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Gota Goes Berserk

By Frederica Jansz

Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa

Defence Secretary, Gotabaya Rajapaksa went berserk when contacted by The Sunday Leader to clarify and find out if he was aware that the management at SriLankan Airlines had taken a decision to change a wide bodied A340 scheduled to fly to Zurich on Friday July 13, to a smaller A330. The change was to be made so that a SriLankan Airline pilot, who is dating a niece of President Mahinda Rajapaksa could personally fly the aircraft that would carry a ‘puppy dog’ for Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa from  Zurich.
The Sunday Leader was told by senior airline pilots that 56 passengers would have had to be off-loaded if the aircraft was changed.
The pilot concerned is Capt. Praveen Wijesinghe who currently is dating Flight Officer Madini Chandradasa, the niece of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.
When asked, Gotabaya  Rajapaksa, while denying that he had any knowledge that CEO Kapila Chandrasena had ordered the change of aircraft  from an A340 to an A330 as Capt. Wijesinghe was not qualified to fly the bigger aircraft, admitted that Capt. Wijesinghe would indeed be ‘passengering’ on one sector so he could bring down the dog for his wife. “Yes they are bringing a puppy – it is for my wife.  There is nothing wrong with that. I have every right to bring not just a dog but an elephant on SriLankan if I so wish – I am paying for the cargo.  I have every right to bring anything I want. This is not the first time – before this also they brought a dog for me…what is wrong – I am paying for the cargo I have every right,” Rajapaksa said.
When it was pointed out that bringing the dog was not the issue – but a loss of revenue for the airline as an entire aircraft was to be replaced with a smaller bodied plane – resulting in the loss of 56 passengers,  Rajapaksa turned abusive.
Using foul language he screamed, “If you write one bloody word I will sue the writer and your newspaper – which I have already done -  I am not afraid of the bloody courts – I will sue you and shut down your f……. newspaper.” (see box for full conversation)
The Sunday Leader was told that the decision to change the aircraft scheduled to fly to Zurich on Friday July 13, from an A330 back to an A340 was made only after members of the Pilots’ Guild vehemently protested to the Head of Flight Operations Capt. Navin de Silva.
However, both Capt. Ruwan Withanage, President of the Airline Pilots’ Guild of Sri Lanka (ALPGSL) and Capt. Navin de Silva subsequently denied that senior pilots had pressured the management into reverting on their original decision to fly an A330 instead of an A340 to Zurich to suit Capt. Wijesinghe so he could bring down the puppy.
Kapila Chandrasena, Chief Executive Officer for SriLankan Airlines when first contacted refused to answer any questions on this issue over the telephone but asked for an email to be sent. After this was done, he replied saying he would request the Manager of Crew Resources to respond to our email.
Instead, Ranjith de Silva, Senior Manager Corporate Communications, sent us a response which said, “aircraft allocation to routes are based on the flying range. A330/A340 aircrafts are generally used for long range travel.” He added that generally an A330 or A340 is deployed on the European routes, while the change in the aircrafts is based on the commercial requirements.
He refused to comment on whether or not a dog for Rajapaksa was to be transported on this flight.
Kapila Chandrasena however subsequently did speak with us reiterating that he knew nothing of this matter.  Asked if he did not know about the puppy dog to be brought down from Zurich for the Defence Secretary he said, “No. I know nothing – I don’t know what this controversy is all about”.
Asked if at any stage a decision was taken to change an A340 scheduled to fly to Zurich on Friday July 13, to an A330 in order to accommodate Capt. Praveen Wijesinghe to fly to Zurich, Chandrasena replied, “we do make those decisions based on passenger load – and that we do all the time though usually it is an A340 that flies the second leg from the Middle East to Zurich”.
It was to ascertain the veracity of this story that we contacted not only SriLankan Airlines officials but the Defence Secretary as well to find out if he was aware of this situation.
Gotabaya Rajapaksa confirmed that indeed Capt. Praveen Wijesinghe was to travel on July 13 to Zurich to bring down a puppy dog for his wife.  “He is a friend of mine and he offered to do so,” Rajapaksa said.
However, Capt. Wijesinghe  contradicted Gotabaya Rajapaksa by saying, “No, I do not even know if we would be bringing a dog from Zurich to Colombo. That sort of information is not known until the day of the flight.”
Wijesinghe after making this pronouncement telephoned us again to warn us saying, “If nothing but the truth is reported about my girl friend or myself, I will be forced to take legal action.”
The fact is, Capt, Wijesinghe is rostered to fly the first leg of this journey – Colombo – Kuwait or Doha (the middle eastern destination is decided depending on the passenger load) on an A330 and from thereon passenger on an A340 to Zurich.
Wijesinghe admitted to The Sunday Leader that he was indeed recently rostered to fly an A330 on the first sector from Colombo to Kuwait or Doha on Friday July 13. He said he would fly the initial sector up to the Middle East and thereafter travel the rest of the journey as a passenger. “I will only be flying the A330 leg, while the A340 will be flown by someone else.” He further said that he is not qualified to fly an A340 and if he did he would be facing a possible jail term.
With additional reporting by Dinouk Colombage

