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Let Them Curse Me, I Don’t Care – Mervyn Silva

By Indika Sri Aravinda

Minister of Public Relations Mervyn Silva said that he was willing to face any form of adversary to prevent the controversial animal sacrifices from happening at the Munnesvaram Kovil.
“I’m not scared of Thovil, Vas Kavi, witchcraft or curses that people do against me,” said the Minster, and challenged the priests of the Kovil to bring any amount of dark negative energies that the priests could muster.
“These are tribal things, and we have to move on from these to a more civilised form of living,” Silva said.
The sacrifices are currently on hold at the Kovil, following a request by President Mahinda Rajapaksa not to conduct any slaughter during the exposition of the sacred Kapilavastu relics, believed by Buddhists to be remnants of the Lord Buddha.
Silva however said that he will not let the sacrifices happen even after the relics are taken back to India, once the exposition is over.
“I’m the only one from the government who stood up to the slaughter, not a single other minister stood up to stop the killing of animals,” Silva said.

44 Comments for “Let Them Curse Me, I Don’t Care – Mervyn Silva”

  1. Lal.Fernando

    Please do not waste time talking about Mervyn Silva. Once he said our Sri Lankan’s go overseas to wash white man’s dishes, when I heard that it made me sick.Those people go abroad and earn money in that way and remit those money in Sri Lanka so that they can have decent life style. Not dealing in drugs and illegal octivitites.Please do not drive wedges between religions.Learn to respect every religion.

    • david strange

      by the way mr.mahasen his son is also overseas. not washing dishes but God knows what.

    • Gota the hero

      We wash the whiteman’s dishes? Is this what this low life scumbag Merwyn said about people who live abroad? This is all coming from a sakiliya who washed the Banda estate dishes? Today he is washing MR’s toilets. I would rather wash the whiteman’s dishes than wash MR’s toilets.


    You , stood up to the slaughter of animals BUT sat down when HUMANS were abducted and disappeared ……..what a great service you did ….only fools will praise while the brave have been silenced.

  3. Makuluwa

    Foolish minister you are a disgrace to this government. Retribution will fall on your like what happened to Duminda, Mahinda Wije and many others who made this country a mess.

  4. hansan

    You are talking as your period is ending very soon, Stars are not there all the time for jokers , Wait and see what the Pusari of the Kovil do. Mahinda Wejes. did bad about Dondra Cattle and you can see to your self how he is, Go ahead Cardbo. Dutu. Gods will punish very soon.

    • Pukka Sahib

      Before banning Animal sacrifices the UPFA Govt. should stop the Followings:

      1. Ban white Van Abduction & Killings
      2. Release all those innocent Tamil civilians suffering tortures behind Barbed wire fences.
      3. Stop killings inside prison walls – Already 2 remand prisoners been hacked to death inside the prison.
      4. Allow those displaced Tamils to be settled in their own places.
      5. stop land grabbings.

      and finally open all the Universities that’s been closed.

  5. Roshan

    He is the one of the biggest idiot,What about slaughtering powerless people?
    is this Buddha preach you? dont mislead country people for sake of your

    • Len

      I object comparing Dr. MS to a idiot simply because it will demean the standerd of idiots.

  6. C Basnayake

    How silly talk by SL president when Kapilavastu in the country not to do the animal slaughter but do it afterwards. When he killed thousands of humans the sacred tooth relic was in the country.
    One of the main principles of Buddhism is tolerance.
    Sri lanka practice showcase, Buddhism not real self cleansing one. Monks also have ask president to intervene this animal slaughter, while monks cannot control 5 priciples in their cohort. How many Buddhist monks in SL tell lies, being promiscuous and use alcohol please self first then others!!!!!

    • sandman

      Why Bars, Casinos, Race by Race still open during the exposition of these important Buddhist relics ? Are the Maha Sangha and the Buddhists deaf and blind as well ?

  7. tony

    Minister of Public Relations or Minister of Obstruction & Destruction

  8. naresh

    You & your govt is cursed no much efftect in your life. have fun till you can

  9. dagobert

    Mervyn, Rayappu are all in the same irrespective of the Cassoack & the Sarong.

    They preach good on the one hand and engage in abductiong, kidnapping people and statues with the other.

    These are people who are above God and their Masters.

    • Dogobert,

      Why are you connecting Merwin with Rayappu?
      Is it to divert attention on the works of Merwin, who is kept by your paymasters
      to do his part of dirty work, with other suckers like Karuna, KP, Pillayan, Devananda?

  10. LIMA

    very soon this idiot too will be slaughtered as a sacrifice and people going to throw shit on that sacrificed bull shit .

  11. Champa Fernando

    I would like to differ from the opinions expressed here so far and openly praise the Minister for the stance he has taken against this barbarity. Not many people would speak up for animals. Thank you Mr. Minister.

    • Champa,
      So you are not concerned about Mervin’s Double Satndards
      and disappearences of innocent humans (not animals) !!!!

  12. Buddhadasa

    I will acknowledge what Mervin did. These sacrifices are meaningless and animal cruelty should be opposed by any civilized person. What cannot agreed with him is his silence on the growing crime rate including child rapes which are more important and burning issues to the general public. Dear minister, the momentum you gathered please direct to eradicate the corruption and the crime we face and people will hail you to the status of real”Dutugemunu”if you could do so.

