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The Final Medal For A Major’s Service

By Chanaka Roshan

Rehan Wijeratne (L) and Malak Silva (R) had allegedly assaulted Major Susena.

The Military Intelligence Corps (MIC) is like the heart of a country’s defence force. In the Eelam war, this particular unit in the Sri Lanka Armed Forces made a painstaking effort to gather and retrieve information about the activities in Tiger controlled areas and about their leaders. It was because of the unique talents of these men, hard core LTTE leaders like “Newton” got disappeared in the streets of Colombo. It was the MIC which terrorized the terrorists.
The track record of the MIC in the line of duty extends to greater extents like obtaining critical information to send senior tiger leaders like Thamil Selvam to meet their maker. As a group who were invincible to the terrorists were so powerful that no one dared to challenge them. But the war has ended. Once war heroes who were decorated and worshiped by the politicos are now play things for their off springs. And the most recent act of valour conducted by two “Minister Sons” has made the once mighty task force start to tremble.
The siblings who started this foul play are Malaka Silva and Rehan Wijerathne. Malaka is the son of Minister Mervin Silva. And Rehan is the son of Former Minister Mano Wijerathne. And Malaka holds a dirty track record of thug acts at five star hotels.
Malaka’s latest drama was unveiled during the dawn on the 5th September 2012. That day he laid his hand on a MIC officer. Major Chandana Pradeep Susena, who was the group leader of Southern province, was Malaka’s new play thing.
Major Susena is a popular army officer who had served the MIC for 14 years in the combat zones. He holds a distinguished service record as a skilful officer and he had been Special Forces intelligence officer for 5 years during the Wanni humanitarian mission. He had made a tremendous effort in providing information in the salvage missions of Mavilaaru, Waakarei, Wanni and KIlinochchi.
After the final phases of war ended with the deaths of Prabhakaran and his cohort, there was another Tiger leader called Ram, who crept in to the Yaala jungle and tried to start the Eelam war again. But, it was due to the gallantry of Major Susena, who went in to the danger zone by himself and neutralized the terrorist, destroying his dream to be the next LTTE leader. Because of his success on the battle field, Major Susena was called to Colombo to fight a new kind of war. At that time with the inspiration of the Tigers, the country was a hotspot for drug lords and under world gangsters. Therefore according to the instructions of the Defence Secretary Mr. Gotabhaya Raajapaksa, Major General Sumith Maanawadu was appointed to put an end to it. And Major Susena was selected to be the Southern province MIC group leader.
There too this brave solider did his best to the country. But as they were top secret operations, the name Major Susena never came on to the stage.
But everything started to change after the incident at Hilton residencies complex on the 9th September 2012. The day before, Major Susena had gone to Hilton with a MIC corporal for a special mission. And that was to find information about a wing man and an underworld God father.
Major Susena was also in charge of ensuring the safety of the foreign MPs who attended the Common Wealth Parliamentarians meeting. The intelligence officers who were on the task were under his supervision.
It was amidst of all this that he went in to tract the drug lord. Although his CO at MIC was not in town at that time, Major Susena had informed him about his work. And under the powers vested on him as the group leader, he can go to any place within his area. After obtaining the information about the suspect, they stayed in a house which is alleged to be in the vicinity of Nalin Fonseka, a leading casino businessman. May be it is because they did not trust the honesty of their informant.  After the duty, Major Susena and the other came to the Hilton car park to head back to base. But at the same time came Malaka and Rehan, accompanied with their MSD guards and some pretty girls.
When they met face to face, Malaka asked for a cigarette from the Major. That was just to show his “thug style” in front of the females. But when the Major gave him a cigarette Malaka became angry because the Major did not have a lighter. When Susena sent his mate to bring a lighter from the vehicle, the group surrounded him. And when he was coming back he was assaulted. When Susena tried to save his mate from the attackers the “thugs” attacked him too. And after looting his service weapon, mobile phone and his Gold chain, they left the scene. As Major Susena was badly injured in the head, both of them were admitted to the General Hospital. And it was on the following morning Malaka and his clan becomes aware that they had attacked a MIC officer.
When they saw the heat building up on the matter, they tried to negotiate by using various parties. But all failed. Some parties even tried to threaten the doctors to discharge Major Susena from the hospital.
After this incident Military officers jumped in to action. Speaking to the police, Susena said that he was assaulted while on duty by Malaka and others at Hilton.
And when the “master minds” that represented the Minister boys, came to understand that this can no longer be kept a secret, their next move was to make the victim the criminal. But they could not do it because the MIC officers had already copied the footages recorded in the security cameras at Hilton. So erasing the evidence did not work.
Then started the next Act of the drama… That was the part where Major Susena becomes the bad guy. Due to the injuries he suffered the doctors had to put 8 stitches to Susena’s head.
This attack stunned the MIC and the Military. And while the Police was “looking around searching for the suspect” the conspiracy to make the Major the criminal was on the move. That is when the story came saying that Major Susena had gone to Hilton to give protection to Nalin Fonseka. As a businessman, it was not only Major Susena he was friends with. There were senior officers like Major Generals who were close friends with him. But here it was just cutting the cake according to the will. It was OK for the seniors to associate with Nalin Fonseka. And it was ok for the Major to associate with him till the incident. The crime is getting beaten up by Malaka and the gang. And as Nalin Fonseka did not have good terms with the Government, it was enough for the master minds to prosecute Major Susena within hours. At this point along with his CO, every responsible officer in MIC started to slip away from the matter. It was only Major General Sumith Maanawadu who stood there to protect him. All the other seniors stepped aside to save themselves. A Court-Martial was appointed to investigate on the matter. And it contained some suspicious officers too. But Military sources say that during the primary trials he was proven innocent.
And then a MIC officer visited Susena at the Army hospital to get his signature for an affidavit on the 12th of September. It was said to make peace between him and the attackers. The affidavit said that he had dropped his weapon and his necklace was at home. And the Court martial changed his statement too. The original statement said that his CO was aware of his duty at Hilton. But the new one said otherwise.
And that is how the Army officers put Minister off springs before their own men. And when it came to the point where Major Susena was about to be dishonourably discharged from the service, no one was there for him.
And at the same time another political figure made Susena to sign another affidavit by promising him that he will not be kicked off from MIC. But that too was only another effort to save the sons, not the      Major.
Abandoned by his own brothers in arms, the helpless Major Susena was left with only one choice. That was to give away another affidavit saying that Malaka and Rehan did not come to the attack.
And the law in this country had gone to a pathetic level that the police had to let go Malaka’s driver who handed over the Major’s weapon the day after.
In the end a soldier who fought for his country appeared in court proving that although he gave his life to the country, the country did not give him anything in return. Everyone scolded the Major for giving up so easily. But none of those “patriots” seemed to be helping him when he was in trouble.
And now Major Susena no longer serves in the MIC. He has now been re assigned to infantry. And his seniority has been pulled down by 200 names in the list. And this is the medal he gets for his service.

