Talking Climate Change Through Art And Poetry

By Maryam Azwer - Pictures by Pavithra Jovan De Mello

With the Rio + 20 earth summit having taken place just last month, climate change is an issue that we have just been reminded of, once again.
In Colombo, a series of artwork by artist Anoma Wijeywardene have been creating awareness on the same issue, with a touch of poetry contributing to the exhibition, Deliverance.
Deliverance has already caught the eyes and captured the thoughts of many, with several paintings and digital installations on exhibit at the Paradise Road and Saskia Fernando Galleries. In extending Deliverance to make it a more interactive project, Anoma most recently teamed up with sponsors HSBC and SriLankan Airlines to display digital installations of her saving-the-earth themed paintings, at the entrance courtyard of the Dutch Hospital.
This part of the exhibition, Deliverance Dialogues, presents not just art, but a great deal of scientific knowledge on climate change, which has been displayed at the back of each piece of art work. Coupled with lines of poetry by Wordsworth, Kahlil Gibran, Rainer Maria Rilke and Francis Bacon, among others, the exhibition is presented in English, Sinhalese and Tamil. The glass panes stationed behind these panels are open to anyone who’d like to leave a message – and have already been covered by hundreds of words in different colours and languages.
Deliverance Dialogues is open to all, and will be on until July 18.

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