Former US Attorney General Joins LTTE Senate

Former U.S. Attorney General (A.G.) Ramsey Clark has joined the pro LTTE Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE). A press statement by the TGTE said that Clarke will be part of a ‘senate’ named in the self appointed parliament of the TGTE.
Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran the ‘Prime Minister’ of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam announced the names of nine ‘senators’ to TGTE’s self appointed senate. Both the parliament and senate of the TGTE are however not recognized by the UN or any other international body or government.
Clark played a major role in drafting and guiding the passage of two important US Laws, namely the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Civil Rights Act of 1968.
Another appointment to the Senate is a Sinhalese, Dr Brian Seneviratne, who is currently living in Australia, the TGTE said.
It said that the other members of the ‘senate’ include Dr Nagalingam Jeyalingam, M.D. from New York, Satya Sivaraman, a journalist and human rights & public health activist from New Delhi, India, Mrs. Usha Sriskandarajah, a well-known Tamil activist from Canada, Elansezhian B.Sc. from Tamil Nadu, India, Gnaneswaran, an Engineer from Canada, Jegan N. Mohan, a Senior Barrister-at-Law from Canada and Rajaratnam, B.Sc. from Canada.
The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam was created in the aftermath of the end of the war in Sri Lanka. The TGTE held elections in twelve countries to elect Members to its self appointed ‘Parliament’ and the members drafted and ratified a constitution and elected a prime minister, a 10 member cabinet and a speaker.

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  1. kumaraya

    Ramsay Clark is described as “the friend of the terrorists” and is associated with Slobodan Millosowich and other terrorists. Do a web search on “Ramsay Clark”.

    • union

      Sri Lankan government no better than LTTE. Still couldn’t answer for unaccounted mass killing of civilians carried out by Sri Lankan forces by the instruction from Gothabaya.

  2. Raman

    This is a 3rd class reporting. How can you call it LTTE senate? Only Sinhala racists / terrorists will make such a heading!

  3. Alisten

    Sunday leader too showing the racisim, All LTTE are Tamils but all tamils are not LTTE. Please write properly

    • Tomsamusa

      I fully agree with you; next the Leader would write, the countries who voted for the Human rights resolution at Geneva are Pro LTTE.

      Leader SHOULD retract this statement with apologies to the civilised people/nations of the world..

      • SamSamNorway

        TGTE is a front for LTTE. Their stated purpose is a separate mono-ethnic state (Eelam), for Tamils – to be carved out of SL by hook or crook.
        Facts are facts…. Leader has No need to apologise or retract anything

        • Tomsamusa

          The Leader will eat their words soon.
          The writing is in the wall; but sinking lankans are too blind to see this.

    • singing fish

      I accept that all tamils not LTTE, but the goverment and the forces consider tamils as terrorists.For the killings done by the forces,the forces say they killed a terrorist,eventhough he is a innocent person.

      • Tomsamusa

        Well said singing fish; this attitude of the sucessive Ceylon/Sinking lankan govts controlled by Sinhala ,cinamon garden elites in past and Ham’tota at present has created the present state of mind set.among Tamils.

        Bangaladesh,east Timor, Koorsovo, South Sudan, ?Eelam.

    • suren soysa

      what ever you may say all LTTE need be exterminated from planet earth & it will happen slowly & steadily. If not no Tamil life is safe anywhere on earth.

  4. Appuhamy

    William Ramsey Clark is an American lawyer, activist and former public official who worked for the U.S. Department of Justice, which included service as United States Attorney General from 1967 to 1969, under President Lyndon B. Johnson.

    As a lawyer, he has also provided legal counsel and advice to several notable figures, including:
    - Nazi concentration camp commandant Karl Linnas
    - Nazi War criminal Jack Reimer, charged in the killings of Jews in Warsaw.
    – Branch Davidian leader David Koresh
    - Radovan Karadžić, former Bosnian Serb politician, accused war criminal
    – Slobodan Milošević, former President of Serbia and of FR Yugoslavia, accused war criminal

    Its not surprising that someone who supports the Nazis would join a ruthless barbaric terrorist organization like the Tamil Tigers.

    • karuna

      where Rajapakse fits in ?? may be comedian

      • Tomsamusa

        Unfortunately pakse clan wont fit in with people who fight for justice and fair play.
        He may be a candidate as a court jester in the govt of Timbuttu.

    • sangaralingham

      controversial people in controversial society with controversial topics not a spoken word of optimism unity shared responsibility harmonious relations. army in north is a sign of paranoia by insecure politicians. army should work with people to teach citizens the role of army in civilian life not just gun carrying job.
      nation at peace should be treated as such.

  5. karuna

    Rajapakses and Karuna joint leader ship is a disaster for Singhalese and Tamils. Hope public cleaver enough to understand this instead of blaming others.

  6. There is nothing wrong. If Karuna, the former LTTE second in command can join MR, why not the Senator join the LTTE.

  7. Prabha is alive and kicking

    Well this is only the beginning and more high profile leaders in the world will join ‘our’ govt to defeat the genocidal third world poverty stricken Sri Lankan murderers.

  8. Mahes

    Appuhamy ‘s comment about Nazi supporter and now supporting ” tamil ruthless terrorists ” is comming from the descendant or a present activist of singala ruthless murderer riotors of years1958 and 1983 also well known 2009 war criminals. These criminals in 1983 were dancing in front of tamil victims burning fire with oil pour on them .So many innocent crying tamil families with children and babies were draged out of ther houses and attacked , (I was one of the victim in Colombo by these ruthless singala mass of criminals.) I was informed that It was high-lighted in BBC news bulletin as witnessed by British turists. Yellow robed so called priests were among the enthusiastic rioters ,also exuberant singala population and the then President JR reply to BBC correspondent was ” singalese were annoyed against tamil population.” BBC newscaster commented ” is he president of a country ” !!! . Now this murderous singala enthusiastics getting on the band’wagon of ” terrorism ” ,for their convenience and performing genocide of the kind of massacre of Bosnions by the Serbian leader .