44 Comments for “The Final Medal For A Major’s Service”

  1. Kudu Mervyn

    Karma will catch up someday.

  2. Psycho

    Those who have not sinned throw the first stone please.

  3. Motta Rala

    What a Disgrace by the Army and the leaders of this country??
    MR and the Army chief should hang their heads in shame..If not, just hang themselves…Filthy and disgraceful state of affairs..Will the President make a statement on this or ……appoint another baseless enquiry and make it another worthless eyewash…

  4. Robin

    My friend,
    Why did the major wants to give a cigarette to the thugs? Why did he go to get a lighter?
    Why did he withdraw the statement?
    Why did he say they didn’t attack him?
    Did he take the money?
    Why is he still sticking to the army after giving sworn affidavit that he was not attacked?

    • indika

      i agree with robin,

      why give a cigarette? shouldn’t the officer uphold the honor of his unit, if so why bend backwards and give a lighter as well..if he was assigned by gota then why did the Secretart defense back out? sure the SD is known to have a backbone against politicians so why would he back out? If it was indeed a mission, why was his senior officer not informed? how does the writer know all this?will he be able to back up all these claims? these are all questions that need to be answered. The two sons are not saints but surely this issue showed us that there is indiscipline among the army as well!! and i would like to request the writer to back up these claims with hard evidence because it this is true, he can save the job of the army officer!!