“You Are Pigs Who Eat Shit” – Gotabaya Rajapaksa

Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa

When contacted to find out if he was aware, if indeed an aircraft scheduled to fly to Zurich was to be changed to accommodate a personal friend and pilot who had offered to ensure the safe passage of a puppy dog for him, Gotabaya Rajapaksa turned abusive and screamed at this journalist in two subsequent telephone conversations in raw filth.

On Thursday July 5, excerpts of the first telephone conversation:

FJ: Mr. Rajapaksa I do not know if you are aware but we have been told that a SriLankan Airlines flight is to fly to Zurich next Friday to bring down a puppy dog for you?

GR: So what is wrong with that? It is a regular flight – Yes they are bringing a puppy – it is for my wife.  There is nothing wrong with that. I have every right to bring not just a dog but an elephant if I so wish – I am paying for the cargo.  I have every right to bring anything I want.  This is not the first time – before this also they brought a dog for me…what is wrong – I am paying for the cargo I have every right.

FJ: Absolutely. But that is not the issue. We were told that Capt. Praveen Wijesinghe has personally offered to fly to Zurich to bring this dog for you?

GR: Yes. So what? He is my friend – I have friends at SriLankan former Air Force officers who will do me favours – What is wrong with that?

FJ: But this pilot is not qualified to fly the A340 – and so initially SriLankan was pressured to change the aircraft to an A330 in order to accommodate him…

GR: No aircraft was changed…

FJ: That decision was reverted only after the President of the Pilots Guild objected …

GR: Nobody objected! If you write any bloody thing about this I will sue you! I am not afraid of the bloody courts! I have already sued you I will sue you again! That is my right!

FJ: Yes. But it is also my right as a journalist to ask you for your side of the story or clarify this story with you since it involves you.
GR: You go ask SriLankan Airlines!!

FJ: We already have. However the issue is this. Any pilot can bring down a dog – it is all about controlling and ensuring the correct air pressure in the cabin. Why should Capt. Praveen Wijesinghe be chosen despite him not being able to fly the aircraft on one sector and having to passenger as a result…

GR: So what? Yes he is passengering so what is wrong with that? I am telling you again if you write any bloody word about this I will sue your f…..g newspaper – this is the way you all wrote about the MIG deal – without checking you bloody… wrote your f……g version all because somebody told you something…

FJ: Which is why I have called you.  I am not going by what ‘somebody’ told me. I called you to get your side of the story and to clarify this issue.

GR: You write one bloody word and I will sue you!!! I will sue the writer and your f…..g paper again!!

FJ: Mr. Rajapaksa are you threatening me?

GR: Yes! I am threatening you! Write every single word I have told you if you want – you write a bloody f…..g word and we will see…

FJ: Mr. Rajapaksa I called you as a journalist to inform you of what was happening and get your version but all you have done is abuse me in raw filth…

He hung up.

On Thursday July 5, I again telephoned Mr. Rajapaksa after being informed that a VIP had informed him about the matter and Rajapaksa had said he did not know an aircraft was to be changed in order to accommodate Capt. Praveen Wijesinghe to facilitate the bringing down of the dog in question.  Rajapaksa had told the VIP that if this was the case he would fly the dog down on another airline.
I then decided that given the fact that he would take action on the matter and ensure there was no loss in revenue to SriLankan Airlines, I would not carry the story. I however telephoned Mr. Rajapaksa again to tell him that my decision was based purely on him promising to take action and not because he blatantly threatened me the previous day and used foul language.
Excerpts of the telephone conversation on July 6, 2012

FJ: Mr. Rajapaksa I am calling you again because I have now been told that Mr. …….. spoke with you this morning and you had said you were not aware that the management at SriLankan were changing a plane resulting in a loss of 56 passengers in order to accommodate Capt. Praveen Wijesinghe to bring down a puppy dog for you…

GR: I warned you yesterday not to speak with me. If these pilots are idiots to change a plane for this… that is not my fault. I was doing this the right way – but these pilots are fighting among themselves. And you shit journalists listen to them. They are f……g idiots… This is not my fault.

