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‘Gota’s War’ Launches Tomorrow

By Maryam Azwer

Gotabhaya Rajapaksa

A book, titled “Gota’s War: The Crushing of Tamil Tiger Terrorism in Sri Lanka” is to be launched tomorrow (May 14) at Water’s Edge, Battaramulla.
According to author C. A. Chandraprema, “Gota’s War” is a book on “the entire conflict”, encompassing events that took place from 1956 onwards. “It deals with the political as well as the military aspect of the conflict,” said Chandraprema.
Responding to questions on why a book on the entire conflict was named exclusively after Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, Chandraprema said that this was because, “it is he (Rajapaksa) who really finished it. Earlier there were only limited operations. This was the one instance where a concerted effort was made to finish off the LTTE, and the person who presided over the whole thing was Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa,” he said.
Chandraprema added that there were also others who had contributed towards ending terrorism, including, he said, “the unknown godfather, Major General Vijaya Wimalaratne” who Chandraprema said, had been a significant influence on Defence Secretary Rajapaksa.
The Chief Guest at the book launch will be President Mahinda Rajapaksa, with Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa attending as the Guest of Honour.

38 Comments for “‘Gota’s War’ Launches Tomorrow”

  1. There is no point in making Gota as the hero of the war. Gota may one day become a prisoner in the International Criminal Courts. He can then read his own book in prison. Today in Sri Lanka criminals and murders are writing books. What a shame. One day Mwrvyn Silva too write a book about himself. Cheap publicity by Rajapakses family.

  2. Araliya Watch

    The word “Tamil” before “Tiger” conveys the meaning that all Tamils are Tigers. At a time when there is much talk of reconciliation, unity, peace, etc. this is quite disappointing. It cannot be assumed that it is has been done by oversight or mistake. It is done purposely and it shows that whatever talked about in public there is no true intention of moving towards reconciliation or unity or peace. Those who are used to war-mongering will keep on fighting as, otherwise, they will have no job to do.

  3. Martin Thomas

    We have heard of rise and fall of many leaders in our world from Hitler, Stalin of the past and Sadam, Gadaffi, Hosine Mubarak of the recent past – This is the rising time for our leaders in Sri Lanka soon you will find a great fall nobody on earth can save them. The war was in fact fought and won by Sarath Fonseka unfortunately somebody is getting the credit, it’s sad. Now the book is out, this is all garbage to cheat the people who have been cheated right throughout our history. We have no back bone or interligent to think and act according to our free will.

  4. kudu

    looks like chandraprema is setting up gota

  5. Ane Anichcan

    This is how the dead and gone “Brave Soldiers” who sacrificed their valuable lives at the battle against LTTE for 32 years have been treated.This book is a huge ashame to whole Srilankan Militery.

  6. Moven

    This chandraperuma must be a really brilliant fellow to write something like this. I mean brilliant fiction writer.

  7. raj

    Tamils should think about reconciliations. if not, history will be repeated

  8. hansan

    Rattaran Wimale was a goood man

  9. Don Quixote

    Et Tu Chandraprema, there was a time when Ranil’s UNP treated you as one of theirs !

    Just how wrong was that and just how cheap are you ?

  10. mohan samaranayaka

    This should be named as “Gota’s Shit War”. Anew book should come as “SF’s Real WAR “

  11. Puravasiya

    Gota’s war against General Fonseka.

  12. Lal

    I don’t know whether to laugh or Cry.
    Gota’s War? LOL!

  13. Rohan

    Can C. A. Chandraprema confirm that all wrong things during the war will also be attributed to Gota, the Suraya?

  14. Betrayer

    The UN investigations into war crimes will begin soon, then I am sure this book will be used as evidence to prosecute the murders who killed innocent Tamsil and buried them in massive graves.

  15. No more war minds!.a.v.g senevi,world for the humanity org and our moon org.

  16. gaba

    this is a joke and these idiots becoming a laughing stock .Person who largely contributed for war victory in prison and guy who left the country on false medical grounds during peak of the war now become a war hero.My fellow srilankans should give the right for thistype of writers and books.Mr.Chandrapema it’s shame for me to say you are writter,better you beg on a street for living rather than licking balls.

