Sri Lanka Tells Australian Navy To Turn Back Illegal Vessels

By Dinouk Colombage

In a move to cut back on the growing number of illegal asylum seekers, the Sri Lankan navy has requested that its Australian counterparts send back all illegal boats.
Navy spokesperson, Commander Kosala Warnakulasuriya, said that they have frequently requested that the Australia navy turn back the illegal immigrants as it would serve as a deterrent. “Whenever the boats get to Australia they are taken ashore and are not sent back. If this keeps happening they will keep encouraging the boat people to try and get across to Australia”, he explained.
He denied that the Australian navy had agreed to these terms, adding that “the Sri Lankan navy is responsible for its own waters. We can only hope that the Australian navy will turn them back.”
Warnakulasuriya added that the navy had stepped up its patrols around Sri Lanka’s maritime borders in an attempt to turn back the illegal boats. “One of the reasons the number of illegal asylum seekers has increased is the reduction in patrols. We are increasing them to combat this”, he explained.
The latest request by the Sri Lankan navy comes shortly after the first ever deportation of a Tamil from Australia since the war ended.
On Thursday Dayan Anthony was deported from Australia following an unsuccessful application for asylum in Australia.
The Australian Immigration Department have denied that the deportation of Dayan Anthony is a shift in their policy towards the boat people.
Daniel Sanders, immigration officer at the Department of Immigration, said that while Anthony’s deportation was the first such incident it did not mean that they would immediately start deporting the rest of the asylum seekers. “Anthony was deported because his application for refugee status was unsuccessful.

He went through the same process that all the other asylum seekers will go through, if their applications are successful they will be allowed to stay if not they will be deported”, he explained.
Sanders refused to comment on the reason why the UN’s last minute plea to reverse the deportation orders was not successful, saying only that “no new evidence had been given to change our decision.”
Upon arrival in Sri Lanka Anthony had been taken to the CID headquarters where he was interviewed for several hours.
Police spokesperson, S.P. Ajith Rohana, explained that the police had interviewed him to find out more details regarding his allegations of having been abducted and tortured in 2009. Rohana added that Anthony had withdrawn his complaints of torture, explaining that the human smugglers had instructed him to say he was tortured so as to gain access to Australia.
Rohana said that since Anthony had not left Sri Lanka illegally and he was not filing a complaint alleging torture he would not be investigated any further. “Anthony left Sri Lanka and flew to Bangkok on a valid passport, it was when he left Bangkok and flew to Australia that he used forged documents. Since this was not done in Sri Lanka, no charges will be filed against him”, he added.
Anthony was deported from Australia on Wednesday, having spent over 2 years in the Maribyrnong Detention Centre in Melbourne applying for refugee status.
At the time of his departure Anthony’s brother-in-law told media that he feared for Anthony’s life as he believed that he would be arrested and tortured upon arrival in the country.

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  1. kumar soysa

    Life in Australia is not what we think; A young couple recently obtained a visa as highly qualified (Computer Software and design) and have been there for over six months but no jobs! The girl who comes from humble back-ground was a senior staff officer at Virtusa and the husband was of a similar status, together earning app. Rs. 500,000/. They are now coming to the end of their tether.

    What makes these poor, ignorant, unskilled and uneducated people think that they will be well off in Australia? Despite all they say and all their “holier than thou” attitude and human rights rules, they are a “white” nation and they give first preference to their own.

    What is needed is a media bitz at our end, explaining to the populace in the East and North and elsewhere the facts of life in Australia vis-a-vis Sri Lanka.

    In SL, at least the relatives are there, as well as some form of work and food and shelter. You will not get all that in Ozzie!. Only get to watch their form of footie!!

    • jagath

      yes thats the real situvation in australia

    • Hewa Shalutha

      Even tho as a second class citizen in any country is better than Sri Lanka.
      Sri Lanka has no future. Specially to minority.

      According to Rajapaksha any one not Buddhist and Sinhalese are minority.

      • Ebenezer Thurairajah

        Then why Anthony did not stay in Thailand ?

      • Tharuka

        You are wrong. Anyone is not belonged to UPFA are minority in Sri Lanka. Many Sinhalese also get treated far below than Tamil and Muslims who are member of UPFA or it alais.

    • Jayantha J

      LTTE woman Niromi De soyza from sydney , Australia has been justifying the boat arrival for her media attraction.