FJ: True.  But the fact is a decision like this was taken and later changed when pressure was brought on the management by senior pilots…

GR: That is not correct! I have since checked and there was no such decision.

FJ: There definitely was. However since you have promised to take action I have decided to hold the story but I want you to know that I am not doing so because you threatened me yesterday…

GR: Yes I threatened you. Your type of journalists are pigs who eat shit! Pigs who eat shit! Shit, Shit Shit journalists!!! Ninety percent of the people in this country hate you! They hate you!!! You come for a function where I am and I will tell people this is the Editor of The Sunday Leader and ninety percent there will show that they hate you.

FJ: I don’t think so.

GR:  You don’t? That is your ego!! You are a shit, shit journalist. A f…..g shit. A pig who eats shit! I will go to courts!!! I will not withdraw the case on the MIG deal – this is how you wrote…

FJ: I had nothing to do with that story so I cannot comment.

GR: But I will put you in jail! You shit journalist trying to split this country – trying to show otherwise from true Sinhala Buddhists!! You are helped by the US Ambassador, NGOs and Paikiasothy – they pay you!!!

FJ: I wish.

GR: You pig that eats shit!!! You shit shit dirty f…..g journalist!!!

FJ: I hope you can hear yourself Mr. Rajapaksa.

GR: People will kill you!!!  People hate you!!! They will kill you!!!

FJ: On your directive?

GR: What?? No. Not mine. But they will kill you – you dirty f…..g shit journalist.

198 Comments for “Gota Goes Berserk”

  1. Niluka

    My god! In a country with proper democracy or a sound legal system Gota would have been asked to resign. The threats are extremely serious and the language is from the gutter. No wonder that Govt politicos are involved in rape and murder. When the head is rotten what can you say about the body??? “Lankavata deviyangema pihitai”.

    • Rani

      Quite true. This must be circulating in the diplomatic sections all over the world. Poor mother Sri lanka.

    • Gota the Hero

      he wouldn’t have been asked to resign. He will be working at a Petrol Station taking care of the daily cleaning, running the cash machine and putting gas in cars.

    • Pacha Epa

      If ever the old saying “The fish rots from the head” is true, here is living proof!

  2. media freedom

    This third grade third class (ACTUALLY NO CLASS) lunatic six\ck def swc sgould be given a place to anywhere near to normal human being. He says he doesnt care the courts he made the US embassy small. Threatening and abusive language used right throughout the conversation. This can be a drama sometimes because Frederica is somewhat closer with the Jarapakses. But if this is true this mad f**** should be eliminated once and for all.

  3. dinko

    best part: claiming journalists were ruining sri lanka for the true sinhala buddists. talk about cats emerging from bags. if this is THE BIG R’s bro, you can bet R is also a regular producer of that kind of racist contemplation too.

    i cant understand how buddhism turned into institutionalized racism, yet another form of casteism.. truely nationalism corrupts everything it touches!

    • H.R

      As a Sri lankan airlines pilot I have to say that this story is not true and it’s wrong to publish stories like these. Anybody who knows about sri lankan airlines knows that we don’t change aircraft in another destination unless there’s an aircraft break down. In destinations like Bangkok a crew change take place but not the aircraft. So what the paper has state as a fact is indeed a lie, because capt.wijesekara can’t operate an A330 to Kuwait and then passenger on an A340 to Zurich simply because there won’t be an aircraft waiting in Kuwait for a change. You can check with any Sri lankan airlines passenger who has done this UL549 flt before whether they have done any aircraft change in Kuwait or Doha.
      Anybody who knows about aviation knows that both A330 and A340 aircraft are wide bodied aircraft. The seating difference between the 2 Types of aircraft A330 can carry around 297 passengers and the A340 can carry 310, the difference is only 13 so you can’t offload 56 passengers even if there was an aircraft change.

      We carry dogs/dead bodies/human eyes/cars and so on as cargo. There’s nothing wrong in bring down a dog if you pay the cargo fee. Why can’t GR bring down a dog?

