Teens Rape 75 Year Old Woman

Two teenagers, aged 18 and 19 years have been arrested for raping a 75 year old woman in Aralagangwila, the police media unit said. According to the police the teens had raped the woman while she was alone at home last weekend. The two suspects were produced in court today.
Meanwhile the police media unit also said that a 16 year old boy has been arrested for raping a 15 year old girl in Dambulla last week.
Police said that the underage was having an affair with the young boy. The boy was produced in court and released on bail. Further investigations are underway.
In another incident also reported by the police media unit, a 34 year old man had been arrested for sexually abusing a 13 year old boy in Akuressa.                                (ER)

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  1. Lal.Fernando

    These bastards who perpitrated these crimes, should be brought to justice and found guilty of the crimes they have commited,acording to the law,they should be eliminated from the society for ever. I doubt weather they can be rehabilated.

  2. kaputakukula

    The rape and women abuse statistics in Sri Lanka have gone very alarming. This incident of raping a 75 year old woman may be treated as an incident but the ‘trend’ and the ‘mentaity’ behind cannot be simply brushed off. The direction is certainly destructive of social values. Religious leaders resign from dwelling in political garbage and teach the young generation moral values to build a just society. Parents, teach your children when they are young the family values. Teachers, take some time to discuss morality, justice and social values with your students. It is your responsibility. We cannot expect these from the politicians.

  3. Kapilavastu

    Meanwhile the police media unit also said that a 16 year old boy has been arrested for raping a 15 year old girl in Dambulla last week.
    The Chief Priest of Dambulla Maha Vihara seems to be in a high state of ignorance.
    We all know that under the guise of Buddhism, they are hell bent on tearing down a 65 year ol mosque, is to put up a Star Class Hotel for tourists, where every filth totally in cotrary to Buddhism and the tenents of all other religions will be rampant. The recently declared open Tourist hotel by the government in the “sacred” Dambulla Area proves this point beyond any doubt.

  4. raj

    good sri lankan society. may be qualified for guinnes. What these individual are in law enforcement or in military?

  5. Audrey barber

    Holy Moly – what the heck, are these two youngesters that depraved or are they demented maniacs. The lady is fit to be their great grand mother!, what thrill did these two mongrels get. they have been let out on bail – shocking what protection has the lady got, what guarantee is there that they will not go back to harm her more?.

    In any other country any one charged with “RAPE” has no bail. I think Sri Lanka is one country that allows bail for Rapists, This should not be the case, until proven innocent the person must be kept locked-up.

    There should be zero tolerance for Rapists, IF they are young they could be rehabilitated if there is such centres for such people. But for older cases they should be locked -up for life.

    letting these heathens out will only make them do it again.

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