Hambantota Not Totally Free

By Indika Sri Aravinda

The Hambantota port will not be completely free of charge as handling charges will be levied from ships calling in at the port, a port official said.
Hambantota Port Chief Engineer Agil Hewageegana told The Sunday Leader that a handling fee varying from 12 percent to 20 percent less than the charges levied at the Colombo Port will be charged from ships at the Hambantota port.
He however said that ships which call in at the port, unload their goods and reload them to another ship from the same port will not be charged any taxes.
“If a vehicle is unloaded from one ship or vehicle parts are unloaded and assembled at the port and loaded on another ship at the same port will be exempt from taxes,” Hewageegana said.
He said that four ships can call over at the Hambantota port at any given time.
Earlier there were some reports that a single tax will not be levied from ships calling in at the Hambantota port.

The Hambantota Port could meet the revenue target by attracting 10 percent of the ships passing the port. Therefore, special emphasis is paid to the facilities offered by the port to make it of high standard and quality, he said.
The Hambantota Port Phase One will be completed by end of October one year ahead of schedule. It is expected to generate 5,000 direct and 50,000 indirect job opportunities, the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) said.
The Government is planning to set up a Free Trade Zone between the Hambantota port and Weerawila airport.
The SLPA has started its own training programs with the assistance of the NAITA and other technical colleges in the area.
However, these programs are not sufficient to train the entire workforce and we seek assistance from technical colleges in Ratnapura, Moneragala and Matara to meet the demand, the SLPA said.
Meanwhile the project committee formed two months back will complete the Request For Proposal (RFP) process and finalize the investor profile for the investment opportunities created by the Hambantota Port development activities within a month.
There will be investment opportunities in cement, fertilizer, warehousing, raw material, multi country consolidation, food processing, assembling and value addition at the port after the completion of this process, SLPA said on its website.

5 Comments for “Hambantota Not Totally Free”

  1. sack

    Well its banned to unload vehicles at Colombo. Only that you can’t park the vehicles inside the port.

  2. nishan

    Hambantota port has become like a commodity sold at payments. labai labai…Hambantota port labai…. Fortunately this lunatics didn’t born in Kandy. If not he will be digging a port in Kandy.

    • Rosh

      Lunatic/uneducated? self criticisum I guess…if you did not know, pricing decisions is used to market a product…may be you would know this if you did not come through the hole in the rock!!

    • love2beTRAITOR

      good one n so true. now forcing cars to be imported to hambantota. which fool wants to use hambantota port? if i import to hambantota port n pay transportation cost of 80,000 per container, then i will increase the price of the goods. end of the day, people will have to pay for all these costs as price of goods increase. people r getting more poor, savings of people r reducing. SL going to the dogs

    • ponil

      First you people were complaining about the massive rock that was unmovable. Now complaining abut something else. Even if all the world’s ships call in at Hambantota you will find something to complain about. Fortunately most Sri Lankans recognise the useless blabber mouths and just ignore them.

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