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An Appeal To Ranil Wickremesinghe

It was news that the UNP leader Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe has got an extension of his occupation of the post of UNP leader by six years. Perhaps a first in the democratic world.
A leader is one who leads his followers who accept him as their leader. A person who imposes himself as leader is no leader but a dictator. On the other hand, a leader of a political party is one who needs to lead the party he leads to capture political power.
One who cannot lead the party to victory, one who leads the party to defeat, one who cannot keep the party unified, who cannot muster the support of the rank and file of the party, who is not popular within the party, who hangs on to the leadership on the basis of a mere provision in the party constitution, introduced for that very purpose, is no leader. The people will not trust such a political party ‘leader’ for handing over the reins of government as they could presume that he could attempt to follow the same process to continue to stay in power.
A leader cannot be rapacious and aggressive. Everyone sees what a leader appears to be and is judged from what he does and his behaviour towards the people in general and party members in particular. If a leader acts in a ruthless manner or cannot move with the masses, or shows arrogance, it is sheer stupidity even though a few applaud him for their existence. A UNP leader cannot afford to acquire such behavior.
A leader proper should not fortify himself with organizational or party constitutional powers and provisions that helps him to continue to be in the leadership. He should prove his prowess in leadership qualities and win the hearts of the party members who will work at grass root level to bring in votes to the party.
In other countries, where democracy prevails, the political party leaders graciously step down when they fail to lead the party to victory at the hustings. That is gentleman politics. That is a leader of quality.
The International Democratic Union of which the UNP leader is the Chairman of its Asia Pacific Region Branch, should act democratically and ensure that the Chairman of its Asia Pacific Branch steps down as UNP leader as done in other democratic countries.
The UNP leader is taking disciplinary action against certain party members who oppose him. How come that he has embraced Mangala Samaraweera, who sometime back was very critical of him and called him names? Is that not favouritism and discrimination not expected of a leader?
Please, Mr. Wickremesinghe, step down as UNP leader in the interest of the UNP and the country, at least now that you have led the UNP to another disastrous defeat!

Upali S. Jayasekera

Religion And Animal Sacrifice
Individuals, groups of the same religion and of different religious places of the same religion may observe different religious practices. The manner I observe and practice Buddhism is different from the manner many others in the same neighbourhood follow, practice and observe Buddhism. But we should respect every individual’s practices and observances and refrain from interfering with observances of individuals and with groups and with religious places.
Animal sacrifices seem to have taken place in a Hindu kovil for a long time in Chilaw and it’s possible that it is only in an exceptionally few kovils such animal sacrifices are now taking place. If the peace and the serenity of the neighbouhood are not disturbed in the manner the sacrifices are conducted, then should protests take place?
The Hindu animal s

ts are in the habit of visiting kovils and participating in its religious practices, though, a Buddhist observing Buddhist religious practices need not do so and in some of the Pansalas, statues of Hindu deities are kept for the benefit of Buddhists who indulge in it. acrificing practices may be taking place in a few places, as evident from revealing thoughts of Jawaharlal Nehru in his book, ‘Discovery of India’. In writing about Buddhism, he says that, “much of the ritualism and ceremonies associated with the Vedic, as well as more popularforms of religion, disappeared, particularly animal sacrifices. The idea of non-violence, already present in the Vedas and Upanishads, were emphasized by Buddhism and even more so by Jainism. There was a new respect for life and a kindness to animals. And always behind all this was the endeavour to lead the good life, the higher life.
Many Buddhis