  13. All these years I thought that Mervyn was Coucou, But for once I laud his insistence about animal sacrifice and all the coucou that ensues. Curses dont work Mervyn, only natural curse that may occur is that we have to kneel to God viagra if and so needed.

  14. Audrey barber

    LOL “These are tribal things, and we have to move on from these to a more civilised form of living,” Silva said.

    Yeah moving to a better era tie them to trees Mervyn” Oh boy the jester speaketh again. what more is there to curse, He is the biggest curse in that government.

  15. Padman

    We have to be fragmatic and should not look through coloured glasses in situations. What ever the Mervin’s history ,it is not relavant here for this subject. As living being how can we recomend killing abother living being? Here Mervin is right and at least animal lovers should support for him.

  16. Karu

    Being a Hindu, I do not know from where this animal cruelty came into the Hindu religion. I am with the Minister for a good cause. Never in my life I learnt that Hinduism permits animal slaughter. This must be a drama staged by the priest to make money. He must be brainwashing the people of the area to do this nonsense. Don’t believe this. I hate to go to Munneswaram temple which is considered a sacred and the oldest temple like Thiruketheeswaram in Mannar, Thirukkoneswaran in Trinco etc. Be assured Minister, Kaliamma will not curse you/

  17. Motta Moron

    Hullo Mervyn,,,There is nothing to curse you.

  18. Kumar

    Anne Mervin, we know who you are. Instead of interfering on religious matters, can you do somthing about the people disappearing & killings

  19. Indian Jona

    “monada bite walata thiyenne”? – Mervyn at a Kaleniya bar

    “amathithuma ada thiyenne BISTAKE”(for beefstake)- waiter

    “Modaya, Mamath dannawa bistake” monada mas? -Mervyn

  20. naman

    You can stand against the slaughter of animals but not the innocent humans(Sri Lankan Tamils)

  21. ann

    A few more thousand cursing him wont matter…he already has millions cursing him

  22. Arunachan

    Whatever anybody may say I am firmly with you, Mervin. As an animal lover I do not think these poor creatures should be sacrificed to appease the blood lust of anybody. Not only the temple authorities but also the people who drag these animals to be killed in the most inhuman manner should be dealt with under the Cruelty to Animals Act. These creatures have no voice to raise against the barbarism of certain humies in the name of religion. Therefore, Mervin please take up the cause and I am sure Kali will extend her blessings to you for it.

  23. KunuKatuwa

    who gives a damn about backward tribal hooniyangs, curses, thovil and was kavi and all that sacrifice crap? Buddhism has no room for such nonesense or even astrologers or auspicious times. All that is rubbish and backward beliefs like caste in Hinduism.. All evil doers who think they can out of envy cause harm to others with their black magic, voodoo, hooniyang, was kavi all end up suffering as a result of those things boomeranging on them as Buddha taught. Rubbish. So for once I agree with Mervyn the ace in the hole.

    • Kunukatuwa,

      Why then our big “BOSS” goes to South Indian kovils,( the visits being arranged by his Tamil relative) along with his Christian wife to offer pooja and get Blessings, whenever his astrologer predicts bad period for him???

  24. Public Toilet

    There is a sinhalese saying “Gu Kapparak Kapu Ekata Pada Ganda Kajjakda” (A man who consumed pooh in the toilets waht is a part)
    This is very beautifully apply to this foolish man.

  25. Lanka Muslim, UK

    I pray that he and the other colleague of his, who is a bit silent now, live for some more years and be politicians so that the suffering people of Sri Lanka heavily burdened with the ever rising cost of living and several other problems have some fun from these jokers.

  26. suren soysa

    India is the land of Lord Buddha, from birth to death. It is in this land that 1.5 million cattle are slaughtered daily! I hate to mention the figures of fowl,Goats,pigs & other animals slaughtered daily, for human consumption! We have become a nation where every illogical decision is taken by Politicians,just to feather their own nest. Did not any man realize the futility of President appealing to Munneswaram priest to postpone the Animal sacrifices till such time the Lord Buddhas Relics are in this country, when hundreds of cattle, pigs , goats & fowl were slaughtered for consumption, in the country,during this period? How many millions of people ate meat & meat products during this period? In a world that has not completely done away with even remote human sacrifices, what is it that we are trying to gain for this country by being for or against any sacrifice of animal life? Not very long ago, young children were sacrificed, in this country, before making Bridges & to obtain treasures!

  27. Pon Kulendiren

    Sacrificing animals and birds should stop in all relgious paces in Sri Lanka. How about selling meat in Lanka whether it is poya day or not? How about selling drugs Mr Mervin? That is more dangerous than eating meat.

  28. love2beTRAITOR

    mervin dare not speak about the muslim animal sacrifice. why is that?

  29. This filthy “Minister” is a part of our Cabinet, who is kept by MR to get some dirty works performed by him.

    MR thinks he will be remembered in history as a “King”.
    However the moment he leaves office, he will be banished fron the island
    and his new found friends China, Russia Iran etc.. will not shelter him, as he is now dreaming.

  30. Simion

    when executions will be implemented soon, Mervin should be the first as open criminal in the country.

  31. dumith

    though Mervyn has many faults he is the only man who is standing up to killing of these innocent animals.

    jayawewa mervyn!

  32. Jo

    Raja parayage hora ganu supplier mu

  33. momsamusa

    My strong suggestion is to make this idiot the sacificial goat(lamb) for the benefit of sinking lanka and the human kind.

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