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Eyewitness To A Murder Abducted And Tortured

By Nirmala Kannangara

K. Mudalige who is now residing in the UK is unable to come back to his motherland as he had been an eyewitness to a murder that took place in 2009 in a Colombo suburb and attempts had been made to abduct him in a white van when he was holidaying in Sri Lanka recently.
Speaking from the UK, Mudalige said that he had to leave the country after receiving threats from the time the murderers identified him as an eyewitness.
“Since the murderers saw my vehicle parked where the murder took place they came for me that same evening and since then they did not allow me to live a peaceful life. As a result I had to leave the country with my family,” said Mudalige.
According to him he was abducted in an infamous white van when he was on holiday in Sri Lanka in May this year.
“This happened on May 17 near the Malabe Junior School. It was around 1 p.m. and I was with a friend of mine. Three people came in a white van and wanted me to get into it claiming to be from the Mirihana Police, as they wanted to record a statement from me. My friend objected vehemently and   after they threatened my friend with death, they took me forcibly,” said Mudalige.
Mudalige further described how he was able to escape from his abductors after he was tortured repeatedly.
“When I was abducted I was handcuffed and blindfolded. Later I was tortured and questioned about the murder that took place in 2009. They asked me whether I have spilled the beans about the murder and then took me to another place. On our way the van got stuck in mud and the abductors got down to push the van. Since it was a good opportunity for me to escape I opened the door and ran away. Their attempts to chase me were not successful. They also fired at me. With the greatest difficulty I escaped and came to Peliyagoda the following morning,” said Mudalige.
Meanwhile Mudalige’s brother and his friend have lodged complaints with the Thalangama Police and the Human Rights Commission.
“Surprisingly none of these two institutions wanted to proceed with the matter and I have a doubt whether I was abducted by a group connected to this government. I request the authorities concerned to take immediate action to hold an impartial inquiry and bring the culprits to book immediately,” said Mudalige.

20 Comments for “Eyewitness To A Murder Abducted And Tortured”

  1. Patriot SL

    All this crap to obtain UK visa

    • roy

      yes you are right, not UK visa, uk Asylum

    • london haamu

      There are plenty of bugus asylum seekers with fancy stories in London.
      More they crap… more the UK authorities gulp them.


      shit licking Patriots of SL

    • E.N.Gland

      I totally agree with “Patriot SL”

      Sri Lanka has become a joke in foreign lands.
      First the Tamil rich people started it, they were suppressed, ill treated, language was not allowed, religious rights were not allowed and murdered by the Sinhala majority of the country. They travelled to Western countries and asked for asylum on this basis.

      Now the Sinhala rich have found a good story to be allowed into Western countries, they are politically harassed or harassed by criminals and that is the excuse.
      Mr K Mudalige has been able to take out his entire family to the UK. This process would have taken several months and a great deal of money. Can he explain how he was able to live in the country for so long if he was wanted by murdering criminals. Then what made him go back to SL in May for a holiday.

      Time you scroungers found a more plausible story

    • if it is so can you help him to get asylum rather than betraying sri lankans or help him to come back to Sri lanka

  2. Lokka

    Patriot, an impartial inquiry should detrmine that as the rest of the world cant take your word for it.

    • As if I care

      There is a Sinhalese lawyer woman working on human rights who came with 2 children and servant to care for them got even her nationality in Canada lives on the dole educates the kids all for free etc etc and now spends more time in SL- it’s the talking point among SL in Toronto. This one smells the same they know the ropes.

  3. Vis8

    Hallucinating still, sunday leader? I thought things will be better after kiking out the eternal hallucinator, jansz.

  4. Mewan

    It is amazing how low people would go to get out of the country. This story does not make sense at all. If he was handcuffed and blindfolded how did he managed to outrun three other people who were not restricted in anyway? How did he get out of the handcuffs? Is there an independent witness who can attest this event? What surprises me most is that he was able to sell this bogus story to UK visa officials. Further how in the world his alleged abductors would know that he was on holiday. Do they keep a watch airport throughout the year?