    • padmasiri

      Read the artical carefully. Then you will understand

    • Manoj

      Robin, Use your common sense if you have one.
      Major has to survive. Even an animal will act on it;s instincts to survive.

    • sandman

      Because people like ME and YOU who are ONLY KEYBOARD HEROES will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to protect this MAJOR physically, so the Major will have a family to feed and protect, he has no other choice, so please DO NOT BLAME the Major, he is just another human being and under peace conditions, he is just another YELLOW STREAKED SRILANKAN COWARD like ME and YOU.

    • C Jayaweera

      Hi robin,

      You must be not knowing about how powerful these people are .There is no demogracy for any body.Only those who are having political power can even make man to a woman ,A woman to a man. In JR past president said he cant make only man to woman orviseversa. Now even that is possible by MR and his henchmen. The power is so abused by MR and he has given power to do that all it s brothers and henchmen. Army was used as tool to get their image and fool the masses. Real patriots are forces. MR and the Gang exploited Forces and now all are puppets for them including judiciary .

      • Banda

        You must be kidding. If there is no democracy how you can write your views in a coloun like this. Also the 80% of the media is attacking government unreasonably is evidence that we have reasonable democracy. That does not mean I approve the coduct of these brats intimidating people. Police should use its muscle to put these children of rich and powerful at their place. I am worried about judicial process when the Chief Justices husband is charged with bribery and the CJ remain in her office. It is time she stepped down immediately to let the judicial process continues peacefully.

    • Sumadha Perera

      you wnat as to belive thugs?????? this is Disgrace to the country and leaders of the country,we must respect all ded and live who save our country from terrorist

  5. Living the dream in the west

    Who said the war is over. The powerful LTTE diaspora are getting bigger and now preventing people from visiting or investing in SL. Only fools think the LTTE war is over.

  6. Sameen Jan

    Cock and bull story.
    Brave men do not give false affidavits to save their attackers!
    Intelligence officers do not go into the battlefield to begin with.
    It is well known that Nalin Fonseka has close ties with army officers.Who is Fonseka and why does he have close ties?
    Remember the policeman who was garroted a few years ago after Fonseka’s brother was accidentally shot and killed by the same policeman when on duty?Who killed the policeman? That is why Nalin Fonseka is not a man with whom the army should have any connection,
    There was no court martial for Maj Susena. There was only a Court of Inquiry.Obviously his evidence gave his game away.He is lucky to have been retained in the army

  7. MH

    Its a bladdy shame. I am suprised Susena was a succesfful soldier who got rid of LTTE and why cant he get rid of these two boys with the army support.

  8. Lalin

    Disgusting behavior by malaka thugs & co! their petty childish gangster wannabe acts are an embarrassment. There has to be a limit. Remove people like this and then maybe we can focus on the good points of Sri Lanka.

  9. Jayantha

    Its a shame of entire military in this world nor the orth had given violated , This how politician act in sri lanka , major should have stood for his words thats how brave soilders are .
    Also world reconized Sri lanka army is the best para troops in asia but now no more due to this incident

  10. Lionheart

    God’s mill will grind slowly but surely. Trust me no one, NO ONE will escape the final verdict. No one ever has. Hitler, Gaddafi, Mubarak, Saddam….no one.

  11. Akram

    This is such a disgrace, what does WImal Weerawansa have to say to this, his mouth his shut !! Our focus is on the foreign forces trying to dictate terms to us forgetting the unpatriotic politicos who govern the country. Shame on you MR , i respected you as a leader , but a great leader should know where to put his ministers in order ! Whats Mervyn still doing in cabinet ? tying preople to trees , openly taking bribes etc.

  12. Max

    This is such a disgrace to the Army, Police and the Government, how could the rest of the world, take this country seriously.

    • raymond

      There is a thing called Providence and sooner than later the King and all the King’s men/women will be thrust into the limbo of forgotten things!!

    • sira

      This is not just a shame for army, govt, This is the shameful nature of our country, as whole. Voting and electing idiots to rule, Shame on US embassy too, The hardship a normal decent man to get visa and the ease at which these thugs are issued visa.

