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Protect Children From Sex Perverts

There is undoubtedly a  horrendous mounting crime wave in the country – politically motivated killings, homicides for personal reasons, abductions, rapes and crimes committed against the most vulnerable of all – children. Crimes committed against the little ones received the least publicity but of late the horrendous nature of the bestial acts committed on them has deservedly received unprecedented publicity. News reports say that the National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) had received 2,300 complaints of child abuse for the first six months last year.
Going by daily reports of crimes against children it is regrettable to assume that it would be much more. Reports of senile men and even younger men preying on children were extremely rare a few decades ago but now the media has such reports almost on a daily basis. Even infants have not been spared of such bestiality.
Huge funds are invested in child protection in most countries, particularly in the West, but in this paradise isle the priorities are for security and the military. There are a few organisations such as the NCPA, Save the Children and Plan Lanka which are committed to saving the Sri Lankan child but how much of assistance is received by these organisations is not known. The government recruited 360 officers – graduates specialised in child psychology, sociology and associated fields – for child protection, it was reported last week but much more investment should be forthcoming if children, whom everyone loves, are to be saved from human vultures.
Children often called the ‘flowers of the nation’ should get top priority in the ‘save the children exercise’ but it is also important to investigate reasons for this upsurge of child abuse by men who are overtly sane and sober individuals but covertly have acquired split personalities of sex perverts. Is this a new occurrence in the personality of Sri Lankan men or was there a hidden bestial potential in them? These are questions which psychologists, sociologists, criminologists and the like should investigate. Is it the change of environment in this peaceful and placid island of around 10 million men in the sixties to a maddening jostling sweathouse of 21 million today? Has the pressure of modern life, the struggle to earn a living for oneself and the family, pushing the Sri Lankan man to the brink of a mental abyss?
Women – to their credit – by and large appear to have retained their mental and sexual equilibrium. Or are we experiencing the calm before the storm?
Sri Lankans of both sexes, at least externally, have developed a nonchalant attitude towards sex. This attitude is best summarised in the saying: We are Sri Lankans, we do not like sex. This pious but hypocritical attitude is laid bare in the many instances where they have been caught with their pants down. Even those in their pious white national garb calling for Sinhala modesty among women on public platforms have not been able to resist the urge to merge. One of their kind, a member of the ruling party is among 15 suspects charged before court for the alleged involvement in the abduction and rape of a 14 year old girl. They are alleged to have raped the girl for several days at guest houses and tourist hotels.
In this 21st Century where the mass media particularly the electronic variety breathes sex out through every pore, can sex be ignored? However, sex education, so essential for children to protect themselves, is unheard of in most schools.
Young boys have not been spared by some of their school teachers and principals! The surest way to protect the young is to impart sex education to them and tell them of the ways and wiles of perverts. It is a simple task and not rocket science.
Most of the victims are abjectly poor children and may not be attending school. These are the most vulnerable. Even parents sell their children because they cannot afford their upkeep while knowing full well the consequences. It will be the task of volunteer organisations such as the National Child Protection Authority to reach out and help the poorest of the poor children save themselves.
The police no doubt have a significant role to play but under no circumstances should they be entrusted with duties of moral policing the children. Their functions should be clearly defined. There have been reports of police assuming the role of strict moral disciplinarians such as on Galle Face Green where they order couples to move out of their seats or fold up their umbrellas in order to ensure that there is no hanky-panky going on behind the umbrellas! An umbrella on Galle Face Green appeared, at one time, to be considered a ‘dangerous weapon’.
Certainly if the modesty of our law enforcers are outraged by couples on the Green, such strictures could be justified but surely an open umbrella to protect lovers from the scorching sun should give no such cause for concern. The police should catch rapists and perverts not lovers.
The Rajapaksa regime should view this problem of child abuse from a very wide angle. The puritanical attitude towards sex should be discarded and a much more liberal and scientific approach adopted. It should not be viewed as an exercise in vote catching by whipping up fanatical puritans to call for the blood of those liberals who are sympathetic towards basic human desires.
The art, literature and history of both Sinhalese and Tamils reveal a very liberal and broadminded attitude towards sex. The anti-sex attitude is often attributed to the strict morality enforced by the western conquistadores. The immediate challenge is to protect the endangered children from abuse. But it would be hard to do that if sex perverts keep proliferating.

