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GL Presents LLRC Action Plan To Clinton

External Affair Minister G.L. Peiris presented an action plan to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on how the government plans to implement some of the recommendations of the Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC).
US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters following the meeting between Minister Peiris and Clinton on Friday in Washington that Secretary Clinton had encouraged a transparent, open, public process, not only on the LLRC, but also with regard to accountability.
Prior to the meeting Clinton told reporters that the United States strongly supports the process of reconciliation and reconstruction in Sri Lanka.
“We have very strong, important ties between our two countries. We were encouraged to see the end of a very long, bloody, terrible conflict, and look forward to working with Sri Lanka as they pursue their commitment to a better future for all the people. And the United States wants to be a supportive partner in those efforts,” she said. (ER)

6 Comments for “GL Presents LLRC Action Plan To Clinton”

  1. Hansan

    No one in Sri Lanka knows about any action plan. We have not seen any or heard of any , Please veryfy if our Prasident know about it, As GL cannot be trusted .

  2. kaputakukula

    Hope, Hilary will not find in the near future that our professori had given her a ‘carrot’ this time.

  3. Meena

    With all the lies, corruption, murders, rapes and extreme poverty a war crimes investigation is the only way to bring peace back into this country.

  4. love2beTRAITOR

    GL u r too old. old enough to be my grand father. next year onwards u’d have to use a stick to walk. how long r u planing to be minister? another 30 years?

  5. naman

    It has been so far just words only and there is NO REAL reconciliation.
    How can a Canadian Tamil be tortured and killed ?
    Any movements of the Tamils in the North and East are being monitored by the government’s military.
    Government has become very good at hoodwinking rest of the world.
    China is eager to get a foothold in Lanka and rest of the world—targeting the natural resources. No country in the world is giving the Lankans free foreign currency.
    The future generations of Sri Lankans are going to suffer for the loans the current government is incurring.

  6. Peter Fernando

    Did Hilary ask if what GL is presenting as an action plan had first been informed to the SL parliament and to the SL citizens ? if not can the US ever expect the SL govt to ever carry this through? Remember 13+

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