Martin Wickramasinghe relates his view in his book, ‘Buddhism and Culture’, “The Sinhalese borrowed many cultural elements from India; but the borrowed elements changed in the process of readaptation. I will give some instances from Sinhalese folk culture of borrowed elements having undergone changes in readaptation. Buddhists at a very late stage in their history, borrowed the Vishnu image from India, and it found a shrine in their temple. But they do not worship the new god or offer flowers to him. They merely ask favours and make offerings of tokens, or bribes. Vishnu is an immortal god of the Hindus. But the Buddhists made him a mortal god by readaptation.”
Thus should people and a few Bhikkus, instigated by a political hoodlum, create religious dissention without allowing the established practice to take place?
The political hoodlum announced in advance his intentions over a TV channel a few days ago and if at that time the head of state spoke to him, the incident could have been av
erted. Bhikkus should refrain from engaging or leading such uprisings involving a practice of another religion. Making statements and focusing public attention should be their concern to maintain the respect and the dignity of the Buddhist religion and of the Bhikkus.
Buddhists do not indulge in animal sacrifices, but most Buddhists consume the slaughtered meat of some animals. A few Buddhists had a practice prior to independence to offer metal figures at Kovils. Martin Wickramasinghe in the same book describes their practice thus: “Again Buddhists offer metal figures of the peacock, bull and other animals to the powerful god of Kataragama. The offering of metal figures is, perhaps, a substitute for animal sacrifice.” Perhaps only very few, if at all, may be indulging in this practice now as Buddhists do not indulge in animal sacrifice.
In the Kandy Esala Perahera, considered a national pageant than a Buddhist perahera, in the Hindu section a devotee is hung by hooks stuck on to his back. It’s only a Hindu practice introduced some years ago. At this rate the same political hoodlum could sponsor protests, but the Hindu practice needs appreciation, though it is not in accordance with Buddhist tradition.
During a festival of another religion, at a well-known religious place in the western coast, an animal sacrifice ritual in large numbers takes place and the meat is mainly distributed among the poor. But the followers of the same religion will not consume the meat of another animal. A distinguished family observing the same religion in a southern city had a practice about three decades ago to kill a bull in their main house centre hall and distribute the meat among the poor. And followers of other religions living in the same neighborhood never had to protest as the operation was secretly conducted, though neighbors were aware of the procedure, as on the previous day a bull is seen being marched on to the premises.

kali silva

Senseless Murders
Very lately, we heard of the father, mother and sister murdered by the son. Also many such other crime. It is only a mother can bear a child into this world, She sleeplessly, fearlessly carries the child for ten months and finally delivers the child into this world. The mother nurses the child and takes every care to see that the baby does not fall sick. She dreams her child to be a professional of great fame and grooms the child with great care. This very same child gets the courage to kill this very same soul that brought it into this world, Senseless is not the word! At the same time it also lays its hands on the father as well as the sibling who had sucked milk from the same mother.
The great sage Tirivalluvar, in one of his stanzas says, “A mother is happy in the birth of a child but she is happiest when other praise her child! One cannot believe that a young man of 27 years killed his father, mother and sister for personal gain.
Sometimes one does not realize the value of parents until one becomes a parent. The parents too have to play an important part in the lives of their children by becoming role models to their children. Sometimes children think how these dull parents could have brought bright children into this world, little realizing that the child carries a part of the intelligence, blood and other vital statistics of the parents.
There are cases where the children look after parents even when they are bed-ridden. There was a case of a grand daughter giving up a job to look after her grandmother along with the aged mother for ten years. Such should be the children!
This society has to change to venerate parents as invaluable treasures. Let us not hear murders of kith and kin. Let us live in peace.
Kingsley Durairaj
Are Golden Key Fraud Victims In Limbo?
The 26-billion-rupee Golden Key fraud is an icon of the century. The majority of the depositors are lower middle class citizen, who had invested all their hard-earned savings which include their provident fund balances in the GK expecting a return to make ends meet in their retirement. A few depositors committed suicide whilst those ailing, finding it difficult to make ends meet, are dying a slow death.
The chief justice, on assuming duties, announced that the GK case would be taken up at the Supreme Court in order to compensate the suffering depositors. IT was a joy and hope and we thought that at last justice had come to action and looked forward for an early settlement of our hard earned money.
Well, our hopes were shattered and short lived when the case was pushed down to the commercial court. How on earth could anyone oversee a gigantic fraud of this nature when much publicity was given and timely action taken initially by the legal authorities to apprehend the culprits involved?
Fraud and corruption has come to stay in this state and nobody is concerned. Take for instance the activities of the Chairman of SriLankan Airlines, the hedging deal, import of contaminated petrol and diesel and the rampant corruption at all levels. Criminals, drug barons, rapists are having a field day. And all these nefarious activities are taking place after the 30-year conflict! Let’s face it. Everyone was kept on their toes during the war fearing Prabhakaran’s wrath and the society was much disciplined.
Kotalawela and the goons who are out on bail have forgotten the crimes they had committed and continue to lead a life of luxury at the expense of poor depositors. I recall the day Kotalawala addressed the depositors soon after the downfall of the GK at the BMICH when he assured the depositors that all dues would be settled without delay. This is typical of Kotalawela as cunning as he is, who once aspired to be the President of this country!
With the downfall of the GK in 2008, much noise was made by the media, providing news and the proceedings of the court cases to the public. It is now sad to note their absolute silence and none of the newspapers report on the court proceedings, which is significant as this attributes to a massive fraud in this country.
Well, we the depositors are like driftwood, swaying to and fro passing each day dreaming of the hard-earned money. We have no choice but to solely depend on the court that is supreme above, not the one at Huftsdorp. For a worthy judgement against the gross injustice caused to the unfortunate depositors.
God hear and help us!

