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Individualism Is Good

Alois Hofbauer

Acorporate leader gave a new dimension to “individualism” as opposed to team work at a CIMA conference on Monday (September 24). Nestle Sri Lanka’s Managing Director Alois Hofbauer speaking at this occasion said that Mozart was not created out of teamwork, neither were Leonardo da Vinci nor Einstein.
“We do have to value single, individual performance,” he said. Teamwork doesn’t necessarily allow people to work efficiently over others. Hofbauer further said that the problem in today’s world is that there is too much of information, but too little knowledge. He said that ERPs can never replace management accountants because the human factor is missing in the former.

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  1. As if I care

    The Chinese way of learning (collective) is different from the west (individual) or its former colonies.
    The west can innovate quickly and the Chinese can produce even in their sleep- workshop of the world.
    At 1/10 of the Spanish space budget China was able to send their first man to space- legendary Dr Xuesen Qian, a Chinese rocket scientist father of American space program.
    US objective, individualism led Bill Gates but he needed a group of hippies to give him that golden key to start DOS.
    Who created the now famous dodgy burgers?? Individual banksters.

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