      • swissboy

        Well done leader for publishing this article as the wags in colombo were saying otherwise about your new owner, who by the way i dont know personaly.
        Looking forward for some good journalism in the future

      • Lalin

        Both these drugies who atttacked the army officers are over seas enjoying life what a sorry state affaires

  13. gamarala

    Many versions of this incident have been reported.I beleive this account. Apart from lack of support from his colleagues and the army hirearchy, there is no support from citizens for this army major.
    This is due to the army treating citizens with disdain,superiority and contempt.
    In other countries, the motto is ‘duty,honor,country’. And ‘to protect and serve’ – for the army and police.
    A tamil man down south was brutally assaulted by an armyman for not calling him “sir”, and seven homes of tamils were torched.No inquiry.
    In the northeast,army treats civilians with contempt.
    All this must change.

  14. Rizwan

    Where are our so called patriots (deshapremees) who protest for anything and everythig? Why were they silent?

  15. Observator

    Is there an ‘Army” or “Police” in Srilanka????????????????????????????

  16. Nimal

    ‘It was because of the unique talents of these men, hard core LTTE leaders like “Newton” got disappeared in the streets of Colombo.”

    Ha ha ha… I hope the irony is not lost on the readers.

  17. neither malaka nor major is innocent. hanging out with nalin ( take nalins track record- murders, beating up innocent people, rape, killing police officers(kollupitiya), drugs, stealing from banks and innocent business mens,arms dealing (you don’t want to know how many innocent soldiers died due to expired motars supplied to sri lanka army) doing dirty works for former president chandrika with the help of late nawala nihal ( nihal is nalin’s uncle)) therefor for nalin is in mahinda’s bad book I guess. I think this is something to do with beetween nalin and malaka my friends. If you guys really interested to know the real scenario behind, just do a bit of research. Having spent many of my youth nights in jaic hilton I can assure you it is not a place for spies. Thats where we spent our nights with womens, drugs and booze. Mr chanaka I don’t think you have a clue?
    Having said that I don’t agree mala’s violent behaviour towards any citiznes. lessons must be learn.


  18. confused

    the conduct of minister’s sons has always been anti social , irrespective of who has been attacked or victims’ motive of presence at the particular scene should be investigated and attacker should brought to justice.

    very nature of intelligence operations being complex ,media or general public , would be never able to understand the truth as lot of other information may reveal which are detrimental to the intelligence service. ( eg – safe house incident exposed by UNP , almost annihilated that wing in early 2000)

    opposition is try to take political mileage because of the ministers sons are involved, and Minister is trying to protect himself and sons from opposition & sponsored media.

    only ”week man” is the victimised officer.
    no wonder this is in a total mess.

    protecting intelligence service and officers are of paramount importance for the national security .

    the million dollar question is , what lessons have been learnt from this episode.

  19. Let’s not blame the Army,Police,Major or MR for this.The ONLY reason the country is in such pathetic disorder, is due to the fact that the Opposition is so impotent.For democracy to function vibrantly, a strong and active Opposition is needed.So, if you need to throw stones at anyone for the situation the country is in, start aiming your stones at the Opposition.Afterall, it is their duty to pervent such happenings.

  20. Banda

    This account putting Magor Susena on top is not accurate. Arrival of Susena at the hotel was not an official task. He has been moon lighting providing his services to rich businessmen when he is not on duty. Yet he carried his service revolver issued by the Army with him protecting a casino kingping. Also MIC was not that capable of strategy that is why this war prolonged for 30 years. Deep penetration force did a better job by silencing tigers and sending them to a tail spin. MIC mostly act on information derived from the public. Having persons like Major Susena is a disaster for MIC. Let us see what will the court martialwill discover.

  21. Sam

    This happens when sarong johnies like Mervin becomes ministers. Malaka may have money may even can speak godaya English but the breed gives away his third class attitude. These godayas are good to work in Sathosa as a sale assistant weighing goods. That is what his father did and that is what his loser son should do too.