    • As if I care

      They say the rich anywhere in the world don’t pay taxes- get the clue. There are many like him in the UK even a special Buddhist monk living the life. The question now being asked is – is the government sponsering them to fill the slots for refugees???

    • Aaks

      Totally agree with you.
      I can’t imagine who will buy the story that a handcuffed and blind-folded person could escape from three men (military trained or similar background) and even he managed to escape from firing.
      If a person has that much capability he should have competed in London Olympics.

    • Donga

      Mewan, Patriot, Roy and London Hammu,

      Let the story be in that way and I am not for it or against but don’t underestimate the UK officials methods of assessing the applications.

      Yes there were times when they could not get accurate information due to the war situations but now they use external organisation within Sri Lanka to verify all the information given them.

      So please don’t give the idea to others that it is easy to get asylum in UK as so many deportees are finding that their stories are proved with evidences as untrue.

      On the other hand genuine cases are succeeding too.

      What I am trying to say is it is nearly impossible to get away with false information as all are verified before a decision is made.

  5. Hafeel

    Nice story to get asylam for the whole family

    • jayantha

      for everything mahinda fault,why he has gone to srilanka for holidays,if so dangerous. many srilanken going back to srilanka after get britiish citizen,chek at heathrow and katunayake airport daily basis ( sinhala and tamil).what a joke .You will get killed ,anyway i go back for a holiday.what a joke.may be his wife hasnt got visa,need more evidence

  6. DJ

    Hey guys.. my 5 year kid says stories better than this. Surely he has traits to seek asylum in a wealthy western country.

    • As if I care

      Poor refugees die at sea.
      “Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others, merely because you were born in it”.

      Patriotism is to politics what faith is to religion: The unquestioned acceptance of information that is either unverified or that may actually be in conflict with factual evidence. Patriotism is the incubator of wars.

      Any big bully, who feels confident that he can win the war, can start a war at any time.
      However, whether the Sri Lankans can work through the issues that are difficult is doubtful.

      • As if I care

        Think outside the box.

        Why doesn’t the private sector of South India the manufacturing hub extend its port at Chennai for transhipment etc. from the east?? Give the contract to the Chinese and they can develop it in their sleep. Do the best in the region which should not cost you more than $10 billion then all ASEAN and China would pay for it by using it.- you have it.Discard the politics which is a pseudo Aryan affair of the north and Lanka playing bogeyman to stay in power for life. If the bogeyman comes over just let them pass because their rendezvous is in the north by taking a lesson from the unconquered Thai’s who let the Japanese move forward to Burma etc.

        Patriotism is to politics what faith is to religion: The unquestioned acceptance of information that is either unverified or that may actually be in conflict with factual evidence. Patriotism is the incubator of wars.

        Remember the ice cap in the north is melting and definitely in 100 years some will use that route because it takes half the time but you would have recovered your investment. You would have noticed that Iceland refused to sell real estate to the Chinese businessman because the stakes are high.

  7. Saro

    This revelation proves the statements made by many other former detainees abducted in white vans or arrested by police or military intelligence officers. There is no smoke without fire. Many internees were tortured and sexually abused. There are scars all over the bodies and prove of violent sexual abuse. Those who escaped say a large sum of money changed hands through intermediaries. The government must check the bank accounts and life style of the intelligent officers and those who are employed to extract information from the arrestees to either disprove or establish these claims. We cannot rule out just because of our prejudices.

  8. Singing Fish

    Whatever the story is one must accept that abduction,killing,raping and child abusement is at the high now these days.No body will forget the killing of LASNTHA,the disapearance of the cartoonist Prakeeth etc.Even today the killing of six women at Kakawatta was the work of a goverment politician( SUNDAYTIMES) and what is the action taken? The goverment is turning a blind eye towards all these incidents.All the politicians and their hooligans are not respceting the rules and justice system of this country.

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