  17. Piyumi

    Gota’s war. A load of lies and crap.

  18. Friends,
    The debt of gratitude we Sri Lankans owe to Gotabhaya, Mahinda, Sarath F, and all the Ranaviruwan and their families is so immense that words can not do proper justice.

  19. The whole book will be tales & fabricated events, Gotha ran away to USA fearing his life, scared of the LTTE, he came back to swindle the poor people of SL with support from his brother Allibaba Rajapaksa. When the Alibaba is de-throned he will go back to USA & purchase the Gas Station where he was working & be the proud owner.

  20. RENU

    Is Gen. Fonseka’s strategy mentioned in the book.It was he who sdaiud that he will finish it in 3 years

  21. Meena M.

    It is strange how Fonseka was lauded and feted when the war was over, and how he has deliberately been made the villain when he chose democratically to run against the Rajapaksa’s. Now it is Gota’s war, and when it comes down to it, it was Gota and the brothers who have to own the war, and take responsibility for the crimes they are allegedly charged to have committed on unarmed civilians up North. You cannot claim only the end game, but the entire process and the horrible mistakes made to get tot he end.


    There is no question: Mahinda,Gota, and Sarath are national Heros. Hope they will fall into the American Trap

  23. manuri-toronto

    yes indeed it was his war….. ” very good titile ‘for the book…what is more is that Leader is publishing good news about “Gota” ….nowadays….The wonders that time do I guess

  24. Kira

    “SOUL SHAKER” may be the ideal title for the book.

  25. raj

    one man’s war hero is other man’s war criminals. likewise, one man’s terrorist is other man’s liberation fighters.

  26. union

    Does this “Gota’s war” contains “Gotha’s war crime” as well? May be the next release can touch upon his successful brutality using “white van squad”

  27. saman

    weldone sir, you saved our country

  28. Lal.Fernando

    GOTA’S WAR, i do not agree with the title.Yes Gota and MR, gave the full support to finish the war, but the person who gave direction is General Sarath Fonseka.
    He almost sacrificed his own life twice. And now he is in prison.Is this true budhisam?

  29. zavahir

    laugh or cry

  30. To the truth, “Genocide Criminals against Tamil Freedom Fighters” should have been the right Title for this book. In the year 2009, just after the “Genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka, the people who did not know the facts or truth, believed what Sinhala Sri Lanka Government said, as this was well planned in advance and the facts were screened to the World. In actuality, the Truth seems to sleep, but it doesn’t die, and wakes up to announce us, the World Citizens and Governments, what really happened. Like, “Discovery is a life long commitment”, bringing the culprits to Books takes a lot of Time and Genuine work. Now the Time has come with all proofs or most of the facts. At this time, a book with a wrong title and by Author Mr. C.A.Chandraprema who is a long supporter of the Rajapakses is not a book, which can change what the World has started to believe and ready to act.

    • Ash

      Hi Raja,
      Looks like your a pro LTTE supporter, Books title should have been ” Kiiling the worst terrorist on the world” or “world without god father of suicide bobers”
      I can write a book call “Raja’s dreams of tamil eelam” or “Oh Raja didnt attain to nibbana”

  31. Then where is the war Hero?

  32. Clarence

    What Book? SF mus write the book as he is the war hero. Gota’s book must be launched in Geneva in 2013 when the UNHCR meets again.

  33. Clarence

    Boru book. Book of lies and deceit.

  34. Lasith

    Please sell your book of lies at the UNHCR in Geneva in 2013. Hick. Hick.

  35. Don Quixote

    Superman didn’t die !

  36. had enough with these buggers

    Chandraprema is a color changing lizard who will write anything for money and possitions. He is the man who created notorious ‘PRAA’ in Jvp era.

  37. West is best

    Saman, the war is clearly “NOT” over yet.

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