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Contract Law

By Dr. Dan Malika Gunasekera*

The subject of contracts is an important element of human life since its origination.
From mere social to more commercial oriented contracts are been entered into throughout our existence and in day-to-day activities.
This has evolved the enlargement of concerns on various types of contracts irrespective of the field in which we are engaged with and the society that we live in.
Throughout history these concerns have grown to extensive limits sans borders, showing no signs of adequacy of applicable laws and rules.
With this intention in mind, the Colombo Law Society (CLS) has taken a novel step to address the developing aspects of laws pertaining to different types of contracts by organizing the first ever Conference of this nature called the “Colombo Forum on Contract Law”.
This international conference is expected to deal with modern approaches and developments in specific areas of interests ranging from social to mercantile contracts of national and international character.
It will attract local as well as foreign participants, especially expatriates living and working in Sri Lanka to obtain some useful knowledge of the law and its application to various kinds of contracts that they deal with.
This conference has embarked on addressing some modern approaches such as living-together contracts in the social context as well as their extra-territorial effects, thus suggesting needs for reform.
In a more commercial oriented context, the conference is expected to unveil some new and advancing areas of concern that were never addressed before in events of this nature. It will provide a platform to discuss various issues involved in international trade as well as the effects of consumer and monetary markets.
The presence of some distinguished legal and non-legal luminaries who are going to deliver unique speeches at this conference will highlight the importance of addressing these concerns at national level. It is the organizers’ intention to grant opportunities to everyone irrespective of their employment or profession to learn and gather knowledge on contracts that they are dealing with most of the time at work or in the society they live in.
This conference will take place in Colombo from November 29-30.
*The writer is a lawyer

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