      I hope you publish my comment without making any changes, it’s your job to publish the true story not to put down people and publish the incorrect story.

    • n.c.wijeratne

      Over here many people say they can understand why she wants a puppy?

    • negotin banda

      It seems that FJ provoked deliberately Gota to extract a sensational story. There is n’t any ethics involved. It is not unusual about using s— and F— word in a situation like this.

  4. brad

    journalists must be very careful not to damage the people from the new paper stories. if the story is not correct don’t publish.

    because after damage had been done it cant be recovered again

    im not taking about mr. GR. but Recently i saw lots of false news which damaged to people. ex: someone had replaced a head of a film producer in a pool with women and had published in a paper. later found that it was a photoshop

    • kudu

      yo brad
      are you sayiing that gota is not getting a mutt from zurich
      the conversation is recorded
      gota should bring down a white elephant
      its better than the white van

    • anpan

      I have GOT An idea now as to who is behind the white van killings and kidnapping in Sri Lanka !!

    • I don’t know what to say here… I don’t think I have the vocabulary to respond to this. Suffice to say that the feelings this report created are strong and incapacitating. Just when you think you can’t feel more sad at how things unfold you get hit between the eyes again and again by this regime. So… are we going to go quietly into the night then Sri Lanka? Perhaps we are…

    • Nixon

      You all deserve it, this is what happens when you let genocide go easy, and now there is no going back.


    • Pacha Epa

      This is the poorest b….y excuse I’ve EVER seen for totally unacceptable behaviour from anyone, leave alone the most powerful thug in the land.

    • Bariks

      Koheda Yanne ? Malle Pol

  5. Rani

    Goodness Gracious. Are these politicians. TERRIBLE

  6. Ellison

    What a Defence Secretary?, What a Great Country ?

  7. Banda

    This is why Ms.Chandrika Bandaranaike said uneducated, uncultured thugs are ruling the country. I am sure the whole family is using these vulgar language in their daily communication with public to suppress the truth which cannot be corrected easily overnight. If anybody could ask Gotabaya to remove the coat, shirt, slack and tie and get into the sarong, banyan and satakaya would be more prudent and not to de- dignify foreign dress. Sorry for the imported foreign dog.



  9. Preethi Kollonne

    Fredrica: Hang in there. We love you and adore you for your journalistic professionilism. Maintain your cool as you did. You are doing a great service to the country by exposing this type of abuse. Don’t give in to the threats. They can come down to the gutter if they want.

    These Rajapakse brothers weren’t even able to have a decent home in Los Angeles. They lived in east Los Angeles. Now, they get down puppies from Switzerland. What a joke my friend!

    • VICTOR


    • kudu

      east LA the home of the homies
      the blood and the crips
      latinos rule
      too bad
      could not hook up with gota in east LA
      i would have made him el chapo

  10. Lion

    This is the story of the people who run this country to day.What more can you excpect of them.

  11. Wasantha Ranagala

    We would not give a rating to this dialogue, nonetheless, it belongs to the sewer rating. You know Gotabhya loses his temper with the mildest of provocation, a weakness in his reportoire among quite a few strong areas. While you all tried every trick of the trade to undermine the war against terror he was at the forefront-just behind Gen Fonseka- to make this land a place that all of us including you to walk freely without fear of disappearing into smithereens. Now the war is over and we have a relatively calm air around us.

    Rajpaksas have gone mad alright, since the end of war. You don’t have to be a Einstein to say that and just a wee bit of common sense to see the colossal plunder. You are, however, fishing in troubled waters mate. For a change, tell me, if your destination is Australia then we can give you handy tips as to how to live on CentreLink payments, with the expertise we mastered for decades as refugees, because the journalistic culture here is not the gutter raking stuff as of in SL.

    • kudu

      stay down under mate
      under the boot of the racists
      killers of aborgines
      and raping and torturing refugees
      driving them to suicide
      the australian refugee camps are worst than guantanamo
      keep kissing the white aussie rear
      you wanna be kangaroo
      Gota is king
      in gautama land
      we will rape tamil women just like you raped aborgine women
      and take their land
      we will rape and kill just like the americans did to the native Indians
      flocking australians and americans the people of sri-lanka
      yes the people of sriLanka will kill you
      we are strong
      the only country who won the war on terror
      the sri-lankan army
      knows who was responsible for winning the war
      it was not sarath or the little puppy dogs in the army
      it was gota
      he gave the orders

  12. Yogi

    GR – You shit journalist trying to split this country – trying to show otherwise from true Sinhala Buddhists!!

