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Duminda Silva: Rs 18 – 39 Million And Counting

By Faraz Shauketaly

The hospital where Duminda Silva is being treated in Singapore

Duminda Silva – the member of Parliament from Kolonnawa, a Colombo suburb – has incurred costs of at least LKR 18 Million and could have incurred as much as LKR 39 Million at the Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore. Silva was admitted to the private hospital in November 2011 and has remained there ever since. The end of April will mark the 180th day that Silva has been at the hospital.
The Sunday Leader has estimated that Duminda Silva’s expenses at the hospital on a lower scale is at least LKR 18 Million and on the upper end of the scale LKR 39 Million at current exchange rates. These charges refer exclusively and only to room charges. Costs of doctors and other hospital charges including surgeries, medication, dressings and others are excluded from the calculation. Costs of any visitors staying overnight with the MP is extra.
According to information published on the internet, Mount Elizabeth Hospital charges for an Executive/Deluxe room is SGD 945. ( SGD = LKR 105) That makes the daily charge at least LKR 99,225. This is for an ‘Executive/Deluxe’ room which also includes a free lodger but without the meals. Unconfirmed reports suggest that Silva is occupying a ‘suite’ which if proved correct, will mean that Duminda Silva is incurring a costs of at least LKR 39 Million at a daily room rate of LKR 220,500.
The Mount Elizabeth Hospital was unable to comment on individual cases and is understandably cautious about releasing any information in the interest of privacy. Howevertheir room rates are freely advertised on the internet. What is unclear however is exactly what the cost of treatment is at the hospital. The hospital is a favourite stop off point for the well-to-do from Sri Lanka and has cared for many including most recently former First Lady, Hema  Premadasa. Leading surgeons routinely charge at least USD 7,500 and sharply upwards for standard procedures in overseas markets such as the United States and Britain.
Naturally due to their desire to ensure privacy the Silva family were unwilling to speak to the media. Some weeks ago when The Sunday Leader contacted Lal Silva, he told us that he “was not speaking to any of the press at the moment”. The Sunday Leader has unconfirmed reports that Duminda Silva is able to speak, has done so to a relative whose voice he immediately recognised and is able to walk and function normally. Silva is also said to be proned to ‘short-term’ memory lapses. Details of Silva’s medical condition has been a closely guarded secret although in the past fortnight a Magistrate was informed by the Police that Silva’s father’s legal counsel indicated that Duminda Silva was in Singapore and required ‘further surgery’.
Hirunika Premachandra, whose father Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra was shot dead in October last year, has called on the Police to contact Interpol in order that Silva be produced in Court in Sri Lanka. Hirunika a student of law who qualified in the United Kingdom, told the Sunday Leader that under Sri Lanka’s Constitution and especially under Article 4 (C) the judicial powers of the people was exercised through the Courts. The magistrate therefore was acting by proxy for and by the people. It was she said. “incumbent for the Magistrate and the Police to act swiftly”.

Hirunika Premachandra – “The Conscience Of The People Must Be Awoken”

Hirunika Premachandra ….. Courtesy: mediacolombo/ Chanaka Ratnaweera

Murdered politician Bharatha Lashman Premachandra’s daughter, Hirunika Premachandra brushed aside a death threat and the report of a LKR 2 Million contract upon her life and said that it was time “the conscience of the people of this country was awoken.” Hirunika Premachandra had made a complaint to Police Headquarters on Monday (23rd) that she had been made aware of a contract upon her life.
In the Police complaint Hirunika, a law student, stated that a news article had appeared in the RANDIWA publication which referred to a ‘contract upon her life’. Hirunika has stated to the Police that she had been contacted by the Editor of RANDIWA one Saman Samarakkody and brought up to date on the copy that his publication was carrying. According to Premachandra the copy in RANDIWA referred to a conversation that had taken place in which it was over heard that:
“Sir is all right and he is walking about and talking and that Sir was coming back to Sri Lanka in about 3 weeks”
The conversation continued in that vein when one of the men said that
“Sir’s case would be finished soon because he will be given a Ministerial portfolio in the next round of changes and he will have more power then.” The other person, Hirunika had reported to the Police said,
“But She will not give up. She will continue with the case.” “That will not happen. Sir has given a contract out on her life. It is worth 20 Lakhs.” Hirunika Premachandra told the Sunday Leader that she made a complaint to the Police and asked for protection. At the time of going to press the Police had not provided any protection. Hirunika told the Sunday Leader that she refused to be intimidated by these threats and will continue until she sees that justice is seen to be done. It was important she said to “lobby the conscience of the judiciary and the people. The Magistrate in the case is not acting with his own powers – he is exercising the judicial powers of the people as granted them in the Constituition.” It is time she added, “to make take this case Public. The people must know what is going on.”


