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Government Asked To Clarify On Murder Investigations

  • 126th IPU sessions in Uganda

By Mandana Ismail Abeywickrema

The Sri Lankan government was asked to clarify the situation with regard to the investigations on the murder of four parliamentarians at the 126th Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) session in Kampala, Uganda.
The sessions were held from March 31st till April 5th in Uganda.
The Committee on Human Rights of Parliamentarians has taken up the murders of parliamentarians Joseph Pararajasingham, Nataraja Raviraj, T. Maheswaran and Deputy Minister D. M. Dassanayake and the investigations being carried out into the incidents.
The four murders have been declared as public cases and the IPU committee is to continuously monitor the progress made in the investigations.
The government delegation at the sessions was headed by Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva and included Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe and Deputy Speaker Chandima Weerakkody.
When contacted, Weerakkody confirmed that the IPU committee had questioned the four murder investigations. “The government responded and handed files on the progress made on the investigations,” he said.
He added that the IPU would continuously monitor the four cases and it would also be taken up at the next IPU sessions scheduled to be held in October in Canada.
Meanwhile, the IPU was handed several petitions by the main opposition UNP on incidents where fundamental rights and privileges of opposition parliamentarians have been violated.
The IPU has called for a response from the government on the complaints made, but the cases would be handled as confidential.
Among the complaints made by the opposition is the alleged assault on UNP MP Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena in parliament by governing party legislators, the recent attack on a UNP protest that resulted in UNP MPs sustaining injuries and the damaging of vehicles of two UNP MPs Karu Jayasuriya and Rosy Senanayake during a protest in Borella last year.


25 Comments for “Government Asked To Clarify On Murder Investigations”

  1. ramalingam.m

    Government response will be-DIED IN ACTION
    The chickens in the government have no balls to open their mouth and the response will be from President, Gotabaya or Basil with Chamal smiling

  2. Meena M.

    This is simply doing away with dissent, critiques, future political foes, and human rights activists. Who will dare hold the regime responsible and answerable?
    We are becoming pariahs in the world. How long will this regime keep blaming the rest of the world for trying to hold them accountable?

  3. suren soysa

    The United National Party is behind every single International & Internal problem Sri Lanka face, as no country cares for JVP or Fonseka opinions. If ever UNP comes to power it will be separatism & Elam for sure.

    • Motta Pakse

      Hullo suren..So all the corruption and fraudulent activities in the presnt government is bcos of the UNP and to to th epockets of the UNP right??
      So UNP, although was not and is not in power is responsible for all the human rights vioaltions and abductions…?? Either you are another sucking pandang karayah or another loser with no rational thinking..Either way, you are a Loser anyway .

    • Well said, Suren.
      UNP is alright in away. The idiotic blown away supporters who are scattered in various parts of the world are supporting the LTTE to come back. They are milking on LTTE money by doing whatever possible to let down the peace and dignity we earned.

      Keep it up

    • It is the uprooted, policyless, shameless, familyless, cultureless, motherless, fatherless, brainless idiots who could sell a child and enjoy the evening drink kind of monkey UNP lablers want to set up communal fire again.

      We must screen up and maintain a good track on these perpetrators’ whereabout.

    • Piranha

      That would be excellent.

    • Somapala

      Yea, You should allow uncontrolled thuggery , bribery, murders and kidnappings and lawlessness crated by the government politicians.

    • Puravsiya

      Mind you that all Tamils living in the country are Srilankans and they should have every right as other Srilankans. Whether you like it or not JVP,UNP,TNA and GSF voices are also the true opposition voices of the country. Do not forget that GSF got 4million votes in a questionable election result under unfair circumstances.

      • Lanka Liar

        Yes SF was the only hope they had. They let it go. Hope they will correct themselves.

      • Hamza

        Don’t forget SLFP members and their relatives themselves were affected. Good lesson for those who comment in favor of government.

    • Lanka Liar

      Why not LTTE this time. Good progress. Keep it up.

    • Ian D.S

      You moron the 18th amendment effectively closed the door of Justice and equality in Sri lanka. Now it is ‘naduth hamudurowage, baduth hamuduruwoge, with the police reduced to being mere pimps of the the government, and the judiciary merely a rubber stamp of the powers that be the only justice that can be found is if it is internationalized.

    • Sangaralingham

      united country is by action and deeds. honesty with dignity. good thoughts and deeds support and care. share and protect. respect and cherish.

    • Gotta the hero

      Suren Soysa you are one dumb $%#$. UNP is the reason the LTTE split up. Look at the Parliament today, it is filled with Intellectuals and think tanks…………Dr. Mervyn Silva (qualification Grade 1, but remained there until he turned 25) then kicked out, Douglas (a sakili from Jaffna), Karuna (ex-LTTE who killed 600 policemen and many others, it is huge list of intellects, yeah.

  4. Rowdy Peter

    What about Neelam Thiruchevam, Jeyaraj Fernandopulle, C.V.Gunratne, President Premadasa, Gamini Dissanayake, Ossie Abeygoonesekera, Vijaya Kumaratnuga, etc etc.? Why are their murders not investigated into and the supporters of the LTTE like Donald Gnanakoon and Brian Senewiratne not brought before Justice? They would have been conspirators for the roles played then and now play.

  5. LIMA

    I think Suren Soysa is another panthan karaya for the the current govt . may be a paid guy to speak to , how can this guy say without know the political situation that UNP is behind the scene.
    i ask Suren to study first before opening his bad mouth

  6. Sri

    UNHRC and the IPU are all on the ball! Time is ticking by until the truth is realised.

  7. naman

    In a country, run by the majority, the minority—Tamils have been deprived of their rights to live peacefully and as equal citizens for the last 64 years.
    One can not call Sri Lanka democratic when it can not treat the minorities as equals.
    The Sinhalese need to be fair for the country to progress economically.
    The poor are suffering,while the Politicians are thriving along with drug dealers,ransom takers,etc

  8. Gotta the hero

    Investigation of murders in Sri Lanka? What a bloody joke. First of all for GOSL to explain, they need to start an investigation of any given murder committed by one of their goons. Countless Tamil, Sinhalese, Muslims and others have been murdered and do you see anyone behind bars. In 1989 Premadasa & Ranjan Wijeratne murdered 85,000 Sinhalese JVP suspects, is anyone behind bars? NO!!! Just like that the MR government will never investigate nor explain any murders committed by them. This country has turned into a bloody slum run by low life thugs. Just take a look at the majority of them in the parliament on all sides. They all look like pariahs of the lowest level. Where do they find these fellows from, from the Wellikade prison?

  9. Shiva

    All were murdered by the Rajapakse regime that is protected by India and certain other goon states.

    France is asking about the 17 French Charity workers murder investigations!

    Rajapakse has more problems now than before as he was blaming the LTTE for everything.

    • kumar

      India may be protecting rajapaksa regime because rajapasas are the one who eliminated PRABHAKARAN,who killed ltte monster created by India is helping rajapaksa

    • mahinda

      Ltte is finished all been given judgemen t,now ready to face judgement for
      killing innocent with sheer brutal power
      we have a saying in Tamil There is GOD to all these judgements

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