    Since when Sri Lanka became true Sinhala Buddhists country, you nutter GR.

    Well done, Sunday leader for your corrage to publish it, but come to think of it white van could have been ordered by now, watch you back. good luck.

    Yogi from UK

    • Sam

      Yes, Sri Lanka still is a true Sinhala Buddhists country. Only the LTTE rump can deny that.

  13. tony

    our country is run by Dogs why we need another puppy

  14. Upeksha Weerasinghe

    The Rajapaksa regime is nothing but a bunch of idiots trying to force their values on the population of Sri Lanka…

  15. tomsamusa

    The free press is bring an”Arab uprising” to take care of animals like you and the pakses who have been using Tamils and LTTE as scare tacic to expliot Sinhala masses.

  16. dsdf

    FJ should have audio recorded the conversation and put it on youtube.

  17. chrisB

    GOD BLESS srilanka!!! hey SRI LANKANS u vote for them…and still doing it…. so now you have to pay it!!! think twice before u vote for these thugs…… this is not srilanka any more this is MR RAJAPAKSHA & FAMILY country!! ADMIT IT if you like or not..

  18. The Defense Secretary knows that he is exposed to the world and still for all, he let loose his tongue without control. What a country Sri Lanka is?, will be in the mind of the world. You can lose any thing but you don’t lose all, but once you lose your tongue to your anger, you lose everything.

  19. Let out that anger but, not that anger son.
    Thou art he who teareth himself in his anger:
    Shall the earth become desolate for thy sake,
    And a rock remove from its place?
    Notwithstanding, the light of the wicked shall be put out,
    And the glow of his fire shineth not;
    The light becometh dark in his tent,
    And his lamp above him is extinguished;
    His vigorous steps are straitened,
    And his own counsel casteth him down.

  20. Ponting power

    SL has gone to the dogs. No wonder we left this corrupt third world country to live a very peaceful quiet financially secure lifestyle overseas.

    • sanjay mendis

      Whoa there buddy. The country is messed up = accepted. But you left for your own reasons. Please dont talk about this country unless you have the backbone to live here with rest of us who actually have to go through these issues on a day to day basis. Diaspora (Tamil / Sinhalese or whatever). If you have an opinion restrict it to being about the country you live in now.

  21. Lankan

    Why Gota’s wife need a dog, while she has two legged dog as her husband? The most hilarious thing is that these dogs are going to change Sri Lanka into a wonder of Asia. You have to be a dog too, if you believe them and vote for them.

    • kudu

      lankan now now be polite
      you are overstepping your boundary
      how do you know his wifey like dogey stiley

    • Suruttu Bandaiyya

      @Lankan: Please dont insult dogs. They are of a much better breed.

    • Fernando

      Have you not seen all the things they have already done for ungrateful assholes like you?

    • Islam Ali

      Dogs are a better animal than this blood thirsty sadistic human animal Gotabaya calling himself a Buddhist is disgrace to Load Buddha and the other genuine Buddhist

    • RJ

      tall order isn’t it my D..g…hope your mom did not vote to Gota!!

    • The latest news is that the prices for Gas, and vegetables are reduced in Sri Lanka
      as Elections are to be held in 3 provinces.
      Still the stupid voters will fall in for this gimmik and again vote for the Government.
      Educated voters are in a minority i Lanka.

  22. This mad pig should be given with his own medicine. Shot in the mouth
    upward to shatter the shitty brain.

  23. Gota the Hero

    Why did our sweetheart Gota go beserk? Someone spoke the truth maybe?

  24. Independent Observer

    Ms. FJ , being an experienced journalist , would have recorded the conversation with Mr. GR .

  25. Sam

    LTTE diaspora love FJ. True Sri Lankans hate FJ.

  26. jayam

    I good reply to a third class jurnalism from GR with third class lanuage. Is this the jurnalism?

  27. Didn’t we hear few weeks ago that stray dogs gone missing taken in vans in Colombo suburbs. What happened to them. Why Gota needs foreign dogs when there are many of them available in Sri Lanka. Just look at the ads. in papers. Do the foreign dog eat rice and kurukkan.How about the minister saying avoid eating imported flour and bread and start eating local rice and rice floor and with Rs:2,500 per month living. Whom they are trying to deceive in Asia’s miracle.Aschchariya.