Scale of Charges at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore General Room Rates
Types of Room    Room Charges Daily
Rate (SGD))  excludes     7% GST
Royal Suite (Entire Suite)        8,316.00
Royal Suite (with Lodger Room & Lounge)        5,775.00
Royal Suite (with Lodger Room)        5,198.00
Royal Suite (without Lodger Room)        4,505.00
VIP Room (with Connecting Lounge)*        3,234.00
Daffodil/Magnolia Suite        2,100.00
Executive Deluxe*           945.00
Single           578.00
Two-Bedded           295.00
Four-Bedded           238.00

24 Comments for “Duminda Silva: Rs 18 – 39 Million And Counting”

  1. Prof Wickramatillake

    He is reputed as a rapist and a drug peddler. Is he worth all this money?

    • love2beTRAITOR

      the gov isnt paying, he is paying himself. for him, he is worth it. after all, kudu duminda has tonns n tonns of money n 39 million LKR is nothing, he can even spend 39 million USD.

      Hirunika Premachandra will die soon n police will search for the killer

    • B.Fernando

      Lawless, Corrupt Banana Republic only protects the Criminals, Rapists, Murderers & Drug Dealers. That is why Duminda is treated this way and deny medical attention to our War Hero, General Fonseka.

    • Gota the Hero

      Common Prof. W: Duminda is worh every penny as he brings in millions in revenue from drug proceeds for the Rajapakses.

  2. Kapuhenda

    As long as Kudu business in Sri Lanka is under Duminda supported by Gotabaya Rajapaksa, paying these bills is nothing. nI wonder why Singapore government is so strict with Drugs, is not taking action agaist Duminda and arrest him for Drug traffiking.
    If Duminda is unable to pay the bill Gotabay can pay it from his account in Singapore HSBC Bank and when Duminda is back can get with interest.

    • love2beTRAITOR

      singapore gov is only bothered about drugs sold in singapore. they dont give a damn about who sells drugs in sri lanka.

      kudu duminda can pay loan to raja mahinda,

      mount elizebeth is one of the best hospitals in the world and bolly wood super star bachan n rajinikanth have taken treatment there

    • Jayasiri

      Some say that Duminda was sent to Singapore by the government patraonage.
      Kudu has a long way to Singapore. The government is hell bent on Sripala smoking cigerette on the street!

      Duminda/’s medical bill will probably be covered by the president’s fund just like the Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena’s. It is poor people’s blood all these criminals politicians are sucking and living on them just as mostquitoes. But people who voted for them should be responsible eventually.

  3. solico

    not duminda or gota is paying. we the masses are paying. subaanagathayak

  4. Tabriz

    How can a minister earn so much money ?

  5. Peter Australia

    Why worry about Duminda Does the Governement care two cents for the people of sri lanka. Duminda is using your money which shoukld go for food, so do something about it and him. Dont worship him when he returns , he is nothing but a worm who should be trampled under foot.

  6. LIMA

    not only GR , it is the whole family now including MR , BR, CR , and their sons , who is responsible for these drug dealing along with MERVYN to punish them, FONSEKA’s vote robbed by 140 seats at 10,000 each vote and became LOKKA (according to sunday leader at that time which i read) , now who is suffering , the masses , not anybody , we pay tax and we suffer.

  7. balaraman

    should not bother about the payers will cover this.

  8. Malin

    Duminda may be able to foot the bill with his accumulated “KUDU Salli”. Hope the president Fundas will not foot his bill. Dr. JJ who is a traitor, mollycoddling LTTE and worked against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC sessions has the audacity to ask the President Funds to foot his bill? What a shame?

  9. Wijebahu

    Generak Fonseka who spent 40 years in miltary service and finaly defeated terrorists cannot even get a privilage of a normal prisonner. he has to seek court orders to get treatment even in General hospital, who pays the bill for this vulger murderer rapist, I have no respect for this regime now. even JR and Premadasa’s are saints compare to this Mara regime.

  10. Gabriella

    Well done Sri Lanka police. This should increase the market share of the officially – sanctioned drug dealers.

  11. Anurasiri

    Thanks God

  12. Nelson P

    Paying Rs 38M shoul;d not be a problem for Duminda. He may have already organised a shipment of drugs (“kudu”) to Singapore to do his business in order to earn this amount of money.

  13. FEFE

    I hope SL Gov. is not paying the bill. LEt the Kuddha pay it. He might have 1000 times the amount he owes to Singapore collected from selling Kudu.

    If SL gov. is paying…wouldn’t it be nice to use this money and distribute among poor families? or build more houses for fellow Sri Lankans?

    People suffer due to escalating costs. Gov. should NOT pay this bill.
    Kudu Duminda asked for this… let him enjoy it….

  14. Rohan

    Did he have parliament’s permission to go to Singapore for treatment??

  15. How come this scum bag gets so much attention. I guess the old saying birds of a feather flock together.So much for the rule of law and talk brazenly of the 2500 year Buddhist civilization.

  16. laksiri

    unless you do that kudu business no siri lank-en can pay that.thanks god is is doing right business in Colombo wit the blessing from top government people plus police

  17. KUMA


  18. Gotta the hero

    This is all news to me as Kuddu Duminda is receiving treatment for brain injury. I never knew that Kuddu Duminda had a brain?????

  19. ramalingam.m

    Retribution- The President and his brothers are next in the queue and there long stay will not be at Mount Elizabeth but in hell

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