Jordan NGO Gets Over 100 Complaints From Lankans

By Maryam Azwer

A Jordan-based NGO said they have recorded around 110 complaints from Sri Lankan migrant workers from January to June this year.
According to Madhu Shanika Liyanage, a social worker attached to Jordan’s Tamkeen for Legal Aid, the complaints received from Sri Lankan domestic migrant workers usually range from unpaid salaries, to physical or sexual abuse.
Liyanage also said that these domestic workers sometimes ran away from their homes due to several other reasons, the most common being nostalgia and an inability to deal with the gap in cultures.
Tamkeen General Manager, Linda Alkalash, said that complaints were recorded mainly from workers who directly approached the Tamkeen office. “We receive cases mostly from Sri Lankans, mainly because they are the ones who know more about us,” she said, adding that people got to know about Tamkeen chiefly via word of mouth.
The organization offers assistance to migrant workers, especially in terms of legal aid and mediation with employers, said Alkalash.
She also said that more efforts needed to be made to help Sri Lankan domestic workers, prior to their departure to Jordan.
“For instance, they need to be made aware of the weather conditions here. Some of them can’t cope with the cold in winter,” she said. Alkalash added that efforts should also be made to ensure that employers allowed domestic workers their right to privacy, and should be given their own rooms for instance, and be allowed to possess mobile phones.

2 Comments for “Jordan NGO Gets Over 100 Complaints From Lankans”

  1. kudu

    jordan is one of the biggest violaters of human rights
    the world knows it
    their abuse of the palestinian people is well documented
    now they are making headlines in the abuse of domestic worlkers
    just like their friend and ally Saudi Arabia
    abuse and rape is common practice in the middle eastern society

  2. Islam Ali

    Islam allows men to marry 4 women at the same time.This gives the men confidence and have the upper hand to tackle domestic women on the sly and keep them for their comfort.The Jordanian women obviously don’t encourage their men to go for these domestic workers but even knowing the facts they blame the workers for these actions and on the other hand eastern women don’t like that to happen to them.They have no place to go. Poor souls.There are so many unreported cases where the poverty levels at home certainly prevents the reporting of such cases.Countries like srikanka who are also violators of human rights do not care and importantly not in position to go against a similar totalitarian govt setup like Jordan.

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