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NCPA Misused Funds – COPE Report

By Nirmala Kannangara

National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) has utilized the foreign funds received for the projects on prevention of child abuse to repair vehicles, to purchase a photocopy machine and to pay VAT for a land purchase, the interim report of the Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE) says.
The Committee has recommended to take legal action against the then Board of Directors for the expenditure incurred in contrary to the Financial Regulations.
The report further states that NCPA has also not been able to provide the foster parent facility for 107 children that were victimized at the tsunami destruction as their parent’s death certificates are not available.
“The committee was not satisfied with the explanations given with regards to victimization of 2661 children due to tsunami. The existing rules and regulations regarding children and youth have not been amended for the past 75 years since enactment. Also it was brought to the notice that there are about 400 private child care centres with 17, 000 children in the country,” says the report.
Meanwhile the committee has directed Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) NCPA to get advice from the Attorney General with regards to the children who have lost their parents due to the tsunami and to get a special directive from courts.
The CAO was also directed to submit a comprehensive report about the tsunami victimized 2661 children, including an age analysis, the duration within which the NCPA is required to look after them and the problems they have faced carrying out the task.
With regard to the private child care centres in the country, it was directed to supervise these centres with the assistance of the officials of the provincial councils and to maintain a database in this regard. The CAO was also directed to submit a detailed report on child care centres in the country.

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  1. Psycho

    COPE or Comitee of Public Enterprise is a big FARCE.
    How can politicians and their cronies from the treasury and auditor Generals dept handle complex modern issues. Do they expect to run an orgaisation via a bullock cart era?

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