sympathy, as he should have learnt from past experience. He has got what he deserves for his sychopantic panderings.

    There is no greater admirer of this man’s intellect than me. However, even I am begining to question his intelligence.

  21. Nihal

    It apperas that LTTE in France and western world has funded you to talk against government. Just lie they did to Chanel 4.

    Sorry Mr, you are history. No LTTE poodles can damage mother Lanka. I say this as a proud Sri Lankan Tamil.

  22. ofcourse Professor Dayan Jayathilake is genuine and loves his motherland ! he is not a puppet of greedy politicians!!! God bless you !!

  23. Henry

    The problem with Dayan is, he is attractive to trouble. There are many intelligent diplomats who are quietly doing their job. Dayan is not a diplomat, and I don’t mean anything negative, he is more of a politician and academic, as he was. Dayan is less of a diplomat. He should separate being “politicking” and working as a diplomat. I know personally Dayan, and I was a senior at Peradeniya. It makes no sense constantly trying to defend your own actions and falling into the traps of various political groups, and not being able to do what you are really supposed to be doing. My advise to Dayan is please, please, stay out of various political talk shows, both literally and figuratively, and try to concentrate on your job. Otherwise you will end up achieving nothing.

  24. Sellam

    Do you feel that there should be a regime change in Sri Lanka?

  25. Sam

    I have personally met this fellow. He is one of those people who blows his own horn, drops names, and talks endlessly about his Oxford connections. He suffers from an excess of personality, and is highly talented at meaningless conversation. He is also a massive snob with a huge ego – most likely his ego clashed with Vaas Gunawardena’s. There are plenty of people like this in our diplomatic corp, highly educated, and highly useless.

  26. කතානායක

    I was against your thinking in 1982/3. But today I fully agree with you what you are saying. We Sri Kankns has toithink as Sri LAnkans, not as Rajapaksa ambattayas. Thanks Merwin(may the god save his soul!) for Dayan!!

  27. HUMAN


  28. Hamza

    Sri Lankans do not need to implement any thing which the UN says, support of the public and a referendum would confirm that. We are an independent nation.

  29. DS

    GL is denied control with eliments that have no recognition outside SL

    Prefer these fellows doing UN talks?

  30. dagobert

    SRI…. I object vehemently. GOSL should not repeal the PTA unless and untill such time the people of the country are united with one voice and say so AND untill pro-ltte diasspora disband themselves and sincere towards SL.
    Its up to the Master of S.J.Emmanuel to decide. But I do not know who his Master is right now. Whether its Jesus Christ or the Sun Goat.

    DJ must be brought back to the Foreign Ministry as the Secretary and asked to put the Ministry in order and the President must kickout Sajin Vaz.G from the supervisory role.
    This is similar to Duminda with defence ministry and see what happened.

    Mahinda Mama we need him at the helm BUT he needs to wake up and beging to stamp his foot hard.

  31. Patriot

    Dayans fvourite India voted with the US at UNHRC that demanded Sri Lanka implement every one of those 270 odd LLRC recommendations in toto.

    LLRC recommendation that listed under 9.164 says; “A decision has to be taken on compensatory relief for death and injury for those involved with the LTTE. From the broad reconciliatory perspective, the Commission takes the view that in principle, ex-combatants and next of kin should also be considered eligible for compensatory relief. However, the priority of REPPIA should be with the affected civilians who are most in need. Sri Lanka has to pay compensation for the dead and maimed LTTE cadres who fought for cause.” And that is not just one of the type.

    Dayan must tell us whether he wanted Sri Lanka to implement that recommendation 9.164 and pay compensation to those that conspired aided and abated to blast our buses, trains and public places to kill and maim sick, old, men, women and children in thousands.

  32. he he he this guy got the heat now..but wait he will again start scratching someone to ge another dpl post soon….he knows where and how to scratch…he is a guy with pig skin..

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