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The Law of the Jungle Prevails

In the early hours of Sunday (9) morning Malaka Silva, who has gained notoriety after collisions with law enforcement officers particularly in night clubs had, with a supporting gang of goons, set upon two army intelligence officers at the JAIC Hilton and taken away a service revolver, a gold chain and a mobile telephone. That was the gist of the complaint made to the Police by the Army Officers.
Under normal circumstances if any individual staged such an act, for whatever reason, he would have been, within hours, rubbing bruised ribs and mending broken bones in an unidentified cell somewhere. But Malaka Silva is the notorious son of an abominably notorious father, Minister Mervyn Silva. The father’s infamy is built upon crimes committed on innocent civilians and bureaucrats. The son, it appears, is improving on his father’s record by graduating from assault on civilians to those on the armed forces. And the son too, it appears, has gained the same political immunity for offences committed like his father. There is some evidence that the prodigal son, at least on this ocassion, may be  somewhat innocent. Please read the full story on pages 14 and 15.
Be that as it may, it is five days since the outrage took place at the JAIC Hilton, but young Silva is seen going around town quite unencumbered by police detectives even though the police spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana has made the traditional statement when such public outrages take place: Special police teams have been deployed to arrest the suspects. But Malaka Silva is as free as a bird or bee. The moot point is that even if young Silva is innocent, his statement should have been recorded and verified.
Quite in accordance with recent police traditions that are being built up, whether such special police teams can even catch a fly is doubtful let alone initiate an inquiry against the likes of the Silvas.
Such special teams were appointed to investigate the cold blooded murder of the founder editor of this newspaper Lasantha Wickrematunge in broad daylight on a public highway and also on the disappearance of journalist Prageeth Ekneligoda, the day before the Presidential election.
President Mahinda Rajapaksa has gone to great pains to make the City of Colombo look beautiful in the eyes of the 220 delegates of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Conference. Stray dogs, beggars and garbage have disappeared and even celebrations on the victory of three provincial council elections muted to impress upon delegates that ours is an exemplary democracy. But the antics of Malaka Silva and the apparent state patronage accorded to him had made even some pro-government media scream and have made the country stink. The beautification of Colombo and the projection of democratic governance of the Rajapaksa regime appear to be a facade to hide the nepotism and other misdemeanours in governance that are going on.
After the JAIC incident, junior Silva was seen in the sacred premises of the Kelaniya Temple where the Kapilavastu relics, believed to be that of the Buddha, were being exhibited for veneration by tens of thousands of Buddhists. According to some reports the sacred temple premises on that day was a virtual garrison with 500 personnel of the Special Task Force and 2,000 other policemen standing by. There were the senior police top brass to handle any eventuality. But this mighty force in khaki failed to identify the wanted man or they could not be bothered about him. They were there to provide security to the Buddha relics and the Kelaniya Temple, not go after miscreants. How convenient for them! Or is there another explanation?
A wag has another explanation. Those who worship the sacred relics will be exculpated from all crimes committed in the past. Thus, there was no point in arresting the ‘santha-dantha’ Silva Jr, who would have been cleansed of all his sins or was it that there was simply ‘no order from the top’. So why get a transfer order to Velvettiturai or some such place, would have been the rationalisation.
Last week our editorial was on the criminalisation of politics and politics criminalising politicians. If the state extends its patronage to politicians who commit crimes politicians are bound to become criminals. There is much to be gained by politicians who do not have to follow the law of the land and instead take to the law of the jungle. Mervyn Silva is now an outstanding exponent of the law of the jungle posing off as some ‘Kota Tarzan’ swinging freely from tree to tree. As ‘Kota Tarzan’ he has become the judge, jury and executioner and has the gumption to feel that he is extremely popular. ‘I like people and the people like me’, he had declared in a recent interview. What kind of people is he talking about? Animals? Civilisation has progressed enough to produce people who may not appreciate his hysterical outbursts and refuse to telecast them. Civilians, like officials who had not followed political orders being tied to trees are abhorred by decent people. But this ‘Kota Tarzan’ is still being entertained by leaders of this country. Tarzans have a tendency to proliferate and now we have a ‘Podi Tarzan’.
Some media organisations anxious to make a fast buck have found ‘Kota Tarzan’ to be quite a draw. He is a judge in a celebrity show and hobbles about like a lame duck. Some animals in ‘Kota Tarzan’s’ jungle may appreciate him but surely no responsible national media institution could promote this culture of the jungle.  We pointed out in our previous editorial that criminalisation of politics is fast spreading in South and South East Asia. In 2008, the Indian parliament had 120 MPs with criminal charges and 54.3 percent of them were from major parties. The figures would be much higher in the present Indian parliament.
Second string Sri Lankan politicians in the provincial councils are showing much promise in this direction. We read of them being accused of rape, abductions and robbery quite often. Soon they will graduate into parliament and we will have a Sovereign Criminal Independent Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

20 Comments for “The Law of the Jungle Prevails”

  1. Indrajit

    A country like no other, sadu, sadu saaaaaaaaaaa

  2. If there is a common law by now Malika would have been arrested and charged. Who is this Malika, a son of a Minister. So the law it not applicable to him. Mahinda Rajapakse continously telling the world that there is democracy prevailing in his country. I don’t eat one word of our President. There is no law and order under his rule. How long our Presidnet can cheat others?