Upali Dukarala


11 Comments for “An Appeal To Ranil Wickremesinghe”

  1. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    Upali S Jayasekera is writing on behalf of Karu Jayasooriya who destroyed the UNP once upon a time. Then Ranil has to recuperate those blunders first of all.

    • suren soysa

      Ranil ,JVP,Fonseka defeat “Tonic” is still working hard on you Sir! Surely & steadily the green fans are recuperating the terrible blunders of Ranil at every election now! What Ranil is doing now is nothing compared to the “Historical Blunder” of signing of the “Peace Accord”.

      • P.L.J.B.Palipana

        Tactically Ranil divided the LTTE using the peace accord. Strategically Hon MR+SF+GR planned the war and finished within three years. During the signing of the Peace Accord the Economy was in a negative(-) trend and within two years Ranil could reverse the Economy to (+) trend. Those are very powerful political decisions of a Leadership as Reagonomics or Thacherism. MR is really not a good decision maker.He still goes through the white elephant or simply the PCs.

    • Buddhadasa

      I totally agree with mr. Jayasekera. Now of course Mr. Palipana will call me too a support of Mr. Karu Jayasuriya. No. I am a strong UNPer. And I will support any leader of the party. But as Mr. Jayasekera says, and which is common sense is that a leader leads by example. A leader has to be looked up. Of course there will always be people against a leader. But I am talking of the majority. I have travelled to many places and find that Ranil’s support is only among the Colombo crown mainly. To lose about 18 elections my friend – is this leadership? To get your stooges in the working commitee to extend your leadership for 6 more years – is this leadership?? On the other hand, there is no proper person to lead the UNP today. For for me, at the moment ANYONE is better than Ranil, not because Ranil does not know his work – only because he is not a good leader. But he could play in the team but he cannot be the Captain. This is my personal opinion as I cry for the UNP and our country.

  2. Buddhadasa

    I totally agree with Mr. Palipana that it was Ranil who broke the LTTE and that was the advantage that President Mahinda Rajapakshe and General Sarath Fonseka had in defeating the LTTE.
    But even this (Ranil) breaking the LTTE was never sold to our people. It was sold to the Colombo elite. But our voters are based around the country.
    Mahinda is a great politician and leader to some extend. He will do something small and sell it to the country as if it is something great. Ranil cannot do that.
    But I always feel that in a UNP government, Ranil has to be there in order to ensure smartness. Only this he is NOT a good leader. He has no appeal.

    • P.L.J.B.Palipana

      Thanks Mr.Buddadasa. Even Hon.D.S.Senanayake was the Leader of the opposition from the year 1994 the same would happen. There was a power struggle among Gamini, Lalith and Premadasa. I was in Kothmale from 01December,1988 to 19 December 1988. Gamini Dissanayake fought against the Premadasa election campaign because he had an agenda with INDIA. I was watching very well all the movements of the persons. The late Hon.Rohana Wijeweera had a moral ageement with Hon Premadasa(sr) to send back the IPKF following his victory. The low voter turn out assures his victory and the rest was history.
      Rani is the only alternative to MR. Don’t forget that all those colombata kiri gamata kekiri propaganda are made of MEDIA. The job of the MEDIA is creating stories.

    • Rohana

      This how I compare Ranil to Mahinda.
      Mahinda knows How to win elections but Very poor in running the Government.