    • Len

      I am sure this is from a highly educate highly skilled genius. I use to get the same clap trap from a expat Sri Lankan genius from Sydney. After a while I decided to avoid him so I called the taxi company ask them not to send him when I call for taxi.

  2. Lal.Fernando

    I wonder how much money was paid to this Anthony by the authorities, to shut his mouth.

  3. Asoka Jayawardane

    Why Australia sending back these Refugeese (Kallathonies)? to Sri Lanka? United Kingdom sent their criminals to Australia long time back. They all are now citizen of Australian. Australia is refugeese infected country. This is well known secret also.

    • Gota the Hero

      Yeah Asoka- you are so correct about criminals in Australia just like any other country in the world. But only in SL we have criminals as legislators in the bloody parliament. Are you one of them?

      • Superman

        Gota the Hero, I salute you sir. There are criminal in rich and wealthy countries like Australia, US and UK. But the diference is that in SL, these criminals, rapists, murderers RUN this filthy bloody country. No wonder everyone wants to get out and live a better life overseas.

    • Asoka,
      Are you not a decendent of that Vijaya, a Kallathony who landed in the island with 600 of his followers, deported from Orissa, India?
      You are jealous of Austrlia, a first world country.

  4. Ed

    Commander Kosala Warnakulasuriya does not seem to realise some countries do follow human rights conventions. A boat that is not sea-worthy and caught in its waters, is always taken to shore. Human life has value. Obviously, not in the eyes of this idiot.

    For the international readers, I hope this mindless commanders comments will not be a reflection of the normal Sri Lankan.

    Shame on you Kosala!

    • suren soysa

      ED please do not try to be a bigger Idiot than the Australians. Kosala knows the implications of this issue far better than you! By calling Kosala an Idiot you have exposed your genetics in public. These white people have no value for Human life; if there is any, what has US done in Iraq, Afghanistan,Pakistan to name a few. Has Aussie’s ever protested? These whites are all in the inhuman boat & only idiots who eat scrap off them, venerate them. Be an honorable SRI LANKAN, if you are one!

  5. suren soysa

    This is all a problem of our stupid politicians desire to dance to the tune of the dirty white world. If Australia is not supporting the SL Navy or the Government,Let them fly a kite! Just do not get involved in attempting to stop these boat people. As time goes by it will be a massive headache to that country & they will be forced to come on their knees,begging for support. Australia is scared to provide details as their friends in the white world are behind funding the boat people, to destabilize Sri Lanka. Even Australian names will come out if we carry out proper investigations,minus politics! The jumping & grinning Kangaroo’s will look like obnoxious serpents to the rest of the world.

    • Gota the hero

      The same white world which feeds your aunties and uncles in SL with a sweet gift called aid. Bloody fool, think before you write.

      • suren soysa

        Born imbecile, was it the whites who fed your ancestors(if you have any) 1000 years ago? In this tiny country my uncles & Aunties could be your Mother & father perhaps! You have the freedom to lick or suck the whites. Please do not write before you think!

        • Gota the Hero

          Hey Suren- I am a born imbecile? If I am that, that makes you what a SCUMBAG???? My ancestors literally fought to have freedom and independence for this country, which your cousin Rajapakse and his coolis have taken away. Anyone who supports this Rajapakse and his band criminals must be rated as tossers. You must be an inbred buffoon who fell off a bloody ox-cart in Hambantota being driven by your cousin Gota. Where are you living now? In some part of the West cleaning toilets? We left this beautiful country because of circus clowns like you. I am bloody proud to say I live in the west away from all these criminals. The same white man you put down is the same white man who feeds your aunties and uncles in Hambantota. So, you want to try me again?

        • kumar soysa

          Its no use calling names. Just look at the problem. There is no real work in these Western nations for those qualified outside those countries. It is not as it used to be in Australia, canada, Scandinavia etc. So, a media blitz to educate prospective migrants is a good first step. I dont know about Ozzie but the unemployment rate in the USA is 8% +.

          Incidentally, Suren lives and always lived in Sri Lanka.

    • Harry

      The truth behind the whole saga is that an infuential person in the GoSL is operating a syndicate to export humans from the South of Srilanka(Kataragama). Operating from a leading/weknown hotel in Colombo. The GoSL is paying all expenses to get rid of the poor tamil people promising jobs etc. Check it out.

    • ” Even Australian names will come out if we carry out proper investigations,minus politics! ”
      But SL regime does not like such “proper investigations” !

    • Pacha Epa

      Suren soysa:
      Do you really exist or are you the fruit of some diseased imagination?

