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Sampanthan Discusses Land Grabbing Issue With Menon

By Maryam Azwer

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leader, Rajavarothiam Sampanthan, says that land grabbing in the North and East as among the issues he discussed with visiting Indian National Security Adviser, Shivshankar Menon on Friday.
Sampanthan said that the issue of a political solution to the ethnic question was the main point of discussion, but that they had also brought up matters pertaining to the Parliamentary Select Committee and the ‘ground situation’ as well.
“I also told him about land grabbing and excessive land being taken over for military purposes and how the demographic composition of the Northern and Eastern Provinces is being further radically altered as a result,” said Sampanthan.
He also said that, “It was a very constructive meeting. Mr. Menon has come here as the envoy of the Indian government to convey certain messages to the Sri Lankan government with regard to a political solution and to emphasize that India’s position with regard to this matter is consistent and continues. This is the view of the Indian government and the whole of India… that there must be an early acceptable political solution to the Tamil question in Sri Lanka, which gives the Tamil people their self-respect and dignity and gives them an equal status in this country.”
Sampanthan added that India is interested in ensuring a political solution “within a united, undivided country” and also said “I think they have conveyed their views to the Sri Lankan government, and they also wanted to share with us their perceptions.”
When asked what he expected of the outcome of the meeting, Sampanthan said “I do think that we are now in a different era, where with the end of the armed struggle, the need for a political solution has become more important and is being emphasized more by different sections. And I think this visit must be looked at in a manner very different from the normal round of visits that take place,” he said.

18 Comments for “Sampanthan Discusses Land Grabbing Issue With Menon”

  1. AJ4

    Tamils should file a case in India to implement Rajiv -JR guratnees to Tamils.
    India took the resposibility and have a legal obligation under that accord. They cannt move the goal post .

  2. Saro

    The president promised 13A+ and 13A++ many times from the time prior to appointing APRC. Many presidents before him too worked on this 13A. APRC report was handed over to the president after 128 sittings of all party representative committee. Why cannot the president uphold the dignity of this country by presenting this report in the parliament and let the house act on it so that the reputation of the office he holds is not tarnished in the national and international arena?

  3. Newton

    Sampanthan whose land is it anyway. It belongs to Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan people. It is not rented or leased from India. So why are you complaining to the Indians. Sri Lankan government is not just any shadow organization. You are very familiar with the shadowy organizations including Tamil Diaspora Inc. founded by Late Piribakaran and Karunanidhi Inc. of India . GOSL has total control over the land mass of Sri Lanka within its internationally accepted borders. It can develop in any way it seems necessary to protect and preserve the country and the nation for many Sri Lankan generations to come. They may be Sinhala, Tamil or Moslem. So stop whining and be a partner of building one nation, one people OR get the hell out of Sri Lankan politics and join Tamil Nadu politicians.

  4. best solution is to reduce tamil concentration in colombo

  5. dagobert

    Are these sampanthan’s ancestral paternal or maternal property ??

    There are no shortages of Jokers in Sri Lanka

  6. Had LTTe is in power today this land grapping would not have taken place. Mahinda Rajapakse is taking the Tamils for a ride. Soon he is going to regret his action. Mahinda Rajapakse is getting very cocky. He thinks he can rule Srilanka forever by using armed forces as his tool. What we need in Srilanka today is democracy and we need people to rise against this dictator.

  7. kudu

    menon is busy grabbing kashmir land

  8. Asoka

    Land grabbing by Tamils in Colombo area? Whole Sri Lankans knows how these Colombo Tamils robbed Sri Lanka’s wealth last 70 years. All these Colombo Tamil companies heavyly funded to LTTE to destroy Sri Lanka’s economy this is well known secret. Shame on India, visiting Sri Lanka after voting against Sri Lanka in UNHRC. India is always Double tongue . We know due to this Rajiv Gandhi received world’s best guard of honour from Sri Lankan sailor. Fortunately for Sri Lanka LTTE killed Rajiv Gandhi. Never ever trust India.

    • love2beTRAITOR

      ur just jealous, colombos most expensive lands r owned by minorities,
      u know , tamils in colombo were never in power n so had no chance of robbing colombos wealth.

  9. Nihal

    Unbowed , unafraid to INDIA. Never ever trust India. Give same type of guard of honour how Sri Lankan sailor gave to Parsi Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

  10. Sellam

    How long will it take for a political solution for the Tamils. Sampanthan would be dead and many others including Rajapaksa. The new person coming in would take another 20 years to consider in granting a political solution and by that time the Army will occupy more lands in the North and East. There would be no Tamils left to demand a political solution.

    • Mervyn

      Yes, all the Tamils will be in Colombo like now, and will be following the political stream which is common for all Sri Lankans.

  11. When did Tamils own land ????? North and East belongs to Sinhalese , Tamils and Muslims ..If you do not know how to live with harmoney move to TAMILNADU , and sleep with KARUNANDHI THUG>..Stop been an idiot…What business Menon have in Srilanka ???? Did they solve Kasmire problems last 60 years…I do not know why Sri lanka government invite these idiots to SRILANKA>

    • love2beTRAITOR

      modaya, this issue is about grabbing land from land owners. if someone grap the land ur house is in, will u keep quite? thats wat is happening. whoever is the legal owner of the land deserves to be in his property

  12. Asoka

    Tamils land grabbed in Colombo also , Sambandan can talk with Menon. He also can talk how many Colombo Tamil companies funded to LTTE to destroy Sri Lanka’s economy

    • Ranga


      Do you know the difference between the state’s land confiscation and normal commercial activity of land purchasing and selling?

      Sambandan talks about the first and you mentioned about the second.

      Take your head out of sand mate.

    • love2beTRAITOR

      the land tamils own in colombo is hard earned by them, just like how u earned to buy a land for urself. wat will u do, if military grabs ur land to expand the military camp? leave ur land n sleep on the pavement? one more thing, companies in colombo didnt fund LTTE even if they like to, simply coz SL gov watch close eye on who fund LTTE. LTTE is funded by diaspora tamils n SL gov ministers n army commanders ate in this money. no one can forget that

  13. Mervyn

    Currently Sri Lanka has become the central point for type advisors to SL Govt. how to solve internal matters. These so called one view one eyed people are trying to strangle the necks of the majority with their so called brilliant advices. If these advices are impartial then at least one third of it could be gulped even with difficulty, but it is not so, every suggest solution has more weights towards the division of the country in time to come, may be in fifty years or so. This the ultimate dream of Indian envoys and others are no second to Indians. If Sri lanka follows their directives then in future this land will become like Mainland China & Hon Kong. One land two system or like Palestine and Gaza. The best is to follow a Sri Lankan solution forgetting advices/directive/orders from good for nothing so called specialist from other countries who are only there until the next election. However, they have done the damage to Sri Lanka for generations to come.

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