      Ranil does not know How to win elections but knows how to run the government.
      Every one will realize in 2 years time. Before JR won lot of did not like him.
      will see what happens.

      • Charlton Heston

        Palipana, Buddadasa, Suren & Rohan very interesting comments from you guys. All of you, from different prospectives and different angles are arguing for a better governance. Fair enough and a timely need as we are heading towards nowhere.
        Iam a strong UNP supporter. Its only that UNP can deliver the goods for Srilanka. People should not forget that it was RW who stopped bombing in the land for the first time. RW was the one brought LTTE leadership to its knees by diplomatic means. I am not denying MR/SF combination had won the war but MR lost the peace. MR is the worst leader ever came to power. This is the worst cabinet we ever had. No place for acadamics and professionals unless he or she is a bone licker. Children’s future, Education, Health sector, Economy, Agriculture, Banking, Judiciary system, Law & order etc are at stake. Most importantly our own Srilankan reputed diplomacy (DS, SWRD, Dudley, Sirimao, JR, RW and even R Premadasa’s) is being ruined. Unskilled, immature, uneducated, unqualified, inexperienced, pessimistic, negative politicians and their kith and kin & stoogies are appointed to manage important singificant positions. Purposely allowing them to do malpractises so the the ruling remige is pretty much safe.
        Coming back to the point, who is suitable to lead the party? Is it RW’s fault that UNP lost elections? CBK first time won the elctions with a slim margin which accually UNP could still have made a govt had RW listen to the late Gamini dissanayake. But Gentleman RW did respect thart tiny majority decision and left the office. And years later MR won the election with the same narrow margin thanks to LTTE (Basil+Tiran dealing) and JVP. JVP is the one lied thru their teeth in every stage they spoke to bring RW down rediculously. RW can or would never counter attack or use cheap tactics. thats his background his upbringing. If RW steps down today who will be replaced with? Sajith P? Will UNP be the same old UNP? UNP is not a third grade rawdy party, will classy elite educated peace loving people support it? RW had been robbed twice from victory. JRJ won in the 70s at the age of 71. Even a day beofre the elections in 77 the SLFP thought that they would be the winners. RW will win, its all matter of time. The recent three PC elections wasnt a victory for the regime as they have boasted. The support and vote base is declining. Refer the vote % that UNP had got and compare with the previous two results. Dont forget the total polled votes were actually half of the total votes.

        • Banki Moon

          Thank you Charlton! . Bagalawathie every one talking about a strong opposition.and non of them alks about this strong government’s inability to do anything other than wining the war. Opposition is doing what they can, if you go to Parliament you will see what they do. unfortunately media is not covering anything other than praising the president. Ranil can not do everything by himself. People and his party has to support him. If you were living during JR’s time opposition at that time thousand times worse than this Thank Ranil keeping this party together after loosing all the leaders and loosing one million voters to Lalith’s party due to premadas’s stupidity.

  3. Bagalawathie

    It’s very sad to hear that Ranil Wickremasinghe has extended his position as the leader of the opposition for another six years. This is of course very good news for Mahinda Rajapakse and his cohorts, because they know that they can carry on for another six years with impunity. However, one cannot lay the blame on the Rajapakses for not having a credible opposition. The recent elections are yet another shot in the arm for the UPFA. Mahinda Rajapakse rightly says just look at the election results and the public are behind us. One cannot blame for suspecting whether there is a deal between MR and RW. Whatever it is, the loosers are the hardworking man on the street. Just look at what happened the other day to a major at the lobby of a five start hotel, and it looks like nothing will happen to the culprits. What chance have we got if we were to be treated like this by a political stooge’s kith and kin. Unfortunately for the ordinary person, law and order in this country will deteriorate further. There is no doubt, since the war was over, Mahinda Rajapakse has done so much to develop this country. Finishing the war itself was a herculean task. I hope he does more to bring law and order to this beautiful land of ours. I hope he rein in some of his loose political stooges running amock in this blessed land.

  4. sangaralingham

    literally i am confused disoriented what is happening in civilised world country considered buddhists with sehmnts hindus and others. animals prt of nature do not kill as a sacrifice. it is not expected as years ago childrenwere sacrificed by mayans and other groups., to kill with an expectation for something good is a biggest SIN

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