  9. srilankan

    I had been a strong pro srilankan diaspora, Unfortunately I am confused with the way srilankan govt of President Rajapakse had been handling highly sensitive ,religous and ethnic issues . Specially monks gone berserk by attacking pastors, churches, hindu temples and muslim place of worships.President a man who truly belived in human rights and abuses, so far his henchman had been committing all kind of atrocities and hate crimes in the name of buddhism and the president never condemned these heinous acts of vandalism ,assaults and demolition of place of worships.
    Srilanka need the help of pro srilankan diaspora in the International Arena to fight
    pro Ltte media but in matter of days or month Srilankas image of secularism ,equality and the freedom of religon at stake .and srilanka wont have any allies to defend her when need arises.The diplomatic disaster in geneva is a learning lesson for the govt to treat all srilankans equally before the rest join hand with TGTE.

  10. Not for long time…he seems to make some money to take to the next world.

  11. Gota the hero

    Hello folks-
    I am a Jaffna Tamil who saw the mess that was going to unfold back in the 80′s and bolted to save my life to a great nation in the west with many who did the same. Why is the question? We ran because we were cowards who could not thrash the Sinhala Police back to Hambantota. The military had little to do with the people. It was the Police with those two scoundrels Gamini Dissanayake and Cyril Matthew burnt down Jaffna town including the Jaffna library to throw a challenge to the people of Jaffna. Not all Tamils want to accept this but it is a fact that the Army based in Jaffna who tried to douse the fire at the library and failed. The military got involved after the ambush in 83. So many and I ran to the west leaving behind thousands to perish and perish they did in the hands of successive racist governments. The bloody LTTE and all other low life paramilitaries along with those scum from India wreaked havoc in the north and east. Now that the damn LTTE has been wiped out (militarily), some of us who ran for cover have become quite brave (sarcasm) from a foreign land. We want Tamil Ealam at the cost of the poor people who are still living under tyranny. The Diaspora is hell bent on igniting this nasty war once again living abroad. While the Diaspora kids are in great Universities and Colleges getting a fantastic education, the Diaspora is willing to sacrifice the children of the North and East for what they believe is the right thing to do. Vengeance is put in front of innocent lives in Lanka. These fellows from this damn TGTE and their entire families must be put on the next plane and sent to Lanka to fight for what they believe in.

  12. AlwisG

    As some seem to know, Ramsay Clark’s nefarious background needs to be given the widest publicity in the Media. The people will then know and be aware of this person’s true background and obsequious nature.AG

  13. Mahes

    Gota the hero the Jaffna man , you are one of those scoundrels representing a minority who speaks with venom in their tonuge and ignorant arguments accusing TGTE , LTTE and majority of Diaspora. He himself accept that he is a COWARD who could not retaliate for the murderous atrocities in Jaffna by the Singala police (the guardian of law) and fled to western country. The atrocities on tamils unleashed by the Singala government previous years particularly in 1958 and followed on many times up to 1983 pogrom . In addition state sponsored discrimations against tamils in education was another factor that made the creation of LTTE men and women with courage to confront the Singala enemy. Though defeated by the Singala state by practising war crime on a mass scale on LTTE and tamils in general have given way to practice genocide of a race.The tamils are now subjucated and terrorised with the intention of eventual eradication from their land. This coward himself living in comparative luxury in the west and within selfish barrior without telling openly suggesting that diaspora should go and fall -down at the legs of Gotaphaya and his hensmen so that the tamils can be slaves of 21st century..

    • Gota the hero

      Hey Mahes – Where are you now? I am sure you are hiding in a foreign land with your tail stuck between your legs. First of all I read everything you wrote and your comprehension of a foreign language appears to be quite limited based on your own writing and the understanding of what I wrote. We all left the country because of tyrants like Cyril Matthew, Gamini Dissanayake and JR Jayawardene and fools like you. Have you ever taken the time to ask the people of the North and East what they want? I do not think you did because you are so brave in front of a computer having a cushy job in a foreign land. So one day you woke up and decided to become the savior of the dead and not care about the living. Gota and you are scum of Lanka on both sides. Every time you flap your ignorant mouth, a Tamil man, woman or a child dies in the hands of the tyrants who are in power. In the 80’s we knew this whole thing will blow up in our face 25-30 years from there. Don’t tell me you took off for education, my foot. You took off because you were damn scared. How many educated people did the bloody LTTE/other paramilitaries wipe out in Lanka? Who do you have today to represent the Tamils of Ceylon? People like you, the ignorant SOB in front of a computer writing garbage during free time. If you want to do something with substance, go and speak to people like Obama to sort the mess in Lanka. Think the UN does not give a rat’s behind about the Tamils. They care about countries where there is something for them………..example: Oil. 50,000 (innocent) Tamils died in the final push, did the UN do anything? Loud mouths like you living in the comforts of a foreign land started howling. Rajapakses are playing merry hell and bleeding the country of all its resources, where is the west in all of this? So, you think by forming a parliament (TGTE) outside with a bunch of Tamils and some ex-AG is going to do something for you? Hey tosser, you need to use the pea brain of yours and write something wisely. I left the country for the very reason you left the country. At least I accept that I ran away, but if you think you are brave, and then go back there with your family and fight. Otherwise…………..I have no kind words to use, therefore I will stop.

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