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  1. Hasthi

    While the government, GOs and NGOs have a huge responsibility, there are two groups that have an even bigger responsibility.

    The first is ‘US’ – not the far off country, but you and me. We the public should be united in eradicating child abuse of all forms. Do not drag politics, race, religion etc to this. Let the president say ‘no one will interfere’ honestly in prosecuting the culprits. Let the authorities carry out the law to the letter. Let the legal profession band together leaving out financial, political, social sentiments and friendships to ensure child abuse is eradicated. If you ever find a lawyer who seeks legal ‘loop holes’ to get an accused out, never make use of his/her services, his/her firms services or even his/her friends’ services. It is even okay to stop smiling with such lawyers, their family and friends. Let them know, these are crimes that need to be eradicated, and the legal profession has one of the greatest obligations towards that. I know that the legal profession will react by saying they have a ‘professional’ obligation to defend. But they have a greater HUMAN obligation to eradicate the crimes against children. Do not let them hide behind the ‘professional’ obligation. Now that alone is not enough; if we know of any possible child abuse, let us bring us to the notice of the authorities leaving aside all other considerations – whether family or friends.

    The second group is those with ‘means’. They may be individuals or companies. They have to give the utmost support to the GOs and NGOs by funding their efforts in eradicating child abuse and all causes that lead to child abuse of all forms.

    I have faith these two groups will not further delay their responsibility towards the ‘child’.

  2. samuel

    One addition to this article is the weak legal system of this country. Where sex offenders granted bail in just matter of weeks. This should NEVER be done. However our legal system is such with a good lawyer ANY criminal can get away with murder, rape and assault. Recently two men who raped boys in Tissamaharama were granted bail. Judge might view it as a normal situation as some judges do releasing even drug traffickers on bail. But rape is a rape even a boy or girl. Minister Tissa Kalaliyadda rightfully said that child abusers should NEVER granted bail!

  3. dnh

    only way to stop hurting children is to create some government controlled facility to release who want to be released. now government stop all the necessities in big cities so those disgusted turn to easy pray..

  4. Out of all criminal acts ‘child abuse’ is the worst. If the governemt is unable to hang everyone involved this shows it gives blessings for ‘animal-in-men-skin’ to carry on doing them. Therefore the governments duty, if honest and just, in the hour is to bring the hanging laws back on and start executioning dog-mindeds without any further delay

    1. Child abusers and Kudu Ganja raqueteers
    2. Brothel raqeteers
    3. Those who cheat and rob government fund including MPs and Ministers

    These three steps will clean up the country with much ease and in shortest possible time.

    Why these simplest job can not be done..? IS MY QUESTION

  5. Roman

    This phenomenon is no doubt distressing and certainly needs a conscious effort of all stake holders – Government, Law enforcement, Parents, Religious leaders and teachers.
    Ordinarily the list should be reversed starting with the parents, under the current circumstance the Government is critical, for a number of reasons. Fundamentally, when essentials are not met at home mothers tend to take flight to keep the home fires burning, which leads to a plethora of sins at both ends. Unloved children are at the mercy of anyone who offers a sweet.
    There is also a culture shift, ‘need Vs want’ issue, the race to live beyond means. This is triggered when the gap between the haves and have nots widening by the day.
    Thirdly. it is shocking beyond words to see what is accessible for everyone on the internet. In the middle east this is blissfully non existent, here we are barking up the wrong tree when it comes to freedom of information.
    Today everyone has access to the internet and such material will disturb even the most god fearing and pious human being.
    The buck of course stops with the parents, but one cannot ignore the saying ‘When poverty taps at the door Love flies through the window’
    At a recent interview with Newsweek Bill Clinton had to say this to his government ‘Economy you stupid’

  6. Gota the Hero

    Ah I wish I was there. I will catch each and everyone of these guys and string them up and throw them in the Indian ocean. Abusing children?…………..disgusting criminals

  7. sangaralingham

    if not society will crumple

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