  28. MATE


  29. Ceceil

    I think this man has become barking mad.

  30. sangaralingham

    who cares about the public. government should., do they

  31. kudu

    sunday elader should stop this S..t about
    your comment is awaiting moderation
    we like to tell it raw just like you
    you like your freedom of press
    i like my freedom of expression
    if you can print
    you can print my too

  32. Jo


  33. Yani

    I wonder why Gota`s wife needs another dog, when she already has one for a husband? This country has already gone to the dogs with 3 of them (brothers) at the helm and another bunch of clowns as ministers. This crack-pot Gota would have been jailed, had he threatened a journalist or any other citizen in another country. He refers to true Sinhala Buddhists! A person of Gota`s calibre cannot consider himself a true Buddhist, as he doesn`t seem to know even the fundamental teachings of Buddhism! Most of our corrupt politicos play the Sinhala Buddhist card just to cover up their miserable characters. This has been the theme of our country since 1956.

  34. Chapster

    Please release the voice recording if you have. This should be translated and put on a Sinhalese papers as well so that people can know the nature of their beloved savior.

  35. H.R

    Why is my comment still pending? Is it because you don’t want to let the world know that the story that you publish was a lie?

  36. Dubai Man

    I have no words for this guy they all are corrupt theives ( entire brothers company) country is without law and order, no strong oppostion, leader of the opposition is a spinless MR’s boot leacker he cant bring his own people together he ruined the unp. That led to people to turn somewhere else with their votes. journist FJ also too much when it comes to day today reporting we know how she got away with SF case by putting him in trouble.

  37. Yohann Salgado

    What did you expect from a Guy who is defence minister and prior to this job he was Screaming to his 7 / 11 customers in U.S . I myself studdied close to Gotabes 7/11 workplace. Its not a joke, look it up yourself.

  38. Mithun

    The feral baboon should be lines and shot, he is a disgrace to the country of SL. Of course he will hide under the wings of his brother.

  39. Manju V

    Congratulations Frederica Jansz for doing the report and doing it well, with quotes from all concerned and with the details of the interview, taken twice!!! Bravo. Kudos.

  40. katzu

    oh my!!… if this is true, i have lost all respect i had for him…

  41. Justine

    Hello Sri Lanka, This is the beginning, more to come. The leader of LTTE was a gem of a leader and had never spoke in the way our dear Gota the mad dog abused Sunday Leader. Can someone pass the info. to Gota that time has come for him to visit a lunatic asylum and there he will at home because he can find people like him.

  42. samuel

    When idiots confront with truth they get angry and mad! That’s what happened! This is democracy and freedom in Sri Lanka!

  43. Lanka liar

    It is Raja Puppy ok

  44. RajasH

    country going to dogs

  45. mick

    I guess FJ is finding an easy way to migrate to Australia.

  46. Lanka

    Where is the Ashcharya country headed. In deed the Wonder of Asia.
    The family rules and ruins the country. President Rajapakse uses state resources at will. For the RIO +20 conference in Brazil, an Airbus 330 was hired and painted in Sri Lankan airlines colours. 70 Govt cronies & ministers went to Rio in the hired aircraft.
    Last month for the Bangkok APEC summit, the President again took a Sri Lankan airlines plane for the Gang. Then while the Bangkok event was still going on, President flew to Colombo for one day to attend Thondaman’s daughters wedding and flew back to Bangkok for the APEC/ASEAN event.
    Then for the Queens coronation vent a team of 70 came with the President on Sri Lankan airlines.
    British Prime Minister, the queen they use normal commercial planes to travel. British PM even went on a holiday in a cut price airline. Former British PM came to work in the train
    .100s of Rajapakse relations and cronies hold important positions, Ambassador posts and milk the country.
    These despots are ruining the hard won peace.

  47. idiot

    may be you one of golaya of Mr. GR

  48. Kumar

    This clearly proofs his true colours ! We can now imagine how he could have conducted the war against the Tigers- Total disregard to human sufferings.He need to see a psychiatrist .

  49. Amali

    why not change the stupid management of the Sri lankan air lines.cause the higher authorities does not know what they are doing on the account of the government.

  50. AJ

    This is situation in sri lanka. where is UN? Where is UNHRC? where is international community ? so think situation about Tamils ple in island.

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