      For starters, why don’t you enroll in some English language kindergarten? Then, at least, people might be able to understand SOME of the rubbish that you spout. In fact, check at Angoda because they might have classes for you in remedial English and it would be an useful way to spend your time there.

  6. Michael de Silva

    Kumar your young couple must be one case in a hundred migrants to Oz, they
    have only themselves to blame, if they are as educated as you make them out to be they should have first checked out the conditions in Oz before making the leap, horses for courses matey, horses for courses, remember pigs are happy to live in a sty………………I can give you a hundred examples of happy and satisfied migrants
    to Oz who will never come back. Your blitz idea is more like a pusswedilla………and your anti “white’ sentiments are in poor taste…..Yuk.

    • Pilot

      Good on you Mate! If you have made it in Aussie.

      I lived and studied there as a young man in my late twenties. I encountered many uneducated young drunks who did not want me there. Back home in SL I live a life that many Aussies can only dream of. My place right now is SL and will not change that for anything in the world. Politco’s suck but who gives them a damn? We carry on regardless.

      Someday, when I’m old and in need of proper medical attention I might live with the Kangaroos. Right now I have no need to go anywhere. Politics sucks, but we go on.

  7. Randy Matthew

    Kumar, you seem to be jealous mate that we Aussies are living a dream life, something that you only can dream about.

    • Pilot

      Our Randy,

      How many servants and Chauffers have you got? I bet you clean your own toilet. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, but the quality of life here if you have what it takes, is no match in Australia. For less than $10 someone will tend to your garden whole day! Many of my friends who can afford to spend their vacations at Cinnamon Grand would change places with us in a flash if they could.

      We are not frogs in a well who haven’t seen the other side. Been there, done that Randy! You just couldn’t cut it here, I guess. We make a honest living without taking bribes or selling dope. We are recognized and acknowledged where ever we go here. In Aussie you lot are filthy Brownies to white trash. Enjoy the insults Randy.

      • Michael de Silva

        Pilot, you may have been the frog out of the well but you seem to have been to the wrong places and done absolute cooly things during the time that you have spent outside the well, now you are back inside with impaired vision and knowledge with a whole lot of stupid friends too. Do not worry about getting proper medical attention mate, you are beyond that stage. One thing I can educate you about is that the doctors in Sri Lanka are as good as their counterparts anywhere in the world. Stay in the well mate, we live a different life up here and it seems to be too complicated for a frog like you.

  8. Gringo

    I just visited Australia for a wedding, There are not many Sri Lankans that live in Australia, but the ones who are living there are doing extremely well. Much better living standards in Australia than SL and it is definetly a first world wealthy country. I am not suprised people are trying to go there by any means.

  9. Leela

    What a joke, I am sure the Mighty Australian authorities will listen to a useless uneducated follish Navy commandar from a third world under developed country like SL.

  10. Penny

    I see so many Jealous, ignorant, uneducated fools in third world under developed SL who are not fit to clean the toilets in Australia.

    • Michael de Silva

      Penny I think you have the Soyza’s in mind for the toilet jobs…………….

    • Pilot

      enjoy cleaning the toilets in Aussie, Penny. Guess you are well qualified to do it. Does the Aussie shit smell like perfume to you while you are at it?

  11. N K Ratnam

    Fishermen driven out from their coastal villages, farmers driven out from their own fields to give way to Sinhala fishermen and Sinhala farmers. Where do you want them to go? If the S/L regime is paranoid of leaving the Tamil fishermen fish in the north and east they should allow them to fish in the South with adequate protection. If not who can blame them fleeing the land where they are denied even the basic right to life.

    It is about time the people in the South take off their “LTTE blinkers” and look for the true reason why people are leaving. If you are denied your basic right to life you will do the same to protect your family.

  12. Desilva


  13. Penny

    Well Pilot, I can saying one thing, you must have been kicked out of my beautiful Australia, because it appears that you only fit into a drain pipe country like SL where more than 80% of your people are living under the poverty line. I would NEVER exchange my high standard of living in a first world country like Australia for an under developed, murderious, third world country where even the basic human needs like food, shelter, roads and proper medical facilities are not provided. You see jealousy is is a curse.

  14. Desilva


  15. Bruz

    Sure, turn all of them back.The Sri Lankan government will ‘take care” of them.
    No worries anymore !

  16. Bala Sunderam

    Anthony’s brother in law is an A grade con artist. He will lie to sell his life , if it is worth a dime.

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