    Third class godayas can only do this in sunny Sri Lanka. Miracle of Asia indeed

  22. Sam

    LOL, honestly folks, Marvin and Malaka are going through Godayata magic syndrome. There are so many godayas who could not handle the glitter of the city. Godayas are always godayas. No amount of money can change it.

    People with class in Colombo laugh at them. The funny thing is Malaka does not even know it. LOL

  23. dockie bird.agggy

    Its Time…………… !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mervyn & Son has just visited the Holy Father the Pope, had an audience with him and I believe they would have made their confessions too !!!!!!!!!

    As such, its time to elimminate the Father & Son and send them on their way to meet their MAKER……………..

    Come on Military……… you arranged for many a terrorists and pro- terrorists clergy to to visit their MAKER ….
    To send these too will be a piece of cake.
    I am positive GOD will gladly receive them both warmly.

    Gota, You were held in high esteem but you are turning out to be a disgrace.
    What happened to your ethics ??
    Why do we need to invite militaries of the world to speak about our heroics when a Major is thrashed & pushed out by political siblings. That too from your brother’s political party.

  24. suresh

    Why this article contradict F Jans’ article on this issue.
    Was F Jans bought this group as well

  25. Sorry , but do we really have an opposition leader or party of any sort here ? Our UNP is a govt sponsored opposition party just for the name sake. Ranil is looked after for not opposing anything govt does. He is just doing that well. Poor Major is paying for all his “disappearance” jobs he did for his boss. Nice country, wonderful forces and great rulers. Envy of the world indeed !

  26. Reality

    Points the Sunday Leader needed to address
    1. Is it the duty of the Military Intelligence Corps or the Police Narcotics Bureau to investigate drug related crimes?
    2. What a coincidsidance for Malaka, Rehan and his clan and, the Major and his corporal to all end up in the carpark at the same time?
    3. Was the Major following Malaka and Rehan as suspects?
    4. Do Military Intelligence Corps officers supply cigarettes and lighters to people they cassually meet in carparks?

  27. Ever since Gen. Sarath Fonseka left Army, all his colleagues were sent on compulsory retirement by MR and those posts were filled by card board generals. So now the forces are comprised with Yes Sir Bu…lo soldiers while once proud soldiers are made mere mere scapegoats.

  28. Chanaka you have sugarcoated the relationship between a gambling den don and Susena.The other story is that Susena was living beyond his means and had to find extra income by providing security to low life rich thugs.Just because major generals had associated with this undesirable it is not OK for any decent person to keep company with guys like this..Case in point just because Maha rajanini stole Tsunami relief funds it is not OK for others to steal, where is the ethics and morality in this so called buddhist culture. The services are like chewing gum once the flavour is sucked up you just spit it out.There is no law and order in SL with the despotic rajapakse regime and we better call mahinda our dear leader like in N Korea.We have 500,000 men in arms so that no nonsense will be tolerated by the Junta.

  29. Priyantha jayasundra

    I feel sorry for army officer!! But if was him I would shot both(nalaka &rehan)of them on the spot!! And than face whatever come. Because those two RATS (nalaka& rehan)shouldn’t be there at all??

  30. nanadaguptha

    I have great respect for the work the Major has done as an army officer during the war against LTTE. It is impressive. Also I have no respect for Mervin Silva or his cronies. At the same time I have lot of questions about Major Surasena’s behavior leading to the incident described in this article. There is lot of ambiguity, I am sure we are not told the real story in this article. Why Malaka should ask a cigarette from a stranger? “That was just to show his “thug style” in front of the females.” This is not a good reason to ask a cigarette from a stranger. The story does not add up. We need to look at these statements carefully and with some critical thinking. I don’t know whether we will ever get the opportunity to hear the true story. Every newspaper has to spin the story to their political agendas. As a result truth will never come out and people lose their respect for the newspapers. Only way to get the respect is to do a thorough instigation prior to publish the article. This article only helps the culprits not the Major. Why did the Major sign all kind of affidavits? Army could not take actions arbitrarily. They have to have reasons. If this article is TRUE we have a major problem in the country, but I am not sure whether this is a well investigated article.


    MALAKA and REHAN , dont runaway when the power you all are abusing are finished there are MILLIONS waiting for your BLOOD .

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