Mystery Surrounds UNDP Allegations

By Dinouk Colombage

The mystery surrounding claims made by Allan Poston, the technical advisor for the UN Development Program’s(UNDP) mine action, that unexploded cluster bombs had been discovered in the North, deepened with the UNDP head office in New York saying it has not received an official report on the claims.
Sandra Macharia, communications specialist for the Asia and the Pacific region, told The Sunday Leader that the UNDP had seen the article reported in the Associated Press but they have not received an official report from the UNDP office in Colombo on the matter.
“We are aware of this news report having seen it reported in AP, however, we have not received any official communication from the Colombo office”, she said. When further questioned on the matter, Macharia responded that enquiries must be directed to the Colombo office.
When The Sunday Leader contacted Lakshman Hulugalle, Director General of the media centre for National Security, he described the report as being, “totally fabricated information.” He explained that the UN had not officially notified the government regarding these allegations, and called on them to do so if they had any evidence.
TNA leader R. Sampanthan meanwhile explained that they were aware of such a report but had not seen any official confirmation from the UNDP. “If the UNDP has said they have found a cluster bomb, then there is no doubt that they have found them. It is unlikely that they would fabricate such a story,” he added.
Sampanthan further added that allegations of the use of cluster bombs is nothing new, stating that similar accusations arose during the war. Asked if the TNA would be discussing this issue with the government, he responded that no decision had been taken but they would be considering it.
On Thursday (26) a news report appeared in the Associated Press which quoted an email from Allan Poston claiming to have found unexploded cluster bombs in the Puthukudiyiruppu area of the Northern Province.
According to the report the bombs had been found in the same area where a boy was killed last month and his sister was injured while trying to pry apart an explosive device.
“After reviewing additional photographs from the investigations teams, I have determined that there are cluster sub-munitions in the area”, the report further quoted.
When Poston was contacted he declined to comment and redirected all enquires to the head office however the UNDP Country Director Douglas Keh was unavailable for a comment.

13 Comments for “Mystery Surrounds UNDP Allegations”

  1. peace

    To prove to the world that srilanka never used cluster bombs,it is better to allow international investigation without any hindarance

  2. jaliya

    No one should forget UN and its agencies helped terrorists, including providing them with food, tents, medical supplies in our war against (US sponsored) terrorism.

  3. Raabu

    Write some thing good for the country , you loosers

  4. Raja

    One by one, slowly but surely, all those false allegations levelled against SriLanka, by the Lie factory the Tamilnet and later blindly repeated without witnesses by the UNSG’s Dharusman Panel, will be established as “true” by various officials sent by the UN under Banki Moon’s watch.
    When Israel said the UNHRC is a rogues gallery, there could be some truth in it, but the worry is, are there other UN committees also infiltrated with rogues, fabricating evidence against targeted nations?. When the LTTE proxy the TNA jump with glee and state this must be true, then we know this is just another canard by the enemies of the nation. However, there is a possibility that the LTTE may have brought in cluster bombs, just like they did with all other deadly banned weapons.

  5. kudu

    douglas ken and allan poston playing hide and seek
    while innocent children are being killed
    shame on the UNDP

  6. Sameen Jan

    There is no mystery.You have wasted your time speaking to the wrong people.Why did you not speak to Poston as others have.He denied he had sent any email to anyone saying that there was a evidence about cluster bombs being found in the Wanni or anywhere else n SL.
    Why don’t you write on nuclear bombs also being found.You are a right nanny you are.
    The ‘report’ had been filed by that Indian whose visa was not extended in 2009.Whart a source!

  7. union

    Widely speculated that cluster bombs and other banned substances and chemical ammunitions were used against civilians and LTTE. Slowly evidences are surfacing to prove these alleged war crime committed by Sri Lankan government. Government is loosing its option to hide its crime and I am sure most of the VIPs are already shaken by this findings.

    • Ma-Rout-Ti


      So how come the UN has not responded to the claims made by Poston ?? After all, the UN is hardly reticent when responding to Sri Lanka, is it ?

      In fact, they go as far as to say they have NOT received any information from Poston…

      Another crying Westerner, waiting to write a book…. preparing the ground

    • Pachcha Sira

      It is all LTTE propaganda. They still dream to have their Eelam. Bad Luck, Not forever.

    • Roshan Garcia

      So what if they find it . Everything was needed to destroy these evil terrorists. And many sinhalese and muslims also died cos we needed to end the war.
      My brother died as tourist driver in Trinco, his wrong was he was Sinhalese he got dragged out in front of a germany family and burned alive by tamil villagers.

  8. Fusion

    I do not understand the issue of cluster bombs here. Sri Lanka is NOT party to the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM). 71 States have ratified the treaty but SL along with US, China, Russia, Brazi, India and many others have NOT signed let alone ratified the CCM. If we are referring to the targeting of civilians, then it doesn’t matter whether you use cluster munitions or not, because you are GUILTY! You cannot deliberately target civilian even with sticks & stones.

  9. Kadiya

    What a load of BS! If they found that their duty is to come forward with the proof so that we srilankans come to know what really happened. I hope they act profesionally at last and either put up or shut up.

  10. Megan Levy

    Why aren’t these idiots at UN agencies doing their job of concocting something explosive so that the international community can topple this government?

    Ask the UNDP to do their job or else.


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