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Police Take U-Turn On Wickramasinghe’s House Robbery

By Indika Sri Aravinda

The police last week did a u-turn on the robbery of foreign currency worth over Rs. 4 million from the house of SriLankan Airlines Chairman Nishantha Wickramasinghe.
Despite the police initially saying that among the items stolen from his home two weeks ago was foreign currency to the value of over Rs. 4 million, police spokesman S.P Ajith Rohana now says most of the money stolen from the house was not foreign currency.
The police earlier said that the robbers had broken into Wickramasinghe’s house in Mount Lavinia and stolen jewelry and cash including foreign currency.
Reports that foreign currency to the value of over Rs. 4 million was stolen from Wickramasinghe’s house created a stir as  a person can only keep foreign currency up to  US $ 2,000 or its equivalent in other foreign currencies.
The Customs Department meanwhile said that no one under the name of Nishantha Wickramasinghe had declared foreign currency to the value of over Rs. 4 million.
The police spokesman said that the money which was recovered from the suspect who was arrested has not yet been counted.
He also said that the suspect has spend some of the money and it was still not clear exactly how much he had stolen.
Reports on Friday said that the suspect was a resident of Dehiwala and that he was living with a drug addict in the area.
The Sunday Leader reported last week how there was an attempt to cover up the discovery of foreign currency at Wickramasinghe’s house.
Controller, Exchange Control Department of the Central Bank P. H. O. Chandrawansa said that if a person retains foreign currency worth US$ 2,000 with him 90 days after returning to Sri Lanka from overseas it is a violation of the Exchange Control Act.

23 Comments for “Police Take U-Turn On Wickramasinghe’s House Robbery”

  1. randy mathew

    Whats new in Rajapakistan ? Its all lies , corruption & cover ups. What a shameless family. Probalbly they think that they can take all this illgotten wealth with them when they leave this world.

  2. Lal.Fernando

    There are more turns to this incident than the twenty one hair pin bends we have in Sri Lanka. All will be squashed when time comes.

  3. Patriot

    So, what else is new about Police actions? It would be interesting to see what happens to Mrs. Tillekeratne, who had only half of the amount in possession of Mr. Wickremasinghe. She at the least had a story to tell, but wonder if Mr. Wicks will have a story or lies??

  4. Dinesh

    Mr. Wickremasinghe had at his home foreign currency and expensive ill gotten items. The robber is on bail because he has seen a lot of money and jewellery which will shock the whole nation if revealed. He has been bought over. This family are a bunch of ROGUES.
    They don’t deserve to walk another day in freedom.

  5. Newton

    Apita “Kakiri” unta “…….”

  6. Clifford

    So what,
    Cant the brother if the wife of the President keep 4 million US$ with him.
    If not who can?
    Dear All
    Bother yourself about other Punchi Singhos matters without poking finger at high up, impeccable, trustworthy,meritorious family.

  7. Mr Retort

    Thambige thoppiya bambuwa wage thambi natanakota sembuwa wage

  8. Gamaya

    AaaaH,,,,there you go….the owner didn’t know how much had been stolen…. that means he could have had a litle or enormous amount.

  9. How dare this shameless police officer change his words.It was clear that the 4 million worth of foriegn currencies were stolen and Mr wickramasinhghe also logged an entry.Now how comes they say most of the money was not foriegne currency,but at least half of those money were foriegn currency which Mr Wickramasinghe not suppose to have without declare to the custom department .He has violated exchange control act. Just to keep only $500 General Fonsekas Mother in Law was arrested .Now what will the police department do for this first Lady;s brother……… will wait and see……………but after all we will have to say “”naduth hamuduruwange baduth hamuduruwange”

  10. kuma

    Don’t forget that all these underworld crooks are related to our criminal crook Raha hora.

  11. LIMA

    all will know this cover up by the police chief to safeguard his position as IGP will go smooth sailing , if he will not dance to the tune of the king family , he and his family will be under 6 feet deep in days . this is the ultimate store , even the so called immigration controller has to amend the act to accommodate this 4 mil foreign currency matter to admit that anybody can keep 4 mil or more at their houses , once the case is put under the carpet , then re-amend to usd-2000 again , this is the practice we have seen after 1995 and nothing else.

  12. people knows now who is the big thief now there is no trust among …..?

  13. Hansan

    Readers are no fools. They will notice who has two toungs, Who is covering whom Who is lying. who is trying to make money over the isue.And Why they are hiding the facts. Who are the paid liers. Cheeting whom.

  14. Supun Perera

    There is NO law & order in the corrupt, lawless Banana Republic. The politicized Police Force and the Kangaroo Courts are used to protect the murderers, rapists, criminals, drug dealers and terrorists, while harassing the innocent civilians. The law abiding citizens and politicians who love the Country should stand up against the CROOKS who are ruining our Mother Lanka. God save former democratic Sri Lanka.

  15. Concerned Sri Lankan

    Mr. Wickremesinghe is the brother-in -law of President Rajapakse and he is not subject to the law of Sri Lanka.

  16. Ever since MR came to power this is the double game they played. This game doesn’t last long. Very soon the chicken will come to roost.

  17. Dr.R.deS

    according to a statement made by Nishantha Wickramasingha himself to a popular English daily, he [or his wife ] had received foreign currency as a gift from his sons in Austrailia.Why do the police say such blatant lies?

  18. Chris

    What else do you expect in a country where the powers that be have zero respect for law and order?

  19. Ian D.S

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave when we try to deceive.”
    The IGP is a lap dog, the police spokesman is a lap dog and both are products of the 18th family protection amendment to the constitution. The Srilankan chairman at one clarification says that the 4 million in currency were gifts from his children when they returned from abroad, in which case he has only to show the children’s passports where it has been stamped that they have brought in that amount of currency in to the country. As far as I know any amount over 5000 USD has to be declared at the Airport at the time of arrival. As for the 4 million watch please show us the purchase receipt and the guarantee card for us to believe you. Rolex has a lifetime worldwide guarantee where the purchaser,s details are recorded.
    Come clean Nishantha and walk your talk, you are a public servant, you are paid with public money we have a right to this information. Otherwise you will forever be branded with the label “Rogue”.

  20. kudu

    another attempt by the sri-lanka police to tarnish wickramasinghe,s
    impeccable character
    thank lord buddha for the honest customs department
    who vouched for Nishntha
    I am sure the drug addict will finally be acquitted by the corrupt police
    because everybody knows the truth
    the junkie did not steal anything
    cos there was nothing to steal
    please sunday leader
    follow the case of the druggie who stole nothing

  21. SENSE

    Anyone surprised ?!!

  22. Jo


  23. balaraman

    what a cock and bull story of the police.if this money was in the home of a lesser powerful politico or not related to a politico,the loser of the currency would have been harrassed by police.this is the state of the country.

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