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Four Sri Lankan Allies Out Of UNHRC


  • China And Russia Not There For UPR

By Mandana Ismail Abeywickrema

Four countries that voted against the US backed resolution on Sri Lanka at the 19th UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) sessions in Geneva are to move out of the Council in June this year.
Two of Sri Lanka’s key allies, China and Russia are among those who will be leaving the Council at the next UNHRC session in June.
The other two countries that would be leaving the Council in June are Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh.
However, the support of China and Russia has played a crucial role on Sri Lanka’s diplomatic offensives at the UNHRC whenever issues on the country’s human rights track record have been taken up for discussion.
China helped Sri Lanka canvass for votes during the US backed resolution on Sri Lanka in March.
The government is concerned that China and Russia would not be present in the Council when the country’s human rights situation is to be taken up for review during the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) scheduled in October this year.
Government sources told The Sunday Leader that while there were concerns about the absence of China and Russia during the UPR, the government believed that the two countries would continue to support Sri Lanka from the outside.

25 Comments for “Four Sri Lankan Allies Out Of UNHRC”

  1. T.Ramadas - Madurai

    We have Iran and Cuba

  2. Araliya Watch

    No other way out but to co-operate with the West and India.

  3. Vas

    Why worry when we have Iran?

  4. Tomsamusa

    Good riddence of bad and rubbish;now the thug pakse family shpuld be dumped if the sinhalese want sinking lanka from becoming Titanic of indian ocean.

  5. Kapuhenda

    Russia a very good friend of India may think towice in supporting Sri Lanka, if Sri Lanka failed to act on the UNHRC resolution passed on 22nd March 2012. These two countries having numerous HR violations and they are subjected to pressure from other Weatern countries to keep away from supporting Sri Lanka if they fail to meet the LLRC requirements. What Sri Lanka should do is to meet the LLRC recommendations without allowing it to handle by Gotabaya Rajapksa with the Army Chief according to his wishes to prevent the UNHRC in the wrong footings, and end up at the UN Security council. If the UN Security council takes up this HR violations the first man to get hammered will be Gotabaya Rajapaksa for war crimes, as there are many Ex-Army Officers kicked out from the service by Gotabaya is waiting to take their revange from him.

    • Peter Australia

      Yes, I know of about ten Ex army officers now living abroad who will readliy give eveidence to hang Gotha at the Tallest tree in The Hague.
      And the World will shout AMEN to that.

    • mesahenda

      What fantacy world are you from henda?

  6. jay gunasekara

    Srilanka needs a cohesive front at these gatherings and speak in one voice, unlike what happened in Geneva recently.Kadirigama would be shocked the way the delegation acted like a three ring circus.It appears to be a uphill battle,good luck..

  7. The Govt has to implement the LLRC immediately or face the music and not blame others.Its our own recommendations and we have no excuse. The next UNHRC ruling will be very strong on SL and we will all suffer.We cannot manipulate these matters like done with the majority gullible village and out of Colombo uneducated fellows in SL.

  8. dias

    If we have a cleean humanrights records no need to fear anybody. Please impliment the LLRC recomendations without delay.

  9. Mother_Lanka

    Why Sri Lanka don’t want to implement its own LLRC recommendations. Abolishment of 17 amendment and new 18 amendment to consitution make Sri Lanka undemocratic country. This country goes like dectatorship with MR family own company. Inflation went up and cost of living is now in the sky. No plans for heigher education developments in the country. This government has not established single new university. Country needs at least 40 university for 20 million people. No one passed GCE A/L 3 subjects in MR family. How we can belive they like educated people? Want everyone does not get higher education.

  10. jaliya

    When people think about UN they think its independent which is far from truth. Its a proxy of US. Almost all so called ” Deplomats” are from west or its client states like South Korea. Current SG is a perfect example who cry out for rights of slain terrorist leadership!

  11. West is best

    If the Tamils are not given a separate state and self government, then economic sanctions will begin.

  12. Sri

    Namo,.namo matha!

  13. Observator

    How about Rajapaksa`s best friend India. ? India is on “Red Carpet” of not supporting his best friend Srilanka. Very soon all garment contracts of Srilanka will be in the hands of India. In Srilanka 0000000000000000000000000000.Our poor village boys and girls in the streets.

  14. Dear Editors,

    This is all wrong. See our response here:
    (“Sri Lanka clueless on exit of key allies China & Russia from UN rights council.” )

    Hillel Neuer
    United Nations Watch
    Geneva, Switzerland

  15. nishan

    I think we should hand over all high profile war criminals to UN including Gotha. These high profile VIPS knowingly committed a very big crime which should not be pardoned by any civilised human.

    • tomsamusa

      Well said Nishan; this is the only face saving way to extricate sinking ,failed state lanka out of the misery and exploitation by the pakse thugs.
      There should be a mass uprising akin to Libyan dictatator’s libya.

      Please include the saffron clad skin heads who also is part of stinking lanka’s problem.

  16. love2beTRAITOR

    so many countries n UN talking about human rights in sri lanka while the gov is still keep kidnapping innocent civilians who talk against the gov and business men for ransom. On the other hand allowing douglas n pillian to kill anyone they want in north n east n violate all human rights while in the south, any minister who talks against the gov is going missing n there is a 2 million price tag hanging over harunika’s head. after UNHCR resolution, human rights getting worse n not any better.
    just proof that the gov dont care about resolution, only way we can bring some human rights is by UN security council

  17. Nuzrath Anver

    This time muslin government must not vote with Sri Lanka. Then Buddhist racist will be isolated.

    • love2beTRAITOR

      muslim countries vote in favour of sri lanka not coz there is 7% muslimd in this country. its coz muslim countries r always against the west n they need support from SL. if one day, muslim countries give importance to human rights, then SL will join with the west. its all about regional politics. not about 7% muslim population in sri lanka

  18. Mr Retort

    It is good that they are out and soon Saudi Arabia and Paks would be raising fresh human right issues in UNHCR if they remain their. So it is a blessing in disguise

  19. Lal.Fernando

    What goes around will come around.Dear people prepare you selves.

  20. Human

    Our country has collectively decided that we become a Failed State no matter what or who says what. That’s why one after the other we choose the wrong things at the wrong time.

    There will be many more incidents waiting to happen like what happened at Dambulla. So, the Western countries don’t have to make much efforts, we will collectively do that for them.

  21. daya.godage

    Hooray! we are all over the moon at TSL now that Sri Lanka will be ‘helpless’ at the UNHRC.

    Be happy Ismail.

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