    • Aiyo Mahinda

      Then,why dont we make sure that we let this useless , corrupt and rogue of a president in MR know that he is no longer worthy of being our president,(not even a citizen of Srei lanka) and ask him to piss off once and for all..
      Let us not forget Egypt,Iraq and Libya , where the dictatorial leaders were finally got rid of like rabid dogs..Time to ponder and wonder with our country now getting ruined every day.

      • tomsamusa

        This is an example of how sinking lanka is slowly but surely is sliding towards a failed state and a banana republic.
        The ball is in the citizens court to go with the flow into the ocean and do something to stop this human tsunami.

  3. Sonali De Silva

    Your story on page 14 and 15 sounds so lame that a 15 yr old could have written a better one. But to be fair we shall see what the outcome of the investigation will be. Truth they say is sometimes stranger than fiction. Let hope the SL has not influenced to deviate from their “UNBOWED AND UNAFRAID” motto or the death of Lasantha would have been in vain.

  4. Mini Maru Lokkah

    The president continues to protect and harbour all his viciuous and uselss goons such as Mervyn and his son…
    Let’s see if MR has the backbone to order and take any worthy action and punish these rowdies, instead of ordering another enquiry and ending it there.
    I challenge H.E, The President of Sri Lanka to show us that he is made of some standing and will take action and punish these fellows..or is it the usual weak and baseless MR that we we have always known to be????

  5. S.Robert

    This high handed act of Malaka cannot be tollorated by the Army, anyway what
    the Army should have done was to come with a truck load of armies & assault
    this bugger and his security personnal as to teach them a lesson and if this
    bugger’s father bloody Merwyn talks too much he too must be attacked by the
    armies. Why the army is keeping quiet, don’t you all think it is a damn shame
    teach them a good lesson and let them know who are the armies and not to play
    joke like the corrupted politicians in the present government. It is pointless
    talking of the police, they are helpless and they are afraid to the politicians,
    because this country has gone to the dogs with the jungle law. I say to the army
    do not have mercy on these buggers go and teach them a lesson so that in
    future they may not play game with the army.

  6. rufus

    Well said and pointed out our nations next name . Who is responsible for such name calling ” it’s the HR violators ” who are they ” still to be proved ” where ? at the next meeting in Geneva.

  7. Arunachan

    Hi Mervin, Thanks for saving the fowls and goats from the demoness. whilst you engage on inspecting kovils why not ask your son Malaka to hunt for those who set fire to forests. I am sure he too is a lover of nature like his ‘illustrious’ father. He could flex his muscles on those who destroy our national heritage instead of engaging people outside night clubs.

  8. Anil

    Sadly every week we hear such stories of absolute erosion of law and order and pathetic stories of law enforcement. The country would have been better not to have a police force whose incompetance is beyond belief. And then they give most pathetic explanations which has become a joke. Amare had 104 warrents- not arrested, Duminda escaped from hospital, so called criminals under police custody dieing ‘jumping off the van’ many times, criminals caught red handed by citizens in white van abductions being released etc etc.

    Mr IGP- What is the purpose of you being IGP?

  9. Mr. President, there is still love and gratitude in our hearts for you but its fast running out because of people like Sn/jnr. Silva, Duminda Silva, Nalin Fonseka and all the other unsavoury Jackasses you’ve hung around your waist !

    Over to you Mr. President……..Now lets walk the talk !

  10. Ben Hurling

    Arab Spring Sri Lanka is the need of the hour.

  11. sha

    Now we all know why Mr. Mervin Silva always worry about animals instead of human.How can he stop worrying about them when he himself rare one at home.

  12. Living the dream in the west

    How do u people live in your poverty stricken ountry that is infested with thugs, rapists, crooks and murderers. Thankfully I live in a beautiful paradise wealthy country where I don’t experience the jungle like you all.

    • Good live your dream as a second class citizen in a foreign land. This is our country so I suggest you mind your business and begone from this website as well.
      Thank you.

    • SamSamNorway

      @Living the dream in the west
      Troll, and where exactly is that ? Or are you writing from some sh1t-infested hole where you believe you are living in Paradise ?

  13. Max

    Are there any intelligent men and women with moral scuples in the police force??

  14. Ian D.S

    Make no mistake this case will never reach a conclusion or to a conviction in a court of law. Suddenly this Major will develop Amnesia and might not remember anything that happened. Junkie Malaka and his KUDU friends will be acquitted, the Major will receive a substantial promotion with some cash to his account (Of public money of course) and the drug dealers son will walk free. This is the state of the LAW in this country with NO one having the guts to stand up to the FAMILY OF BASTARDS ruining the image of this country permanently making this a banana republic.
    The pathetic DOG of an IGP, the prostitute state of our judiciary and above all that shameless dog crap RANIL will will just grin.
    WHAT A PATHETIC COUNTRY WE LIVE IN. For all the so called rogue development we will always be branded for what we are: A lawless country run by a megalomaniac with a family of thieves and a gutless, spineless collective set of thieves in a place called the parliament of Sri Lanka. The person who suggested setting fire to it got it right the first time, as it is only a sham veneer of an existing demo-crazy of this country. Is is simply a ONE pimp show with t

  15. Bagalawathie

    This is Sri Lanka. Miracle of Asia, and
    no one should be surprised.
    I am surprised how quick the Army Officer withdrew the complaint.
    Goo bhaya Ranawiruwek.

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