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Opposition Warns Of Deeper Rift

By Niranjala Ariyawansha

The opposition has warned of a deeper rift developing between the judiciary and legislature after parliament had last week ignored a request by the Supreme Court to postpone the impeachment hearing on Chief Justice Shirani Banadaranayake.
UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake said that when the late Anura Bandaranayake was the Speaker of parliament he had given instructions to ensure that the Supreme Court does not give orders to parliament.
“But what was given by the Supreme Court last week was not an order but only a request to parliament. Disregarding that request will only deepen the existing rift between the judiciary and legislator,” Attanayake told The Sunday Leader.
He said that parliament could have considered the request made by the Supreme Court instead of out rightly rejecting it.
“Under the constitution an impeachment can be brought on the Chief Justice but the impeachment cannot be used to take political revenge.
That is what is happening now,” he said. The Supreme Court had last week requested the parliament to postpone the impeachment hearing by the Parliament Select Committee (PSC) until a clear determination is reached on the impeachment but parliament decided  to go ahead with the impeachment hearing last Friday.  Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP M.A. Sumandiran also raised concerns over parliament ignoring the request of the Supreme Court.
He said that the request was made on a friendly manner and should have been respected. JVP MP Anura Kumara Dissanayake echoed similar sentiments adding that the independence of the judiciary was now at risk.

4 Comments for “Opposition Warns Of Deeper Rift”

  1. Rubert Vanderkoon

    There won’t be any problem, because one by one the Prez will appoint his men to the Supreme Court.

  2. laksiri

    Dear general secretary, you must understand that chief justice used supreme court power to undermined the parliamentary supremacy. she was unable to apply law of the country in consistence Manner. when they want to have more terms to executive .president she gave okay but when you want to change small matter related provicial councils with 90%approval (not a supreme court judge any child can understand that north provide did not operate due to terrorist over 20 years) this point she was planning to get undue attention from the so call international community who was hour-baring to divide this small nation. she was managed to get agreed by others members as usual she did many political motivated judgment from the day she was appointed .now she is creating the situation to insult and respective people’s mandate that was received to president to rule this was not bunch of attorneys or supreme court rule the country and make the law.if we keep this lady in the supreme court in future ,she will create the situation to unrest and great economic damage to the if she understand the situation and she knows that she came to supreme court from back door without having experience with support from former corrupted lady president help ,it is right time for her to go home without wasting public funds and time.when her husband goes to jail for the serious of financial fraud ,she has time to visit him and read her may wrong judgements.

  3. JUST-ICE of this country appears to be prevailing under the COLD STORAGE!

  4. gamarala

    The honourable members of the PSC must first declare their assets publicly,before assuming judicial powers to probe alleged financial improprieties of the Chief Justice.
    If they do not declare,they must honourably resign from the committee.
    This is the norm in all democracies.

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