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Ranil And Wimal Discuss 13A

Opposition and UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe and National Freedom Front (NFF) leader and government Minister Wimal Weerawansa have had talks on the 13th Amendment to the constitution.

The discussion had taken place in parliament yesterday on the sidelines of the budget debate, sources told The Sunday Leader.

At the meeting, Weerawansa had said that the 13th Amendment must be abolished and that his party will work towards that goal.

The UNP leader has responded by saying that he had no objections to abolishing the 13th Amendment to the constitution provided that there is an alternative solution.

He said that he will discuss the issue at the UNP convention next month and reach a final decision. (ER)

7 Comments for “Ranil And Wimal Discuss 13A”

  1. D.P.

    Why would any serious politician want to discuss any important issue such as 13 A with a joker like WW?

    • True. Is ranil replacing another joker Champika or my brother

    • Goobahayagootha

      Because Ranil will do anything the Mara tells him too. He is apermenet Oppasiotioin Leader. Time the UNP trumpeted him out.

    • Panduka Elakumbura

      Its simple. Ranil very well knows who this third class drummer is.
      RW never put anyone down. he is a gentleman. So he shows his qualities time to time. We are so ignorant to recognise it or understand him.
      I dont see any difference between Gamlath and Rajapakse, mervin, Keheliya & Ranawak/Gammanpila.

  2. Nesan

    Birds of fether flock together

  3. balaraman

    ranil is a frustrated politician who will sell minority rights to gain political milage

  4. Water under the bridge.

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